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Dear Steem Community,

Please accept this letter as formal notification that we are resigning from our position as application builders/witnesses on Steem as FutureShock.

We would like to show our gratitude for the opportunity to work with the Steem community for the past years. We greatly enjoyed and appreciated the opportunities we have had to builds apps on Steem, and we have learned a lot from this adventure, all of which we will take with us throughout our career.

Some of our success and failures on Steem



SteemLogin (aka steemconnect)







New Condenser


Unfortunately, we could not achieve those two projects in time:
Teelkey which is an open source layer 2 for steem that include evm/solidity smart contract compatibility.
Steemit.com the new condenser, a modern and new UI made with best dev practices.
But we will open source all the progress already made so anyone who want to continue will be free to do it.

All of this would not have been possible without the hard work of our great members and advisors : @hightouch @addicttolife @zen-art @burakakdogan @goyard @overmybrain @camiloferrua @pennsif @fabien @free999enigma @ekitcho @candia @theshinstory @overmybrain @drkent @fredo77200 @infromthecold

During the next weeks we will do what we can to make the transition as smooth as possible, and will support in whatever way we can to hand over our duties.

In accordance with our notice period, all FutureShock services on Steem are going to be interrupted after the 31 May 2022.

Future Shock meaning.

In the year 1970, the term “future shock” was defined by two futurists, Alvin and Heidi Toffler as a state of certain psychological state of individuals and the entire societies. A short explanation of the concept, in their own words, is: “too much change in too short a period of time”. This especially affects those born before 80-90’s, because of the digital revolution that happened within their lifetime, changing how they lived day by day. A revolution from an industrial society to a "super-industrial society". This change overwhelmed people, leaving them disconnected and suffering from "shattering stress and disorientation"—future shocked.

Connecting with the FUTURE.

The mission.

Bring the futuristic ideas to fruition, by looking towards tomorrow and hacking the reality, grabbing ideas to work on.

The vision.

Creating the future that is constantly evolving to make a better world.

Bridge between the present and the future.

Futureshock aims to expand the use of the Blockchain technology by simplifying its adoption as well as use its philosophy to build powerful tools that will change the way the users use the informations and the internet. In order to do that, Futureshock is constantly looking out for solutions and developing applications with the potential to bring a new day-to-day to its users. Furthermore, Futureshock has the will to disrupt traditional industries by revolutionizing them with a new mindset and more precisely an advanced one.

It could be shocking for the users to handle this overwhelming changes that come with the Blockchain technology which is why we are soothing the adoption with useful applications. Our products have the potential to showcase the use of the Blockchain to new users without the need to understand everything that is happening behind-the-scene and only focus on the plus value that this tech has to offer on a daily basis.


We will miss you. Your contributions have been very important to the blockchain. I would like to continue with some of your projects. I will keep an eye on GitHub.

Hi @futureshock, it is nice to learn about you, guys but it is bad to know what you have done and were doing on the day of your resignation.

Few projects I heard and some of them are completely new and I never heard of. It is a shame that it was no word spread about it to majority of Community and it is a shame that you have not done more posts about the stuff you were doing.

Anyway, wish you all the best!

thanks for your contribution ! 💙
miss you !

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