Steem is a Unique and Fascinating Token

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Hi all crypto fans and crypto babes out there 👋🏻(@steembirds @lifesacircus)

It’s Ken here, spreading the news about blockchain and crypto to all who will listen. Today is a beautiful day, which is how I perceive every day that I’m alive. I got my start in the crypto space last November, so I’m not even a year into this gig. You could say I’m still a newbie.

But, I have learned SO MUCH in such a short amount of time... and it’s all thanks to Steem. You see, I got my start with Bitcoin, but I’ve spent the last 10 months dedicated to growing my Steem accounts. (yes, I have 2. The other one is @thedailyclimb if you want to take a peak)

But anyhow, I have learned and applied a ridiculous amount of information here on Steem, and it has paid off in droves. I couldn’t imagine spending my time anywhere else than inside this unbelievable community. With that said, let’s discuss Steem as a token.

The thing that has been on my mind about Steem lately, is that fact that you can CREATE STEEM WITH STEEM. In other words, the more Steem that you own, the more Steem that you can product because you have more control over post payouts. NO OTHER CRYPTOCURRENCY allows you to do that which is absolutely fantastic.


Another amazing thing about the Steem token is that you can LOAN IT OUT by delegating to another account. Again, the more STEEM YOU OWN, the more you can delegate out. Delegation is a form of PASSIVE INCOME that comes into your account like clockwork every day or every week.

Steem is SO INCREDIBLY UNIQUE for those reasons, and also because it has 3 second, fee-less transactions!!! (yes, that deserves 3 exclamation marks). Like I mentioned earlier, I got my start in Bitcoin. But then, I jumped onto the Steem train and it's been full Steem ahead every since. (get it lol).

Another reason, and this might be my favorite reason, is because you can EARN IT by using your BRAIN and your CREATIVITY. I mean come on, really?? Like seriously?? (I had a lot of coffee today) We can literally mine with our minds. Like, a platform that combines both social media and cryptocurrency then pays you in Steem for posting and commenting (which can be exchanged and turned into cash if you wanted).


We are living in a utopia here ladies and gents. Please please please do not overlook what we have and HOW FORTUNATE we are (again, a lot of coffee) that we even have access to such amazing technology. There is absolutely no room for attitudes or crying here because what we have is fantastic. Yes, hard fork 20 screwed us all up a bit. But who really cares? It is the best thing for us in the long run.

I fully believe with 100% certainty, that those who drive this opportunity home and truly take action and are smart with their tokens, are going to be VERY WELL OFF in the near future. If you are reading this and you haven't been able to earn Steem on your posts, then I recommend that you start posting quality content on @dtube (the most amazing video app ever on the blockchain.

Ok, I've ranted on long enough. I think you get the idea. Steem as a token is an absolute God send. Will you join me and the Steem Creators on the journey of a lifetime? Meet up with us this coming April in Austin, Texas. IJ @steemcafe will be there. Larry @larrymorrison will be there. Eric @anomadsoul will be there. Jon @jongolson will be there... and countless other amazing people.


There are a multitude of reasons why Steem is unique and fascinating, but those are simply the ones I've been meditating on lately. DO NOT MISS OUT on this thing guys and ladies. We are looking at an 85 cent Steem token right now, but the value is about to fly off the charts before we know it. We are in the early stages of something massive here folks.

If you need help, please feel free to reach out to me. I'd be glad to assist and help coach you towards acquiring more Steem and realizing the true reality of it all... That this thing is about to explode and now is the time to start @stackin those coins up like there's no tomorrow (still a lot of coffee, can't calm down).

Take care my friend. I hope you realize how powerful and unique you truly are. Take a step towards your full potential today.

Never quit and always believe.




P.S. If you enjoyed this, give it a BIG FAT THUMBS UP :)

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preach!!! yeah man. no other crypto or community i would rather be involved with.

and dude lol when i ‘got it’ and figured out that whole mine with our mind thing....i was hooked!!

asic miners be damned!!! lol

austin is gonna be fun.

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Ken!!! Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve been by to say hi man. I took a break for a month lol. I’m back now though and more pumped than ever.

We both got into crypto last year in November. My friend told me about and I told him I’d check it out. Well, here I am almost a year later and I’ve loved every minute of it.

The Steem token is an amazing thing and I love all of the different ways it empowers us to earn. I couldn’t agree with you more about everything you said. Take care my friend! Until next time...😁


Clark!! Dude! I thought you dropped off the map, man. Glad to see you back for sure. We are SO early in this space and fortunate to know about it before the masses. Looking forward to your speed drawings and motivating talks 👊🏻

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Haha! Yeah, I'm sorry about that bro. I had a lot going on with getting another job and signing up for a coding class. I decided to take a break so I could handle all of that. I never planned on leaving for good though. I see tremendous potential here and I'm staying for the long haul.

Despite my timely break, I've still been planning and thinking of ways to enhance things I've been doing. I'm looking forward at whats to come. You've been doing amazing things as well and I'm happy for you man. It's a wonderful thing when you're putting out positive energy and growing into a better you. Take care brotha! :)
tenor (2).gif

Great post @kenmelendez , I totally agree about earning steem by using your brain and creativity , so true my friend! we definitely are fortunate not to mention all the people from all over the world I have met , it truly is a fantastic platform and opportunity ! im hoping to start powering up again once I get settled and moved , fingers crossed all goes well ! upped and resteemed!✌👍💁


Definitely, Karen! Power up to start creating more Steem from your Steem. Can’t do that with any other crypto. How is your job situation? Do you have something lined up?

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Yup thanks! No , because I am moving an hour from town up in the mountains I was laid off and just applied for EI Monday. I will be making my money on Steemit hopefully once I get more settled and Steem starts going up, so now I'm in Steemit more when I'm not getting ready to move lol😊👌🙄

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It is an amazing platform for sure. I'm excited about its future.


Yes @cowboysblog! Glad you have the vision to see what we have and appreciate it 😀

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Agree that Steem is an incredible token

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Absolutely 🙌🏻

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fantastic steem ! :)


There’s nothing like it 💪🏻

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