Steem Creators Conference North - Day 2

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Day 2 was an absolute blast at the Steem Creators Conference North in Toronto, Canada.

So many amazing speakers and information that I consider invaluable. The following incredible speakers were front and center on day 2:

Amy Honey @thehoneys
Myself @kenmelendez
Larry Morrison @larrymorrison
Lea Thompson @coruscate
Joe Parys @joeparys
Jon Olson @jongolson
Sida Wang @partiko
Dookie Brown Flow @wolfnworbeikood
Rhonda Kay and Gmuxx @rhondak @gmuxx
Joseph Savage @josephsavage @steembasicincome
Performance by @steembirds @jaybird @dan-atstarlite

I discuss what I learned from each of the speakers in the video. For lunch, we walked down the street to a small Indian food restaurant. It may have been small, but the food packed a large punch as it was some of the best Indian food I've ever eaten in my life.

So yes, day 2 of the conference was a total success. Toronto is an incredible city and the people are very friendly here. Hope you enjoyed today's recap my friend. Be sure to check out the video and have an amazing rest of your day :)




P.S. Save the date for Steem Creators Conference South in Austin, Texas April 10-14, 2019.

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Hmm.. It's just second day and so many interesting things there! I hope to get once at this conference!


Appreciate that @steemice 💪🏻 Have a fantastic Sunday

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So happy to see that your home & getting back into gear @kenmelendez! ✌

I look forward to watching this video in the daytime, tomorrow, or sometime soon. Have a good day ahead!


I shot this video while still in Toronto but yes I posted it from home. How are you and the fam doing lately?

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We are doing very good @kenmelendez and spent a good amount of time this week at home. So @emaferice got some needed rest and all of us feel a bit relaxed now. 👪

I am still working on my health and I'm getting a tini-tiny bit better every day 👌🏼

Very good & informative video.
And it seems you had a blast in this tour. Good to know that.
I am from INDIA. You mention you all had lunch in an Indian restaurant.
I would like to tell you that in taste and spice food, Indian food is always best.
And thanks for sharing all the information with us.
Also share remain information if any in your upcoming posts.

Great update, @kenmelendez. It must be a blast being there with all these people. However, we are getting the gist of it from you, so i guess we're lucky.
Investing on Steem i think is difficult for some of us who are rather trying to get some financial mattress out of the platform. It's hard for many to invest on SP when you have the urge to cash in whatever sbd you're getting.
The low price of Steem does not help either. Is it a vicious cycle? We don't quite understand what keeps the prices low and what would take for them to go up.

I am so jealous of You right now ehehe but i am glad to see that you are having a blast


Sergio, be sure to save the date for April 10-14 as we are holding the next one in Austin, Texas

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nice video

Thanks for sharing, Very informative. Have an awesome day!!!

Thanks for the awesome update of day 2 @kenmelendez ! 💕✌👍👌
Wish I was there!

Very cool Ken, it looks like you heard a lot of good things from the speakers! And ate some pretty good food too! haha :)

Thanks for the report and letting us know what is going on there :)
I wished I could be there with you all but yeah .. next year for sure :D I hope you had a nice time there and you have greeted the family my brother !