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Hi there friend and welcome back to the channel. I'm Ken @kenmelendez and I'm excited to be here with you today. A mission of mine on this platform is to edify and equip Steem blockchain projects and their respective communities.

To stay congruent with that mission, I am bringing you a Steem project that has caught my eye, which I feel adds A TON of value to the community. That project is called @steemhunt and it has picked up A LOT of traction over the last number of months.

Steemhunt is basically an incentive-based, product-hunting platform built on top of the Steem blockchain. It provides an avenue for product makers to reach out to early adopters for a successful product launch. It's fun to check out the hundreds of new and innovative products that are being released on a daily basis.

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A really neat aspect of this platform is that you can get rewarded for interacting with the community in the form of HUNT tokens. HUNT tokens can be rewarded in a few different ways which I explain in the video.

I will touch more upon what Steemhunt is in the video, as well as show you my screen to give you a thorough walk-through of the platform. To follow along with me, please open both, and also in separate tabs.

Hopefully by the time you are done consuming this information you will be prepared to join the @steemhunt community yourself. Take a look at the video posted on @dtube to view the full walk-through as well as some scenery footage of the location I was in.

Thank you so much for your support and I can't wait to see you tomorrow!

Never quit and always believe.




P.S. Go to to get started earning your HUNT tokens!

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I have sent your video to our Discord channel #contributions, you should add a topic about "Earn more Hunt Token by Promoting SteemHunt"


Thank you, @chuuuckie. Yes, that’s a good idea

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Well then, Ill wait for your post. Let us know in the Discord Channel ;)

I like steemhunt its pretty easy to earn a lot of hunt tokens

Sounds like a cool idea but I don't think i would do well there because I'm not a guy that does that kind of stuff.

👍😊 Great post @kenmelendez , about to watch your video now!
Loved the video Ken ! well presented , this steem hunt looks really awesome thanks for leaving the link , I Will be checking it out tonight ! 👍✌👌

Love this idea. Let's make it grow!

This cool. I hope that there will be more applications that ride on the Steem blockchain .

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OK Ichecked it out and really like the site I just connected through steem connect on my chromebook and tried it by upvoting and commenting on a few products , But for me I did like you and went to the wallet but nothing comes up under the "air drop and Withdrawls" to install the chrome browser extension , its just a blank screen!? any idea why!? thanks!👍💁
EDIT : Never mind I found a different way and addded the extension. thanks Ken! but it still shows I have 0 tokens ?

Too bad that you guys missed the Airdrop for Steempower holders it was amazing to see that only 18% claimed their free Hunt-tokens.

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Ah okay @kenmelendez.. Yeah I was wondering what the difference between @steemhunt and @dlike was, and it looks like @steemhunt is about products while @dlike is about links.

I haven't used either of them but I have already seen some good use of @dlike - @flemingfarm has posted some cool links to technology articles using @dlike 😊

Good recommendation!