(Reward Pool Rape)...The curious case of the errant comma.. @haejin @berniesanders

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There was something in the original post by @berniesanders that bothered me.


I could not put my finger on exactly what it was, so I reread the post, looked at the pics he posted of @haejin again etc. This thing gnawing at me, whatever it was continued to elude me, but I knew it was there.

It was one of those things you initially see, but your brain does not register until some time later when your involved with an unrelated task. Like trying to remember an old movie title; days later it will just pop in your head for no apparent reason.

Today, while looking at charts for some alt coins it hit me. It's the comma in the image of @haejin that was bothering me.

So I checked my own http://steem.supply/@pawsdog account to see how well I'm not doing, and sure enough I had a serious punctuation related epiphany.

If I go back to the original post by @berniesanders


and open the actual image link..


There is an odd comma after the 6 in regards to percentage of the rewards pool that @haejin is receiving. The placement is odd as it makes it read as 6,7149% instead of 6.7149%


So I pulled http://steem.supply/@haejin to see for myself what occurs when a whole number precedes the expected period in rewards payout as perhaps it may be an unexpected glitch by the programmers not expecting anyone to actually exceed an entire percentage point of the rewards pool.


Nope, as expected its a period which makes sense.

So I zoomed in...and decided to overlay them next to each other.


At this point I could see the one Bernie posted is a bit darker, which could likely be related to whatever method he used to save his; versus the method I used (PrntSceen/Paint) and proves nothing.

This comma business made me somewhat concerned in regards to the integrity of the original image. So I decided to go in, way in, 300 times or more zoom where I find that there is at least 1 pixel of spacing between every numeric character save the spacing between the 6 and the mystery comma. At which point the pixels forming lower right corner of the 6 overlap the upper left corner of the pixels related to the comma.


This again does not definitively prove anything as I am looking at an image of an image and the inconsistency may lie with that.

So I decided to investigate further and simply do the math and figure out where, if anywhere, the 6 could of come from. The rewards fund standing per the image bernie posted was $2,147,847.00 USD. 6 percent of that would be $128,870.82. I could not find anywhere that @haejin (while his current rewards are a bit ridiculous) approached the number actually required to achieve 6%. Granted I am not privy to how the algorithms are applied by steem.supply to make their calculations and print the HTML to the screen. Regardless I was still no closer to an answer as to where the 6 came from or the comma that followed it.

Remaining objective I began to consider the possibilities and narrowed it down to the three most likely candidates:

  1. There was some weird one off site glitch that occurred during the seconds that Bernie captured the image
  2. Incorrect mathematical algorithm being applied on steem.suppy
  3. The photograph was manipulated or altered in some way to profit the author by substantiating his message.

So I went back to the current http://steem.supply/@haejin to manually do the math and see if the figures are actually off all the time, but no one has actually taken the time to do the math on the big numbers, and just takes them at face value.

Current http://steem.supply/@haejin
Rewards Pool Total $2,069,959
Haejins Payout: $41,990.00
Percentage listed: 2.0285
So I did the math..
$2,060,959 x .020285 =
$41,989.80 or .10 short of the listed rewards for @haejin
Which matches the payout amount listed

The numbers and percentages added up, so they are not off all the time or that I can find. So I decided to dig a bit deeper and run the math backwards based on the numbers from the image provided by Bernie. In doing so I got .021863 or 2.1863%, not 6,7149 and still no comma.

Image provided by @Berniesanders of http://steem.supply/@haejin https://steemit-production-imageproxy-thumbnail.s3.amazonaws.com/U5dtC5UtoH9DwBvCaoQsaxeLMoiGCBy_1680x8400
Rewards Pool Total $2,147,847
Haejins Payout: $46,960
Percentage listed: 6,7149
So I did the math..
$46,960 divided by $2,147,847 =
.021863 or 2.1863% and still no comma
The figures from the image @berniesanders provided

So in conclusion, as I am not a forensic photograph analyst, I cannot decisively state that the original image provided by @berniesanders was manipulated or modified to be more inflammatory and deceive his followers so as to increase post traffic and consequently his earnings.

What I can say objectively and without taking any side on the issue is that:

  1. I can find no other instances of a comma being used in the display of a users reward percentage following the whole number to delineate it from any fractional values that follow.

  2. The percentage value in the image provided by @berniesanders does not mathematically validate.

  3. I can find no other instance of http://steem.supply calculating an incorrect percentage value. Only in this single instance, per the image provided by @berniesanders, do all other values display correctly (total, payout etc) yet the percentage payout is mathematically incorrect relative to the other values on the same page used to calculate it.

  4. The comma usage in the image provided by @berniesanders breaks the standard formatting rules I see currently displayed on steem.supply when listing the percentage of rewards pool to be paid out.

  5. The comma key and period key are adjacent to one another on a standard keyboard increasing the likelihood of typographical errors when a typist desires to use one and mistakenly uses the other.

Perhaps the site software was updated or someone decided to use a calculator as opposed to an abacus since bernie posted his image? I am unsure, but I have to default to the figures in the image provided by @berniesanders not making mathematical sense which is irrefutable.

Is this proof of wrong doing or photo manipulation to make the image more inflammatory? Nope

Is this proof of a successful attempt to incite and unite the masses to a single cause so as Bernie could benefit financially from a busy high paying post based on deceit? Nope.

There may of been a glitch with the site at the time bernie pulled the information, but the formatting error and incorrect mathematical calculations provided in the image by bernie do concern me.

Again, I have no dog in the fight and am simply pointing out formatting and mathematical inconsistencies provided by one user as evidence of wrong doing by another.

If anyone could provide a plausible explanation to explain these inconsistencies perhaps we could open a ticket or contact the administrators of steem.supply to alert them that their site displays erroneous figures and formatting on occasion.


As provided by @moeknows it appears as though it was a site glitch inline with one of the possibilities I mentioned above.


That aside while I am glad members of the community investigated the issue and used the information provided to make their own decisions it does not (in my opinion) excuse the overtly aggressive lack of diplomacy displayed by @berniesanders. To that end I have commented below and offered him the opportunity to display a better side, to man up and to demonstrate a few of the traits inherent to all leaders.



@rawdawg Instead of downvoting, how about you debate the issue or provide insight as to the facts. I'm all about building relationships and debating any issue or acting in a transparent matter as opposed to lurking in the shadows downvoting and running away...

I've spread my upvote for you @rawdawg, I've been observing for last two months now and I can tell you that you have the diplomatic ingredients to be really successful and do well here. Keep up the investigation and the straight talk, but do know when to discuss and when to apologize.

You either have to be humble here or be out-spoken, just like in life I suppose.

Well done!

I agree, and it is an odd role that I have to play here as I am not a steemit whale. So I have to go outside of my actual role in life and walk a fine line on steemit between aggressive go getter and humble minnow. In real life, beyond this keyboard, I typically try diplomacy initially with bullies like Bernie, give them a chance to walk away, no hard feelings let bygones be bygones. If they continue then I will escalate accordingly and if it turns physical, well... https://steemit.com/life/@pawsdog/jujitsu-the-other-stuff-i-do-in-my-free-time-when-not-stuck-to-charts

In business I am the same, I will try and carve a fair deal, but if I think someone is underestimating my resources, trying to play big wallet take small wallet, or take me for the fool. Then I will likewise place enough of my pieces on the board so as to dispel any rumors the person across the table may have as to my capabilities.

Above all I treat people with respect and initially allow them to set the tone of an engagement. I lead, I encourage but I do not ever under any circumstance step on the backs of others to reach the next plateau

You fail to understand that Bernie is using a different social approach.

I see that, bullying and intimidation seem to be the word of the day

People are hijacking the scenario to market themselves, thats the way steemit works. Bernie is in his element here.
Haejin's blog is basically dead now... what was it about ?
Ah, crypto something. Not sure, does anyone remember ?
I'm actually getting independent from technical analysts, I survived the holidays well on the exchanges, without any posts in this kindergarten.
Also there's more and better info on youtube if you look at it closely.

"You fail to understand that Bernie is using a different social approach." ---As am I.

I had been thinking that this was already contained within my erstwhile comment. Happy marketing.

I love it when you interact with a member and you can tell that they are a bright individual right from the start. :) "erstwhile".. solid word... sounds like my flavor of vernacular

So that's what I'm doing ? I hate marketing, it's my job. I find the ambiente of this place minimally inspirational, there's really nothing but voices and echoes here, so I find it irritating that people are obviously actually doing DIRECT marketing here in much the same way one man bands do in the pedestrian areas of city centers.
Now I have to start wondering about possibilities for brands. Need some sensible statistics, like how many members and what sort, income levels. Or rather, what do people buy who spend their time trying to make the click bait sort of money on the Internet ?

I'm glad that somone posted an analysis of that suspect 6% rewards pool, first impression of that was that it was way high based on his actual rewards, the following discussion was helpful as well

No problem, thank you so much for your input and comments. I as well thought the figure seemed to be a bit suspect.

I think it there is a slight indication of foul play here if @berniesanders is going to flag your post and not even bother to comment. Even if the answer was already provided he has every reason to say so.

I saw someone call him out on this disappearing act that he pulls. he basically incites a riot and then goes back into the shadows. Doesn't care to join the debate, just proceeds to downvote anyone that disagrees with his agenda. I also recall this 6.7% being talked about a few days ago. Scanning the comments now to try and find what I'm looking for but it is not easy. It's like I need to start screen capturing everything I read.

Not sure if someone mentioned the comma specifically but they mentioned the 6.7% being wrong.

I noticed the comma too. I took it as an error or something. It certainly bothered me. Your observation makes me curious and more uncertain about this comma.

I was scrolling through his feed the other day and saw that he had resteemed this someone jokingly revealing his identity

So clearly he's not the presidential candidate, and it bothers me as to why he would want to use that name. Seems like people are blindly following a ghost.

It appears that some see him as some steemit hero but only if you agree with him. (Look up "How to get offended") Some type of Robin Hood hiding behind a popular name? It was only a matter of time I guess.

Downvoted by @randowhale and crushed again, for expressing an opinion. Internet bullying at its finest. Even so far as to down vote unrelated posts... sad, very sad..

Just repeating again :)

And if you were not downvoted, then @ranchorelaxo would not have upvoted you even higher. Getting you new prestige, new recognition, more loyal followers (like myself) then you will ever see without all these tumult and backlash happening.

I've only up-voted myself so you can see IT (again and again) until you become the strength that we all need here.

I see great potential here to become a great Steemian leader in the days to come. We're still in a very early stage here. We need leaders like you who are battle tested, consider this you field test young man!

I can't even...you've been wronged 100%. This content was not plagiarized, this content was original. It was engaging. It was a unique opinion and thought on a subject. The rewards payout for your post were not outrageous in any way shape or form, and yet, in the name of "I contend this payout" you have had your earnings ripped right out from undernearth you by someone who disagreed with your original content.

Something is wrong with this. This is unjust. This is unfair.

Is it not unfair, it is just finding the balance, over time and if we persist, all who stick around will succeed here my dear @bitfiend. Thank you for coming to encourage @pawsdog, I've up-voted you to be an encouragement.

I agree, its very demotivating, and leads me to the opinion that STEEMIT sucks, and is a community of people forced to live in the shadows for fear of being bullied. Hurt my rep too.. just sucks man, just sucks...He even down voted unrelated posts just to be more dickish

yeah I saw that. So in the name of rocking the boat it's not worth it because apparently this playground is already under the control of one person. Can't turly express your opinions for fear of pissing off a whale.

It's examples like this that prove humans need government and decentralization only goes so far. People arguing it's for the greater good, however; I fail to see the greater good in downvoting your post. I assume if you at least gave him a reach around and painted the TA as the villain you'd be fine, but then your opinion would be swayed due to fear. Just really messed up. Definitely demotivating especially if I get attacked over this and if you continue to get flagged

Yes I agree, and this is why anarchic government never works.. Human greed, and megalomania.. Those at the top will always abuse their power to enforce their ideals.. Steemit = North Korea and Bernie is Kim Jun Ill. At least that is the way I see it

When I went to bed last night I couldn't help but compare him to Kim lol.


you silly man @bitfiend, you should keep working on your humor and funny post. I think @idikuci is waiting to hear from you!

upvoted to encourage you!

I don't agree here @pawsdog so I will upvote you somewhere else where you speak with the level of maturity in your 1st reply to @berniesanders

my apologies in advance to do a little verbal jiu-jitsu with your words

Steemit has a dictator

Steemit has whales, plural, he does not dictate nor can nor have a say in all things, he has 1 and only his 1 thing his voting power, no more, no less.

I can site a dozen examples of things that you can do that he can't stop you from doing. You have more power than your realize, but what is power without realization? what is power when you label it away denying yourself in the priviledge?

I can draw comparisons between the two items I listed. The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK)has a dictator, Steemit has a dictator.. DPRK has an army under the dictators control that crushes dissidents. The steemit dicator likewise has an army under his control he uses in similar fashion. Neither is allowed freedom of the press and may only post or write articles that do not criticize the great leader for fear of swift reprisal and execution..

Yep, he attacked me a few months ago and I chose not to discuss it, even referred to him as "the angry whale" so as not to type @berniesanders (hi Bernie! I love you!), in "fear" of his retribution.

Now? I'm doing this instead: http://berniesandersbot01.xyz/uncategorized/first-things-first-i-need-a-script-written-willing-to-pay-for-it/

Think outside the bun.. hit me up on discord. If you want to hurt an enterprise go after its infrastructure.

I agree, the whole issue seems very suspect to me.. I doubt he is the politician mentioned in the article. It does seem rather scandalous though, and I agree that he should of just commented instead of down voting. But having read the majority of his profanity ridden tyrades I'm not sure how constructive that would of been either..

One can only hope but you're probably right.

I'm certain he's not the real bernie sanders that's a given. With what time I've spent reading around, my observation is that he doesn't post frequently and has an army of upvote bots and might even have the capital to have a promotion budget to pay for other upvote bots.

While I understand it's not necessary to reveal your identity or post without a picture of yourself holding a steemit sign with the days date, I wonder how he gets so much support.

He claims to be "the good whale" but he's not whale status so I almost assume he has a whale account somewhere.

If I ever wanted to find the toxicity within Steemit, this guy is sure to lead the way it seems.

All while giving away $300.

Claiming to be the good guy as he curses and flags anyone who talks about him. I guess I'm screwed XD Might as well uninstall steemit now.

I'm not sure if you're being funny again or just being a friend.

It's decentralized, you can't uninstall it :)

I was being funny when I suggested I uninstall steemit :P I know it's decentralized. Sorry if it confused you, I shouldn't really be trying to joke I am no good at them. Mostly really corny Dad jokes.

no confusion, but it was a little funny hence my respond. I'm going to rest now, don't be afraid to post to funny, even if you don't get good respond others will support you, keep experimenting and adjusting. we were all beginners at one point in time, everyone.

Have a good rest my friend, and thanks again! There is always at least one person that will appreciate a thought. That's one thing I've learned about this platform.

He's been around from the beginning of the platform, has a lot of time, energy and capital invested in it.

While he can be hot headed and at times seemingly mean, people who have got to know him get that he has the good of the platform at heart even when his delivery could be a whole lot better.

He's also quietly supported a lot of good work on the platform.

Meanwhile haejin and his supporters seem to be only interested in being self-serving leeches on the platform. They would be a lot better off to actually become part of the community instead of their current approach.

From my observations of the various posts I've seen on the matter the more vocal ones want to worship at the feet of their saviour and the only thing that counts is making money. And god help anyone who still thinks this is a social media platform.

I saw in one of haejin's rare comments that he's thinking about going private and taking his followers with him. That actually might be the best outcome for both sides of this issue for both haejin's future and the future of the platform.

The platform isn't going to be a good fit for everyone and everyone is not a good fit for the platform. That is to be expected.

Valid points, but if perhaps say 1% of is 6000 followers by steem then I don't see it as a bad thing. I have taken the time to view the accounts of a few haijin followers and a few have purchased $2500 or more in steem thus investing themselves in the platform. Also I think with that large of a following that there will inevitably be a trickle down affect as his followers will eventually peruse other articles or use their lust for money to write and attempt to profit from a few of their own articles thus benefiting the platform through content. Likewise if I compare the content posted by haijin to the bullshit you find in the NSFW category, I'm kinda having a hard time seeing how this:

Warning NSFW


Is a good fit for the platform

Whereas some dude giving crypto advice is not..

I can't disagree with you on the NSFW. I don't agree with its presence but the tag was a compromise after a rather long debate over porn on the platform. Many argued against it even being here and others argued that if this is a censorship free platform it has the right to be here. The compromise was that it had to be within the tag or be subject to being flagged heavily. Then the option to be able to mute anything posted with the NSFW tag showed up in our settings for those who didn't want to encounter it.

I would hope that those who followed haejin here would actually be part of the community and treat it like a community.

My remarks are based on the many many comments I've seen from his followers who are quite plain they have zero interest in being part of the community yet are outraged that the community objects to such a large amount of their funds being diverted to their hero.

If they want to support him and only him, then they need to do it from their own pockets and not the rest of the community. They are either part of the problem or part of the solution. Their myopic attitudes is likely one of the many reasons that bernie is downvoting some of them.

@pathtosuccess thanks for the response. Based on his most recent give away, I couldn't take him as a totally bad guy if he's giving away money, but the hostility and toxicity is still too much.

I mean, look how he treated the author earlier in the month. I can see your argument that he is here for the greater good and has been here since the beginning.

I've been in the crypto scene since 2013. I'm no andreas antonopoulos but can you imagine if Andreas showed the same hostility? Seniority, imo, does not give anyone the right to act like this.

I also see bernie flagging other users telling them to stop talking about him or he will forever destroy their account because he's "their worst fucking nightmare".

REALLY? This is how he conducts himself?

"I'm going to stir the pot with the biggest spoon on the planet. Once I get the riot going, I'm gonna go back to to the shadows and LURK. Then I will get mad and retaliate to anyone who talks about me."

I agree, leaders should lead by example, not terrorize people and act like a butt hurt bitch and threaten to eviscerate them when they talk about him. I don't care if someone comes on steemit and calls me names. I will respond and debate the issue, but when I get to influence status, I'm not going to crush someone for not liking me, thinking I'm a megalomaniac narcissistic dickhead or writing comments to that affect. I'll simply comment and talk about.. figure out how we can fix it, and if need be cut them apart with my wit, not the amount of SP my account has. Hell I would likely upvote a post cursing me..

This is now recorded in the blockchain, I hope you will succeed wildly to become such a leader.

I would not label @berniesanders as a per say leader but he is a large stake-holder and he has a lot more to loose if Steemit becomes a pure crypto only platform versus what it can become to the masses. Try to see beyond the box of our suffering and circumstances, see the bigger picture. You are not wrong, but you also have not have enough experience and information to judge widely.

I have a friend that used to make a comment that tends to be rather apt towards @berniesanders ... "I love you but I hate you" ... he does a lot of good and dishes out nasty.

In the course of going after scammers (yes actual scammers) and those who are getting overly rewarded he's also been on the receiving end of some very nasty reactions.

I don't like seeing it from either side but this isn't Sunday School ... so I wince and move on

One of those "I can be your best friend or your greatest enemy if you piss me off" types eh. Well I see your point and no it's not Sunday school. haejins followers are very culty if they are only here for him. If I was his follower, it would be like hey thanks for showing me this great platform, but I'm not gonna leave just cause you say so. This place is great.

I know over 1% of the rewards pool is considered high, but i believe the ridiculous upvoting has ceased even though his posts are still generating quite a lot. I doubted that it was going to go on forever, and bernies big stink may have helped.

His actions are still not very cool. I guess I'll just have to wince and move on , heh.

Grow a thicker skin dear @bitfiend, it will help you cope better with responses to your post and also help you succeed more in life. Keep up the encouragement, I like seeing you respond like this my young friend.

Thank you @drsinmongwong for your kind words and you are right for any kind of debate you have to have thick skin and stay level headed.

Agreed to a point, and my thoughts can be found here: https://steemit.com/steem/@pawsdog/the-reward-pool-rape-saga-between-berniesanders-and-haejin

That said @ranchorelaxo did invest over $2,000,000 USD into the platform through purchases of steem, so I can't see how he is raping relative to the amount he invested. Iam fairly certain that a purchase of that size benefited all users by raising the price of steem. I see large confidence building purchases of an asset to be more beneficial than gathering the torches and pitch forks to attack other members of the community.

the same purchase on one of the exchanges would have helped to raise the price of steem.

The choice to transfer it onto the platform would have had no further effect.

If he's just an investor who has decided to support only one person with his SP, that is his right. When that sole support inflates the payout to that individual, it is the right of other whales to counter that support through downvotes.

Even though the size of the upvote is determined by his SP, the value of the upvote is coming from the reward pool which is formed from the collective mining (posting values) of the whole community.

Allowed to go on unchecked that would mean one whale could disperse a significant amount of the reward pool to one individual rather than it dispersed throughout the community as the system is meant to do.

When whales are upvoting posts, they generally go with a small percentage of their VP so they can spread it across a wider number of posts.

Interesting to note that we all have 10 full upvotes a day that we can make and have our VP recharge within 24 hours. @haejin's posts never exceeded that magic number. HMMM

My last comment basically covered this

As I spent a few years in a profession that dealt with finding the most probable reasoning behind an act I have found that in most cases the simplest answer is the correct answer; greed, jealousy, etc.

To that end, the simplest answer to the @ranchorelaxo saga, is that he may have profited from the advice of @haejin and chose to show his appreciation through upvoting.

It also seems as if he did not act overly irresponsibly and has since curbed the behavior. Lets assume he made $500,000 and upvoted @haejin 10% of his profit. Not unreasonable...

We will have to see how it plays out...

Meanwhile haejin and his supporters seem to be only interested in being self-serving leeches on the platform. They would be a lot better off to actually become part of the community instead of their current approach.

Basically, sums it up. Most of these accounts are @haejin buying them for other people which has to have some sort of TOS violation I'm assuming. Either way, BernieSanders is going to obliterate him off this platform if it's the last thing he does.

yeah they really have no idea of bernies' history . well, they have been told but choose not to listen.

Hard to listen to what a great guy someone is when he is calling you a moron and downvoting you into oblivion.

I don't disagree with that .. it takes being around the platform and in the chat rooms to learn the other side without being told by people like me.

Of course he is not, as a 3rd party listening in, it is humorous, it's a parady of the politician. See beyond eyes, see the revolution.

Also remember @berniesanders rep is -18 for a reason, there are 50-100 whales that are capable of doing what he is doing and undoing it...these whales were the ones who brought his so low the same difficulty as getting rep 70. Also there are probably 300 large orca, and if only 10% of them unite they can do what he does or undo it. There is more there then meets the eyes. Keep learning young Seemians.

Excellent analysis! @berniesanders is behaving quite like the party his namesake belongs to. Merry Christmas!

Thank you for the comment, Merry Christmas to you as well. I do find the mathematical inconsistencies to be somewhat odd for sure. As I take no side, I am always open for any plausible explanation to explain the irregularities I noted.

You're welcome. Just changed my upvote here from 1% to 100%, and brought this post back to visibility.

Again, thank you so much.. It's really a sad state of affairs when we cannot express a simple opinion here for fear of being smashed. I'm as about a neutral author as it gets, a veteran and by all accounts a model steemian thus far. I write engaging content for my readers but think I may pick topics that won't get me bullied from here out until I have the requisite SP to combat the issue. I will still comment on this thread in the event it gains any traction.. Again thank you for the help...

I hope you understand when I would rather say, "I'm so sorry how you were used" than "thank you for your service." If not I encourage you to read "War is a Racket" by General Smedley Butler, and "Confessions of an Economic Hitman" by John Perkins.

I agree, I wrote a helpful article about Steemit tools which they smashed, just out of spite. My take (which of course, could be wrong) is that they are inhabited by demons which whisper in their ear to take negative actions, as those feed energy to the adversary. Or dark forces, I'm currently reading "Word Magic" and it aligns with a lot I've already learned, as well as taking it further.

Merry Christmas, I'm out for a bit to watch the little children! :)

Oh, and I apologize if I interpreted your neutrality as offense, a few days ago -- I am recovering from multiple concussions and don't always interpret events accurately, due to the symptoms.

No worries.. and I take no offense to your comments.. Big government is a machine and we do get used and discarded at will. War is a very profitably business. But the military was my way out of the white ghetto so to speak, so I took it.. got my degree and have done o.k.

I would like to rebuttal, please read an update note from the developer of steem.supply:

The period and comma is possibly a location based format, people in Europe will see a comma while people from other countries will see a period. The code for percentages was also changed after bernie's first post.

I think that the resolution tells a different story than a simple character transposition.

Well yeah, there is a different resolution in bernie's post, I have nothing to support that.

Yep. It also sounds like total bullshit. How can an algorithm get the amount wrong on one account, but right on all the rest??

The amount was wrong for all accounts not just haejin's.
Please read this post by the dev of steem.supply: https://steemit.com/steem/@dragosroua/steem-supply-update-removed-ads-interface-cleanup-bug-fixing

Well it's not clear from what he said. He said:

I fixed a bug which was displaying the percentage a certain user was taking from the entire reward pool resulting in higher numbers than the actual percentage.

A "certain user". In English that means one user, not all users. And if I'm remembering correctly (i'm not looking at the thread right now), when pawsdog(?) did the calculations, it was only haejin's that was out.

Liars and cheats!

@berniesanders is a commie fraud!

@haejin should take legal action!

Sue his sorry socialist ass for fraud and defamation!👌😂

Downvoted by @randowhale and crushed again, for expressing an opinion. Internet bullying at its finest. Even so far as to down vote unrelated posts... sad, very sad..

And if you were not downvoted, then @ranchorelaxo would not have upvoted you even higher. Getting you new prestige, new recognition, more loyal followers (like myself) then you will ever see without all these tumult and backlash happening.

See the blessings in disguise your man, you'll do well to learn from these lesson, all the emotion will fade, and only the wisdom remains.

I agree, the key is to just say things as they are. Be factual, be polite.. and always try and elevate people to the next level, if you are above them try and bring them to your level.. but never try and use the people around you as a stepping stone for your own success

Yes, the force is strong with you :)

Your wisdom and patience will serve you well here in Steemit and beyond. Well done young man.

I second that....sue for slander...don't know if that's possible, but why not

Look at the amount of censoring here on this post. Please click on the greyed out comments to read them.
Screen Shot 2017-12-27 at 19.45.14.png

I think that is the problem.. I also take offense as these are comments on my post and my article. Go censure shit on your own articles. I am perfectly fine allowing anyone the comments here to have a free and open opinion safe from reprisal. You want to say @haejin is God.. go for it.. You want to swing from the nuts of @berniesanders and preach for him as the messiah of the platform.. go for it.. You want to call me a fucking moron... go for it.. you should be free to express your opinion regardless of whether or not it criticizes a more powerful member or does not agree with another users fan base.

@berniesanders was a loser who get bullied at school, and now he hide behind his computer hating people that are making better than him.

I do sense a bit of hatred coming from him or jealousy perhaps. I think we should embrace the successes of others and strive to learn from them. I also think we should use are resources and influence to help elevate those under us and not use them as a stepping stone to further our own goals.

I'm offended by the use of the term
reward pool rape
it trivializes the real thing.
SO insensitive.

You know, I actually agree with you and find the title to be somewhat offensive. That said I did not pick the original title that started all of this. I am simply using the title provided by the original author bracketed so as users reference this one as connecting to that one. From what I have come to observe the author of the original posting likes to use inflammatory titles, offensive language etc. to gather attention to his postings. So I do agree with you and the point you made. Thanks for your input

Downvoted by @randowhale and crushed again, for expressing an opinion. Internet bullying at its finest. Even so far as to down vote unrelated posts... sad, very sad..

Just repeating again :)

And if you were not downvoted, then @ranchorelaxo would not have upvoted you even higher. Getting you new prestige, new recognition, more loyal followers (like myself) then you will ever see without all these tumult and backlash happening.

@berniesanders If you could be so kind as to not down vote neutral articles I would appreciate it. I'm just a veteran and small time author trying to make it here. Taking my rewards is actually quite hurtful in the grand scheme of things and does not actually open constructive debate into the issue. I have done nothing to you, and poke at you and @haejen equally.

If this is a community then let free thought and debate be they way we handle things.

I put significant effort into a good article and you basically came in and picked my pocket because you did not agree.

I simply pointed out inconsistencies in an image you provided nothing more,

I'm one of the minnows that you are purporting to defend by going after @haejin; so I find it somewhat hypocritical for you, the one who put himself out there as the champion of the little guy, defender of the reward pool etc. on STEEMIT to step on the little guy and kick sand in his face.

You showed the trick the devil is using. He don't like that much. :)

Apparently the hate here runs strong. I'm all about debate on the issue. I did, however, find the mathematical irregularities to be of note to share. I'm happy to let folks make up their own mind, or debate the issue and find the root cause. Feel free to resteem as well.. Hey never hurts to ask... :) again thanks..

Yep, already did earlier! :)

Downvoted by @randowhale and crushed again, for expressing an opinion. Internet bullying at its finest. Even so far as to down vote unrelated posts... sad, very sad..

excellent, hmm i mean EXCELLENT.

I got a downvote wave aswell by this berni, just because i was wondering wtf was going arround 5 days ago..u can see in my blog... i haven't wasted much time into this stuff ... my time is gold but thanks for giving your time to the comunity and tell us your discoveries and thoughts.

No problem, just pointing out the discrepancies in the information presented by bernie for us to view in order to substantiate his assertions.

Well laid out, well considered, fairly put.
I think everyone can make up their own minds from here.

I wanted to stay objective and try and solve the problem. Probably the most telling aspect is that the math does not add up. I find it somewhat unlikely that the site was given erroneous values at the given time, or that the formula used to make the calculations has since been updated.. But who knows..

You seem to be a very honorable man.

I respect this post very much. I wish you the best and I do hope that you stay here even if this account gets black listed I hope you start a new one as someone such as your self is a great benefit to this community.

If you ever have any questions or need help please private message me.


Thank you for your kind words, and I look forward to talking to you more in the future.

pawsdog, I appreciate your attempt at even-handedness and civility with Mr. BS. But I believe all this discussion is just a symptom of a much larger problem.

Steemit is portrayed as a "decentralized" social platform with no one acting as an authoritarian controller. It appears this statement is not entirely true. Steemit has a flaw in its design in that it gives enormous power to certain members to destroy other members' posts with a click of the mouse. In this case, the destroyer is a self-appointed tyrant with a lot of power who thinks he knows best what is good and bad and seeks to obliterate others' ideas and information just for sport and profit. This is not what I consider to be a "decentralized" non-authority system. Mr. BS has become the authority.

Every system needs rules in place to protect the integrity of the system. The flaw in the current Steemit system was put in place by the creators of the system. It is a management problem that lies solely in the hands of the dev team. If that dev team doesn't care or has abandoned Steemit and moved on to other things, then Steemit will eventually become a place for fascistic tyrants to exercise and protect their power by destroying other legitimate members. Eventually, the system will fall apart and be relegated to the dust bin of history.

Haejin provides extremely useful and valuable information to his followers. As such, he should be compensated for his contribution to the members. If someone doesn't like what he does, they can either down vote or not consume his content. But a single down vote should not be designed to destroy or eliminate a post.

If Haejin decides to leave Steemit and go private, I will certainly abandon Steemit and follow him to his new platform. I suspect many of his followers will do the same. I will also sell all my holdings in Steem, and give serious thought to selling all of my bitshares and EOS. If Steemit has this type of serious flaw, it diminishes my confidence in the future of bitshares and EOS.

If Mr. BS or his minions don't like what I said, too bad. They can rant and rave till they're blue in the face, and they can destroy my posts if they want. I refuse to live in fear of a tyrant!

Your opinion is welcome here and I am glad that your took the time to share it and honored that I had opportunity to read it. I just wrote a post that tends to cover most of the issues you mentioned. As this thread seems to be getting long Join me here: https://steemit.com/steem/@pawsdog/join-me-in-discussion-to-build-a-better-platform-pawdog That said in that thread let us leave BS at the door and talk about the platform and improvements lest it could be squashed. I will keep it non specific over there so as we can have a constructive debate..

I think this is the reality of the anarcho-capitalist wet dream that steem represents to some. I don't want to go into an anti-AC rant, as I will get buried in a tonne of shit. But this is the reality of unfettered capitalism. The rich get richer and the poor get more exploited. Thankfully, there does seem to be a significant left libertarian (perhaps Chomsky's term of 'libertarian socialism' is the best moniker) influence here, so there are efforts by some of the other big stake holders to work to reduce the inequality gap for the freedom benefit of all.

Sorry to debunk your research but after many people figured out that the percentage may not be accurate, the developer of steem.supply found a bug in the code and tried to fix it and make it more accurate. In that same update to website, the comma was removed and was possibly replaced by a decimal. I'm not sure if the dev has now implemented a regional format, where Europeans will see a comma and Americans will see a decimal point.
Here is the dev's update note:

follow you and upvote you
hope you will also come to me

You have uncovered a butthurt fraud, who doctored an image, and attempted to smear @haejin!

Great work!

That is one possibility, but that is not for me to decide. I can only point out inconsistencies in the image and information presented. Perhaps haejin would like to resteem it, or comment himself...

Downvoted by @randowhale and crushed again, for expressing an opinion. Internet bullying at its finest. Even so far as to down vote unrelated posts... sad, very sad..

Just repeating again :)

And if you were not downvoted, then @ranchorelaxo would not have upvoted you even higher. Getting you new prestige, new recognition, more loyal followers (like myself) then you will ever see without all these tumult and backlash happening.

Go away to your Bed. Your repeating bullshit

If this is what we can expect from steemit, I want no part of it. Think about it, how ridiculous is this and why can't it be solved ASAP?

@pawsdog I love this post, it's balanced and well researched, gives option at both sides, this is what's great about steemit when people show properly researched material others can also look in and validate or dismiss after their own research. It's a shame that this fight broke out in the first place. Downvote on content, not because you don't want someone to earn something. @haejin content has gotten the attention it has for a reason, he both gives reasons and lessons within it, what reader does with it is up to the reader.

That was a rather entertaining one nicely done!

Anytime... :) thank you for your comment..

I miss your analysis @haejin :(

They will be back tomorrow. I got tied up in all this and for failing to meet that responsibility I apologize.

Culturally, any spanish speaking country or IP address will automatically render what you consider to be decimal points as commas.

We say one million two hundred thirty four thousand five hundred sixyty seven point eighty nine as


It's just how they do it culturally. So since my IP address is in a spanish speaking country, my internet speaks spanish and displays numbers like the picture bernie used.

Nope, does not change depending on the country... Well spotted though :)

So the only two possibilities are:

  1. There was some one off site glitch that happened at the precise moment bernie captured the image

  2. This entire war was started based on a lie and bernie deceived his own viewership by manipulating the image for personal enrichment and to smash the competition.

I am wide open for alternate plausible theories. I will say though that based on how quickly bernie smashed my post.. while it is not an admission of guilt, does not bode well in the eyes of the public. I would of hoped useful debate or conversation regarding the images source, where he got it, how he saved it, etc. would of been more beneficial to his cause.

it really doesn't matter how the math computes as far as the percentage of the reward pool ... the huge upvote from the questionable whale was asking to be countered by another whale. Bernie was on the money (no pun intended) on that action.

Bernie could use sticking to the point rather than engaging in the name calling. I do have some understanding of his response though based on some of the morons I've encountered on this and their tone-deaf response to any effort to point out how this works.

I understand how the math works, and while I do believe the rewards given to haejin are a bit over the top, objectively I also see the hypocrisy of what bernie has been doing. This being evident by his collection of equally ridiculous rewards to the tune of nearly $20,000 for the 3 posts bitching about haejin. There is I believe an option to defer rewards back to the pool which I doubt bernie is going to utilize.

I believe that you cannot sacrifice your integrity regardless of circumstance, that you cannot lie, mislead or deceive your followers regardless of whether the opinion you hold is correct or not.

If in fact he intentionally and deliberately altered an image so as to profit by deceiving his audience, then that is much more egregious than the ridiculous rewards haejin is receiving.

Also this is the system here, its not my fault, yours, bernies or haijens . It's a steemit platform issue and one that would need to be addressed. It's a don't hate the player hate the game kinda thing.

Lastly and again going back to integrity.. when I see this..


Good try, but his posts are nothing but 2-3 sentences [...] compared to the absurd rewards.

And then a $500 dollar post from the same author consisting of 2 sentences..


I again see hypocrisy and wonder whose best interest that author is actually trying to serve.

@pawsdog you raise some interesting points pertinent to this situation.

Having been watching @berniesanders over many many months I'm very aware that he has been one of the few whales who actively and consistently works on downvoting those who would take negatively take advantage of the platform.

So, on a one to one situation, bernie earning large funds to complain about the large funds that @haejin is earning could be very validly called hypocrisy, those funds offset what he doesn't make while fighting reward pool abuse across the platform.

That reward pool abuse over time dilutes the returns on investment for all on STEEM who work to build up their investments. So, while @haejin is apparently providing a service to his supporters, bernie is providing a service to the whole community.

I don't often like his method of delivery, in regards to his way of addressing people but I understand it.

Having said all that, if he did purposely alter a graphic to bias his already valid claim, that is just dirty pool.

The real question is, was there intent.

Just as we don't have an answer in regards to the lone whale upvoting haejin and only haejin.

True, and in regards to @ranchorelaxo (haejins whale).. He made two posts, which could of been his way of introducing himself to the community and opening the door for dialogue and perhaps conversation as to his upvoting habits. It was a good opportunity to invite him in, make him a part of the community and perhaps motivate him to upovote other authors as well.


But what response does he receive at the top of his post:


And equally as tasteless as his infantile attempt at diplomacy he up voted his own comment and made $30 USD for it.

This type of behavior is not platform beneficial.

As I have stated before that if I were @ranchorelaxo it most certainly would not dissuade me from doing what I have been doing; it would only piss me off. Also as the comment discloses what behavior I have been doing to annoy you, I would only do it more. I fail to find the benefit in attacking users with the financial horsepower to benefit the platform and other users.

Let us even consider @haejin whom is quickly making his way into the elite. Perhaps embracing him and motivating him to upvote other authors, etc would be better than attacking and tearing him down. Perhaps making him feel like a member of the community, as opposed to someone who is attacked for his success would motivate him to invest in the community or diversify his interests here.

There are multiple ways to skin a cat, but infantile, profanity ridden trades, wherein users are called "useless cocksuckers, cunts, told to lick his balls, called fuck sticks, worthless etc." are ineffective diplomacy, immature and not traits I can condone in one whom purports to be a good whale or a leader. Leaders don't act like that, leaders don't lead by belittling those in those beneath them; leaders lead by example

To me it smacks more of megalomania and narcissism than an attempt to help the community in any quantifiable fashion.

no one could ever accuse bernie of being a diplomat.

it is possible that @ranchorelaxo was a first step into the community. It's also possible considering the timing that it is a self-serving move to appear that he's not someone else's whale account.

As for @haejin .. I respect your desire to think the best of him and that he actually has some intent to be part of the community. His history so far shows differently.

As always, I will wait and see what he does. As for his followers, there are likely some well intentioned within the group, the vocal ones I've seen so far are not what I'd want to invite to remain.

Time will tell. First impressions are not always the end result even if they if they are often a valid precursor.

You say that he has been downvoting people who negatively take advantage of the platform. @pawsdog has done no such thing and he has been downvoted. Just saying.

Since I am not privy to the mind of @berniesanders, I am not about to begin to guess why he chose to downvote @pawsdog.

With the crap that comes at him, it's possible he's mistaken @pawsdog for one of the haejin cult.. who knows

collateral damage happens and it sucks that you experienced a drop in rep @pawsdog but you can recover it. Actual idiots have managed to rebuild their rep and you aren't one.

I just checked from Argentina, browser in Spanish, and steem.supply provided no localization whatsoever. Decimal separator is "." (dot)
Now, if you I the numerical pad in Spanish, in my Linux PC, the "." Is turned into "," automatically

Even then, the math is still off... The information provided in the image to formulate the percentage calculation does not add up.. So even if we could explain the comma, I still can't figure out how the math is wrong...

I mean: the comma can be explained by assuming the number was typed using a Spanish numerical pad. Typed, not calculated.

I concur, which would lead one to the assumption that the photo may have been manipulated in some way to deceive and thus enrich the author of the post by manipulating and treating his viewing audience like they were stupid.

That could make sense. It does not, however explain the mathematical inconsistencies, I noted.

I will check from Scandinavia now

For me Haejin Lee is a man with a lot of wisdom. I also hope that from Bernie. We miss the Blogs from Haeijin Lee and hope that this will be resolved quickly.

I agree, hugs for everybody..

People think @haejin is being abusive by being so consistent and putting out quality charts? What buttfuckery is this? This is exactly why communist/socialist/libtard fucks need to stay the hell out of crypto and move to a third world utopia. Hell is built with the bones of commies. If you're jealous of another man's success and willingness to help others, you're going to have a rough 7 more years of Trump.

I agree and think that using ones influence to simply crush the opinions of those under them is pretty sad and reflects poorly of their character. When a person can begin to make comparisons to a platform being run by a dictator as you would find in North Korea; you have to ask if there is a problem. Their take on freedom of the press seems similar as well and they both have armies under their control that they utilize to crush anyone they view as opposition to the regime.

How come all you haejin sock puppet accounts post the same drivel over and over about going to hell and commies and everything else ?

can not believe how through people are getting involving @berniesanders and @haejin. Honestly suprise @haejin is only 5 months into steemit. Really wish he made a post as to how to earn a ton on steemit. Thanks.

I can tell you that now.

  1. Find a topic that is HOT . Viral even.
  2. Provide good honest advice and explain your thinking and workings. Empowering those that are listening to do it for themselves.
  3. Be unbelievably accurate and make your followers a large % gain
  4. offer caution when needed.

Hint: the skill is in 2, 3 and 4. Us mere mortals ain't got that kind of experience in the game yet.

Sounds totally reasonable to me. The press does most of it except 2, 3, 4 all the time..

Must try this out. Thanks!

I think perhaps you are missing the greater issue as I see it. This whole thing actually concerns me on a far deeper level now; as I must consider what happens to I or other users that may find success here? What happens if for some reason through my writing ability a whale starts up voting my posts? Would that by default make me "a piece of shit" and subject to lynching by the community? I think this whole issue is actually making me second guess my efforts here.

As to their individual drama; I could care less, save how I could see mob mentality affecting me or another someday successful Stemian. I saw a ton of stupidity and hatred from both sides.

Most of those thoughts are covered here: https://steemit.com/steem/@pawsdog/hypocrisy-hypocrisy-everywhere-haejin-berniesanders

I see an extreme lack of diplomacy by all concerned. None more correct than the other, both have valid points. It is how the issue is being handled that is the problem, and more so if either party to the hate parade was deceptive or misled their followers for personal gain by providing deceptive information.

Certainly agree here. I am a very new steemian and while @haejin was the reason I bookmarked the site it offers a fantastic platform and opportunity for people to create and be rewarded for great content, whatever it's flavour. Unfortunately it is populated by people and some of them are going to behave badly.
(personally I don't think humans are really ready for social media until they learnt o be sociable)
twitter, facebook etcetc all bring out the dark in people who are probably pussycats in real life.
My primary concern here is that innocents get hit in the wake of mob mentality leaving a platform where people a scared to air an opinion or upvote for fear of being blasted into invisibility by fascist thinking.

Right there are steemit's biggest challenges.
Offering whales power and trusting them with it.
Offering minnows the chance to speak while protecting their freedom to do so.
Justice in social media ... hmmm there is real money involved here, It might be an impossible dream.

You are probably right, once finances get involved it takes on a whole new dimension as greed likewise enters the picture...

To quote a post recently seen.


Probably don't need to reference the author.

There can only be a few that are rich while the rest slave away. The rich will always step over the poor, why else are they rich? They lead the rest in earnings by simply beating everyone else. People can hate or love them but all it boils down to is the money. Money talks. I would believe 99.9% who join steemit is in hopes of becoming rich. I think you write good posts and hope one day a whale does back you up. I promise I won't down vote you for that ;)

thank you sir...

Downvoted by @randowhale and crushed again, for expressing an opinion. Internet bullying at its finest. Even so far as to down vote unrelated posts... sad, very sad..

Stay the course. @pawsdog you can never have everyone be your friend. It is like yin and yang. Not know who is friend if you never met a foe. Forget about the topic and move on to something bigger.

I am looking into the Segwit 2 x fork of bitcoin. Prime to make bitcoin shoot up for the next couple of days at least. Also how is it that the crypto market overall has moved back to almost all time highs before last weeks crash? This is insane and I do not know what to make of all of this. Charlie Lee's sell out of LTC or drawbacks in bitcoin drama? No hard evidence to lead to the big drop but here we are about to reach all time highs again in market cap.

No idea, demotivated.. at the moment.. the rep thing sucks bad.. I may just abandon the platform, the STEEMIT study and put my efforts elsewhere. Totally depressing really. This was my highest paying post to date and I was actually excited. Christmas season and all and I was going to be able to give a ton away once we reached our goal. But I doubt success is possible with the current environment here.. Just sad..

Bro take things in perspective here. I worked for over 10 years now but still currently living in a motel and using a 10+ year old laptop using steemit. When you are down people love to continue trampling. Do not help them by getting them in your head. Forget the naysayers and move on.

I am serious about your opinion on bitcoin. Currently it is now over $16k. I do not believe the drop happened out of random. Someone was in on it and now are reaping rewards. At the current rate btc is rising I think we can easily hit all time highs before new years. Yet why on earth did it crash 40% in one day? I am interested in your opinion on this as throughout the weekend I barely had much sleep dwelling on my btc holding. I am glad that I bought back into btc prior to the upswing over the weekend. But I sold near the bottom of the drop on Friday. I am at least fortunate that I did not lost much. But what is not to say the next draw down would be different. Thanks.

You need to check out an indicator called the MACD and start to study charts. My head is not really in the game at the moment.. but a good place to view free charts is.. https://cryptowat.ch/bitfinex/btcusd/1h

Interesting @pawsdog ! Are you @sherlockholmes another account?

Nope this is the only account that I have.

That was a compliment @pawsdog . :D check out @sherlockholmes blog. He has an eye for detail and pretty good observation powers like you :)