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Proposal from FutureShock to develop and deliver Teelkee - a decentralized dApp builder on Steem.


Teelkee is an open source SaaS platform for businesses and users to build real-time decentralized application over the powerful Steem Blockchain. It is our vision that anyone should be able to create a secure, flexible and legally binding dApps based on Steem blockchain and take benefit of its social and open tokenization mechanism (SMT) by using Teelkee.


A world of dApps

With the blockchain technology, new model of decentralized and massively scalable applications are appearing.
Those applications do not require any leader or central entity that have the power to put restrictions on the network, they also do not allow an entity to control the majority of the token stakes. Moreover, decisions are made by a consensus and the code of any dApps is completely open-source and can be checked, reviewed or improved by a community.


Launching a decentralized application can be extremely difficult. It requires many different components and actors who don’t necessarily have the technical know-how needed to create a DApp backed by a social network, a blockchain and cryptocurrency as a consequences those various barriers to entry can prevent many great concepts from coming to life.


Teelkee exists to make it so that any user or business can create their own dApps based on the Steem blockchain.

Teelkee will enable anyone to distribute and monetize their decentralized applications on mobile and desktop. The participants will have no intermediaries — users, developers, and businesses are all on the same level. By providing the essential functionality needed to create and tokenize dApps and their plugins, themes... Teelkee removes all barriers to entry to dApps and blockchain for anyone.

This includes the dApp builder ”Teelkee Core” and a Marketplace of dApps “Teelkee Marketplace” built on top of the Teelkee platform and powered by the Steem blockchain. The marketplace will not only allow anyone to create and distribute their own Teelkee dApps but also to provide a way for developers and designers to sell their plugins and themes,.

Tokenize your world

Teelkee will enable mainstream businesses, users to benefit from deploying their own branded DApp crypto-backed by Smart Media Tokens economies (SMT), without a need to support their own, blockchain, smart contracts, and complicated tokens (ERC-20 or any other type tokens).

With Teelkee it is easy to create and edit social dApps with no coding skills, similar to how Wix allows an easy creation of websites.

Teelkee platform is end-to-end, businesses/users can easily move into the blockchain world; project owners will be able to easily activate the tokenization of their Steem dApp by just selecting a few parameters in the UI interface.
Those dApps will be able to launch branded tokens powered by their own communities and their own SMT.


Steem is already making headways with the number of Steem dApps which are already available for users. Many social use cases are present and are growing each day but what if we could process faster with higher attract for investors, businesses and communities.

Teelkee will provide well established customization guide and hosting for customers based on :

  1. Teelkee Application Builder
    An open source web interface to build mobile apps
    Javascript WEBAPIs and UI/UX framework, adopted for Android and iOS
    Integration of dApps with 3rd party services – payment gateways, oracles, etc.

  2. Teelkee MarketPlace
    Listing of customized plugins, themes
    Plugins, themes customers ratings and reviews

  3. Smart Media Token Setup
    Linking SMT Account

  4. Desktop and Mobile access to Teelkee dApps
    Instruments to advertise and promote dApps
    Adaptive to Desktop, iPhone and Android

4 Steps to create your dApp

  1. Login to Teelkee through a Steem account :

  2. Choose your template
    Add plugins from the marketplace
    Edit your content
    Choose your theme

  3. Create your SMT and link it to your dApp
    Link your SMT account with a simple form.

  4. Publish your dApp!
    And take benefit of the tokenization of your world.

Easy to edit and to customize.
No coding required.
Browse the marketplace to find plugins and modules to install.

Teelkee Core

Teelkee Core will already including many features that some users and communities can need to setup their own platform as dApp. The first version will come with all the features that already exist on the official “Steemit.com” UI.

Followed by

Teelkee The Marketplace

Teelkee aims to enable DApps plugins and modules distribution through its embedded marketplace, while providing a well established mobile development and hosting platform for developers. At the heart of it, Steem blockchain will be used for every single moment. We are leveraging blockchain technology to build real world solutions that demand the use of a Smart Media Token.

Developers and designers can choose to sell their work with both options; a monthly subscription model or a one time payment for their services.

Infinite amount of uses cases

The number of uses cases are unlimited with the ability for customers to add their own plugins or to buy some already existent.

Freelancing & outsourcing (online services)
Lending an apartment (with a smart lock)
Deals with real estate (with escrow system)
Car leasing (with escrow system)
Cryptocurrency as collateral
Large enterprises
Delivery of containers
Internal deals
Affiliate system
Small business
Internal trade
International trade
Automatic royalty payments
Ordering services from agencies


All the funds are going to be spent to develop Teelkee and its services.
80% of the funds are dedicated to build the apps while the 20% are needed to cover the fees and the additional expenses.


The first delivery will happen in 6-8 months after the initial proposal agreement and will make Teelkee core available for all users. We use agile methodology to achieve efficient results in all our projects and will do so for Teelkee. The project will be on github and accessible to the whole community for their feedback and contributions.

Previous Work





I think this is a thing that could be very valuable for Steem.

But I also have to say that without knowing your plan on how to execute it, I am skeptical as to how attainable this project is. As we are voting for a real project with real funding, I suggest that you add more technical details as to how it will be done.

Some good questions would be:
• Who runs the code? the app owner or you?
• How does the plugin system work? Is it more like wordpress? And limited to condenser like apps?
• How many people work on this and what is their skillset?
• In regards to using agile, do you have user stories and research that you can publish? This could establish trust in the sense that yes, you have a plan :)


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Waiting for someone with more skils to say something :)

For me this is the ultimate thing. Hope the dApps looks pretty as on the vid...

Some won't say much because of conflict of interest. Keep that in mind.

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