DrugWars.io - Get Paid to Rule your World!

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21 Long days.... of development ;)
48 Hours of intense tests!

Here we go with the early access of DrugWars, a free to play rewarding simulation and strategy game over the Steem Blockchain.

Why DrugWars?

At FutureShock we love building apps and we love to build useful thinks like our queen platform Fundition.io, but we also love games, as you noticed with the beta of Ongame.io, and one more time we wanted to build something amazing on Steem and for its community (beside all crypto/game lovers). Inspired by the original DrugWars game that you may have played 20 years ago this is a new generation browser game based on blockchain, with a social, strategic aspect and many other features.


How it works?

DrugWars is comparable to some pretty old games that you may have played on the web. You can upgrade/add buildings in your city and try to steal the DRUGS of your opponents.
One of the most interesting part of DrugWars is probably the rewarding mechanism, each time a player spend some STEEM in game, the fund goes to the dealer, the dealer put 80% of that amount in the bank pool which is the @drugwars account.
Each day at midnight UTC, 8% of the total pool is distributed to players.
7% is delivered to all players depending of their drugs production.
1% is delivered for whom who invested in the next heist.

Free to play?

Yes! DrugWars is totally free to play, everything that you can buy with STEEM currency can be also bought with ingame resources.

Why an early Access?

We started our tests in production environnement, and as everything goes well we don't see the point to wait for a complete release to offer you some moments of fun. Having the early access permit also to keep the team working on the game to improve it and to add new features without the need of exterior investor. No cuts on our benefits means also less cut on the benefits of players, so this is a win win situation for everyone.


To my Brooklyn FutureShock & Fundition team, to ekitcho and fabien, one more time this would not be possible without their help, to people that are supporting me behind the scene, to all developers on Steem that are working here. I love you all without exception! ok ok a a little more arcange who also inspired me to make this :) and to Steemit Inc. for giving me their trust since few months.

Support Us, Support Steem

It will take some times and some ressources to polish the game and to reach the 1.0 version but we are confident and count on the support of our players to make it one of the best games over all blockchains! We already started to work on the next step of the game in our test environnement and will keep you updated soon as we wake up of a long sleep!

So what are you waiting to join the DrugWars?

Any questions about the game? join the discord : https://discord.me/drugwars

What happened to my drugs @drugwars? I invested my almost 7k drugs collected but they just disappeared. Can I have them returned @drugwars ????

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dude, you got them stolen, thats part of the game! you didnt invest in any defense!

oh dammit

Dude! Why did Magic Dice hit you up with a $9 upvote? Nice!

@infidel1258 @magisdice do a random upvote to all Magic dice players hahaha 'was just a lucky one lol

In fact, we could have built DrugWars on it, and it would possibly have made more "profit" than what it made today ;) and everybody who knows me a bit here can tell you that I handle both Tron and some other blockchains without any problem, but the fact is that I spent all my time without sleeping to make Steem better and to attract people on it... for 2 years now. Each minutes (that make a lot of minutes) trying to make things better.

Why do they flag you?

Is there any referral service attach to it?

Yes it looks like under the help section is where you will find your referral code to pass to friends. You obtain 5% of all their gains.

Yay! This is the very first time I have been able to upvote you. I have often noted your acts on the chain, and the benefit you provide.

Post stuff from time to time so I can more often contribute to your impact.


Thanks i so much appreciate

Great. I just started yesterday to play this game. It is really funny I will give a chance to it. Thanks for share that information @thejohalfiles !

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Thanks for the info

yeah nice heres what the referal links look like if anyone wants to take em apart put their own user name in there lol heres mine

you can also add your referere, oh man i want @dlux-io to show these players territory in 3d, i hope theers all sorts of clones of these games and steem based tower defense games etc...

Awesome! This is like @steemnova but... better! I keep my fingers crossed and start playing right now. Is is open sourced? Can we halp in any way to fasten growth of this game?

I wish I could use my upvote to do the instant upgrades...it could also create an incentive for SteemPower

Other some type of Perk, but I like where you are going with it!!!!

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Yes! Some type of upvote feature would be awesome.

I've registered!

Took me 5minutes to get hooked on the game. Great job!

ǝɹǝɥ sɐʍ ɹoʇɐɹnƆ pɐW ǝɥ┴

This is really awesome. Im old enough to remember games like this. They can be really additictive well do e to the coders i was waiting on something like this

Awesome work! Fantastic to see another game on this blockchain to help steal the transaction volume from Steemmonsters :)

hahaha. now we just play both.

when do I get to play oregon trail?

You know he will do it!

Thats a wicked good idea ... as always sir @aggroed

Signed up and the game looks pretty good. Still a little confused on how to play/interpret the interface.

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Is there any plans integrating Steem Keychain? I prefer to use it over Steem Connect...

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El juego se ve bastante bien.

This looks very interesting and fun. I remember the old days with Mafia game.
I tried to upgrade a couple buildings but I keep getting the message "sending to the Blockchain" and than nothing else happens.
I also see that you are using Steemconnect to login. I hope that you will switch to KeyChain which is more secure, fast and reliable than Steemconnect.
Good work, looking forward to the next updates!

Hey masterthematrix, if you face any issue while playing don't hesitate to join the discord to report the problem so we can follow up and fix it to avoid any bad experience for future users.
For steemconnect, to be honest I still think that it's secure and reliable, until now nobody have proven that there is any security fail in their system. Ofc having steemconnect does not mean that we are not integrating keychain, in fact it already works... if you want to buy items (and we will integrate it for the rest too), it automatically switch to keychain if you have it. If not you still with sc.
Thanks and hope to see you ingame :)

hmmm very interesting, i'll try right now :)

Just to increase awareness, Steemconnect will no longer be free to dapps in just a couple days.



It seems great ! I have to check it out, good job 👏

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Cool. Freue mich schon darauf. Gute Arbeit

The site isn't loading for me right now, but I'm eager to check it out a bit later! I've also been keeping an eye on Ongame.io but haven't perhaps delved into some features it may have already. Is it still under active development and have any big plans? It certainly looks pretty slick and it's been flying under pretty much everyone's radar here on Steem I think.

Don't hesitate to give it a try again later :) I'm sure that you will be interested in.

Ongame is still on run and waiting for the next update to work properly, there are some things going behind the scene and I'm also excited to make an announcement about it.

Alright... I think I'm hooked already. I've totally envisioned a game like this on Steem. I'm waiting on a little transfer of liquid Steem to come in the next few minutes so I can actually invest a bit at the outset and start building my mighty empire! Muahahah!

I'm curious about the "search warrant" feature as it seems like it'll allow voting to help you out in some way, which I think is killer. I'd love to see SP integrated in a way that doesn't totally unbalance the game but harnesses the power of voting like Fundition does.

Couple icons and things I don't understand yet, but I'm sure you'll roll out some documentation and media in the future! Looks great overall!

Link to discord?

Hello @pangoli! Sorry for the late reply here is the discord link https://discord.gg/desde9
See you on Drugwars...as a friend or an ennemy... =)

Warning, dont spend any more steem on the game. They will take the money and give nothing in return. I have been scammed by them and i'm not the only one.


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Can't wait to try it! Is it safe to use SteemConnect?

Great game! It gave me a reason to buy STEEM again for the first time in months!!

Great game! Where does the prize money come from?

Are you willing to be a transparent Dev? I dont mean this is any personal way directed to you, but were you already on steemit for sometime and have an account with a high UA score?

Steem blockchain is obviously lagging a bit with Dapps compared to the other top chains, and so most of us cryptoheads have already had the experience on the blockchains and dapps from a users perspective and the only Dapp that has survived still is Tronbet - purely because the devs and admin are communicating every hour on telegram, and have really kept to their word.

Most thought it wasn't good that steem was a bit slow, but I like it because we have some forsight of what happened before.

Ive been playing the game and its great! Just what we needed, Not A Gambling Dapp

I wish you all the best and would very much appreciate to hear your stance on how transparent you will be :)


Hey movingman, it's a bit late and it's not the good time for me to reply after this crazy day but I'm @hightouch, I have a little background of 12 years as a consultant for big companies that you know and worked hard on Steem for 2 years now. I worked on d.tube, I have built up Fundition and some other things that we maintain everyday without a lot profit but with some amazing people that are only willing the good of this ecosystem.

With DW we are not building a gambling app DW is a real product that I conceived in my minds since 3 years now, it's a complete game with many strategic features, which will come over the time. I don't know those people of Tronbet, even if I know Tron and how things are going on it. In fact, we could have built DrugWars on it, and it would possibly have made more "profit" than what it made today ;) and everybody who knows me a bit here can tell you that I handle both Tron and some other blockchains without any problem, but the fact is that I spent all my time without sleeping to make Steem better and to attract people on it... for 2 years now. Each minutes (that make a lot of minutes) trying to make things better. And to be honest even if I understand you, I'm not sure if the UA is the best way to judge someone.

If you want more transparency and you don't want it, what I got on Steem in 2 years, it's what you see in the @hightouch account and maybe the SP on @fundition which should be shared with my team and which can't be share because we are not making enough profit, so with a debt of 10k STEEM to some friends on Steem I can say that I won zero in 2 years by working day and night for some big stakeholders, but also to give the best service to users like you. If you have still any doubt about my transparency it's up to you bro ;)

But people have to know something about all of that, there is a technical side of this with sometime a lot of complexity, an human side, a creative side, an organization side, and many process to integrate when you do what I do and even if sometimes it is hard I do my best to keep everything up (with the help of a lot of people thanks to them), so I really hope to do the best with all the experiences that I learned and if you have any suggestions or feedback I would be happy to welcome you on our discord and to talk about it when I can sort my head off the sea.

Ok! OK , ok and ok :)

I really appreciate your lengthly reply at the end of a long day, as I'm sure others will also read it too. I'm happy that your very involved with Steem and didnt just start an account and the game as an uknown steemian :) I know Steem has a huge amount of people who have been here for years and really do appreciate everyone who dedicates everything to it all which makes it just so powerful.

I am enjoying the game a lot, and bless you that all this work will payoff in our future of cryptocurrency's and especially STEEM!

All the best and the reply is much much appreciated,

Big Love & Abundance,

Hey guys!
I already found a bug:
In the starting screen, just after firstly logging in, you can't chose Alison.. It will just jump to Nagami when clicking on Alison.

Happily I didn't want to play Alison ;)

That is inconvenient. However, one can choose Alison by clicking the next button.

Didnt work when I tried.
Maybe it's already fixed?

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Maybe they did. When I signed in, I observed the same issue you described but was able to see that characters' details in the end.

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Nice to hear :)

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Hahahahahahahahhah LIE! we all know you really wanted to be Alison :P

I couldnt even see the description because of the bug^^

I like the werewolf :)

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How do we know though if we get attacked on the game? I'm playing it now, since a whike this evening 😀

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Fixed it thanks!

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Thanks for the report it is now fixed.

i have problem.
i click "instant upgrade" I paid and did not improve

I started playing 3 days ago and already made some steel. This game is great!!

This game instantly wiped out my 110 steem!
I love it already!

lol... you immediately feel like revenging, yeah?

Looks like a very nice game, so i made an account, invested some steem, and played around a little.

Later i wanted to log in and reload my game, but that is not possible, and now the game is not loading

Not nice

very nice, thank you for this game

super boulot les gars, le jeu va cartonner. C'est quoi le mandat de perquisition?

So how do we get started?

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game is stuck loading after character select

For me was similar, but got it through... But it works very slowly.. :(

It works now!

Nice !!! Just what I wanted to see, new games on steem! Gonna check this out !

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Great game, but it works very slow, I got lot of "website is slowing your browser" warnings and it stop responding.

Is it working better now ?
We will keep to improve those things, thanks for your patience!

Yes, it's working now :)

I am playing on Linux and Firefox browser and it takes a lot of CPU and RAM for playing... It looks that it is too heavy for it... :(

Wow @futureshock you are innovating above and beyond what's expected with @drugwars.

Thank you 😊

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Hi, looks great and logging in works, but can't create a caracter, the wheel keeps spinning... Hope you can fix this. Cheers

The reward mechanic is very strange....

Awesome work!!!
Thanks for the effort!
I´ll give it a try.

Upvoted & resteemed

Nice! I quite enjoy these kinda games

quiero jugar !!!

Rule it! / Mándalo!

Yeah I made my account today and am selling drugs like a madman!! hahahaha

Loving the concept and glad that you guys decided to open it up fot the early adapters..

The new Dutch export product 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

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First it was housemusic...now it is drugs (ow wait..it always already was hahahha)

So awesome! I like to play from the first minute!

Hi @drugwars.
I read your whole article and fount its interesting topic for reading.
I want to know about how to stop the drug wars.
Is there any effective way or path to stop it.

Legalize all drugs. Since there is a strong correlation between childhood trauma and addiction, the war on drug is essentially a war on victims of trauma who need help.

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Just joined
blessing everyone good luck
Please don't grab me
I am innocent

i saw this last night and haven’t stopped poking around.

this is going to ruin my life lolol

loved the game decades ago so i know i will be addicted to this as well

what a great project. well done guys. wow!!

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This is amazing! Gonna check the game out right now. Thanks for your work :)!

I have a problem, ive been able to upgrade with steem fine but now the past two two upgrades, its taken the steem and not done the upgrade? if its a bug, do I just lose my steem, yeah its only 11 steem but still shit.

Can you contact us on discord if you havent already did it?
Here you go : https://discord.me/drugwars
Thanks for your understanding.

check my transaction too. I got nothing.


Upgrade Cocina.

Ok. I got Cocina now)

Awesome. I can't wait to check this out. Is this the type of game where we could actually make money by spending Steem?

Even without spending Steem ;)

Been waiting for something like this, will definitely check it out!
!tipuvote 20

I can't believe I'm just finding out about this game. Definitely gonna give it a go

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Gonna have to check this out immediately. Damned impressive that you have made this, and in less than a month.

Kudos, and thanks!

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Hi. It is so slow in downloading... and it makes my s5 mobile to hang out even my pc...

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Hello @hightouch Awesome Game!!

I just wanted to see if can find out what happened to some of
My units. Earlier
I believe I had 3 knifers and 3 Super Bouncers but they are not there anymore. I just recruited a S. Bouncer so I should have 4 total. Anyhow let me know when you can as I am sure you are Super Busy!!!

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Hey @streetstyle, please contact me or someone of the team in discord thanks.

Great thank you... I will try in a few hours when I get a chance... thanks again and great game so far... this one should be a banger!!

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I'm so excited. I just logged in and loving the graphics. Keep up the good work.

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Looks fun. I'll be playing for sure.

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I really enjoy the game. this game makes me thought about the good strategy that I have to decide, which one that I have to build first. thank for this game!

Just joined and looking forward to it. liked the idea of it. All the best to the Drug Dealers ;)

I sent steem to upgrade build but miss resources and lost my steem?

Good Day @drugwars! Do you planning to make Drug Wars discord server/chat for players? I think it'll be one more positive moment in the game.

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Great ! I will play on this today :)

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Unable to make transactions. Steemconnect showing 0.000 steem transactions.

Many players seem to have issue with the game. I might try it this morning!

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Game looks very interesting, I’ll check it out 😃

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This game entertains me well, was wondering how to level up until I decided to steal drugs from people, oh people am so sorry, until I reach level 9. I just wish DU30 won't catch me, lol!

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I have negative 1 knifers, lol.

Me encanta este tipo de juegos, me registrare ¡ahora mismo!

Drug Storage
This building helps you to stock more DRUGS and keep them safe from ennemies.

What does that exactly mean? Can your drugs be stolen when they are in this building? Or only your extra drugs that don't fit in the storage building can get stolen?

cool .. this remind me mafia wars

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Is there any referral services attach to it!

@drugwars - just noticed a serious bug. My resources just went from around 20k per item to 1 - 6k after attempting to purchase an upgrade. To make matters worse, the upgrade didn’t go through as well.

So I just lost about 6 hours worth of resource generation.

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I have the same bug. And in addition, my resources were not updated properly. @drugwars

Awesome game people!
Thank you!
Wish you all the best!
See you around the corner. ;)

Thank you for an awesome game! Loving it looking forward to more development and future upgrades to the games. Kudos to the devs! @drugwars

The descriptions of the characters are interesting. I already invested 32 Steem into my drug empire. I have 1500 drugs vested today (1000 X 1 and 500 X 1), but I tried doing 3 more batches of 500 which were lost and not recorded. I hope I can figure it out.

Losing drugs makes me sad :(

Ok now this is a game i would love to play on Steemit, F....love it!
Yes im down for this!!

Great game, even if it can be very addictive! So depending on your personality around game environments always play consistently and safely​.

Also if you like strategy and love the long run games, this is a must try.

I have one question, will it be possible in the future to have account settings in the game, so you can change your avatar photo or even customize one?

Thanks, and keep the great work!
This game has every single ingredient​ to grown and become a huge success.

Finally a Steem Dapp that i can ACTUALLY enjoy!

tired of gambling dapps that sucks the fun out of playing lol.. Im beta-testing this now on an alt-account.

Drugwars i have checked it out and it is very nice

I like your post very much. Drug Wars.io - Pay Yourself to Govern Your World! I will look into the issue of this post. Thank you

Good job for steem blockchain!
Keep up the great work!
I wish you all the best!
I'll try this game.

This really reminds me of mafia wars.

Cool game on my opinion... may I drop my referral link there? =*)

Shit as the gangsta of Steemit I gotta get my grind on! Luckily I can remember which account I'm using... Blaze it! So is weed just weed or is there a low, mids, and topshelf? Rock on!

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This is awesome! Upping my drug production! I got hydro! Getting daily pay too! Right on!

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I only signed up to Steemit to play Drug Wars. I've been playing it for a day. It's great. It would be cool if you could work in NFT's . The NTF's could be your units and could be unique, trade-able and collectible.

!bookkeeping drugwars

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El juego tiene buena pinta.

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