Redefining My Roles Within The Steem Ecosystem

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Greetings my friend. Ken here back with another video today in this beautiful field near my home. Check out the footage as I show you the scenery :)

After getting back from the Steem Creators Conference, I reflected on my experience and discovered an "ah ha!" moment. Lately I have been posting content that I am passionate about, but I found that it could be directed in a more focused purpose-filled manner.

At the present moment, I have 2 Steem pages... @kenmelendez and @thedailyclimb. @kenmelendez is my personal page, and @thedailyclimb is my brand page centered around self-development for online entrepreneurs.

For a while now I have been blending my content together into the @kenmelendez account and have reached a point where I would like to branch out and separate the two. With that being said, it also brings about the need to start fresh and redefine my roles within the Steem ecosystem.

The @kenmelendez account, from this point forward, has a mission which is to edify and equip Steem blockchain projects and their respective communities. I discuss more about what that entails in the video. Of course, as you guys know, I will also be posting whatever I feel inspired to post at any given time. Some of the content might be random, but I am free-spirited and like to go where the wind blows me.

On the same token (Steem token you might add) @thedailyclimb has it's own role which revolves around online business strategies and mindset shifts for long-term wealth creation. The focus here is to help guide you in creating a sustainable, revenue generating business that withstands the test of time. In fact, I just posted my introduce yourself post which kick-started my journey over there.

As @exyle would say...the future of Steem is going to revolve around projects and apps that help to enhance the Steem blockchain and ultimately increase the value of Steem as a token. The more new users that we can onboard to Dapps such as @dtube, @dlive, @steepshot, @partiko, and @steemmonsters, the closer we can move towards mass adoption. We could be seeing a Steem token worth at least $10 in the very near future which is extremely exciting.

I am excited to explore all the different projects happening on the Steem blockchain. If you know of any good ones that I might not be aware of, please share them in the comments below. This community is my home and my aim is to provide as much value as possible to make Steem the #1 social network in the world. Let's do it together my friend!




P.S. I appreciate you more than you know

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great points.

this is something i’ve been debating with myself too. i have personal brands but i also have business brands.

separating them can be tricky but it does help for organizing your life lol

looking forward to watching your new channel grow.

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Sounds like a great idea @kenmelendez ! Will be checking out both accounts and more later tonight at work , upped and resteemed for now!💕✌👍😀

I recently registered on DLive. There is something on it. I will follow you there if you post some of your videos there. DLive seems to be more casual and lighthearted.

Loved your coverage of the steem creators conference

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