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Hello Steemians!

Futureshock again. This time we would like to introduce to you the most human and interactive bot of the Steem ecosystem, the one and only Mimeebot.


We know that after the break up with You-know-who, you are all sad and nostalgic, but don’t worry Futureshock got your back.

So will Mimeebot talk to you when you need a friend?
Unfortunately not yet...


But Mimeebot can notify you when:

  • Your favorite content writer post an article (user)
  • Someone writes an awesome article about your favorite subject (tags)
  • Someone talks good about you or your friend (mention)
  • Someone gossip about your least favorite person on Steem (mention)
  • Someone writes your favorite word on his post (word)
  • When there is some moves in your top communities (community)

Additional features:

  • Add someone in your blacklist so you won’t be bothered by his/her publications.
  • Show your settings
  • Receive compliments


Features being developed (coming soon):

  • Upvote directly from the mimeebot
  • Send your compliments to others (if they are not using Mimeebot, they will receive it on Steem)
  • Ask and wait for Mimeebot reply
  • Receive useful notifications for witnesses
  • Follow & unfollow
  • Resteems
  • Vote for a witness
  • Receive useful informations about the development of Steem
  • Customize your link website

For business and entrepreneurs on Steem:

  • Send your newsletter directly to your customers through the Mimeebot because hey email is so 2002
  • Get new customer and increase your conversion rate
  • We reserve the right to not accept any weird promotion.


You are witnessing the make of a better future


Get access to all the Mimee features by subscribing to it. You need to join the Mimeebot Discord Server first, https://discord.me/mimeebot then DM Mimeebot with $help to obtain a list of the commands or in the channel subscription enter $sub . Mimee will generate a link for you to proceed with the transaction. And that’s it, it’s that simple.

You can also use any commands directly with DM to Mimeebot

After that, it is up to you to add and remove, by using the channel #commands or to do it in direct message with mimeebot.


If you have any features suggestions for the Mimeebot, comment below or use the Mimeebot discord server. Also if you encounter any bugs, don’t hesitate to notify us and we will fix it ASAP.

By the way, Mimeebot as a tool from Futureshock we suggests you to vote for the future.witness in order to see more tools like this and support the development of this kind of tool and Apps.

Futureshock, because the future was yesterday. @futureshock



Awesome work. I know more than a few people who loved the older version of your new bot.
Good stuff. I would like to invite you and any one else interested to join our GHRO Steem Witness Forum . We look to meet in a round table style conversation weekly with the witnesses and users of steem. We hope to forge working relationships in order to make the future of steem bright again.
Join us Mondays 7pm in Canna Curate discord.


Does it mean that before yesterday is the day after the future?

Bravo @futureshock and @future.witness nice job !

This is awesome! I am so happy seeing this!

Wait a second, they told us Steem is dead. But looks like Steem is more alive then ever!! Long live Steem and #steemon! Much respect for making this. We actually have another guy about to launch a bot as well. Now the old Steem is gone, we actually have some choices now. Who would of thought? Haha

Also we have setup a witness, @canna-witness, please consider giving us your vote so the blockchain becomes more stable.

Steem isn't dead, it's just another centralized database like Facebook or Twitter, but with tokens. I wouldn't go so far as to call it a blockchain anymore, but it prob won't go away for a while.

Steem will never be dead. How it going over there in the cannafam!?

Who told you Steem is dead? Check what you read first and do not believe everything.

You mention a transaction. What is the cost to use or to subscribe to Mimeebot?

You can purchase a monthly membership by sending 0.001 STEEM

Hol' up...so basically mime is gonna be a "pest"...nah I'm good

A "SteemPest" so?

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