: Steem from A to Z through its most ergonomic explorer.

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We are back at it again, except this time the app will be used to directly watch the blockchain. We know that you all wanted a useful, intuitive, ergonomic, and pretty explorer - here it is - SteemScan.

Access to !

We are proud to finally launch this product that we have been working on since few weeks. As the name suggests, the app will give you every information about the blockchain, every move, every transaction, every action because that’s how blockchain works, it’s transparent, it’s decentralized and it’s open. Hopefully with time and when the platform is polished we can offer it to Steemit Inc. as the official Steem Blockchain explorer. The purpose of SteemScan is to become the official Steem blockchain explorer once it will be polished and 100% bug-free.

Let’s explore a little bit of SteemScan




You’ll get the graph with the latest prices of volumes of the Steem. You can choose to check on the graph based on day, week, month, quarter, year but also to get this data in multicurrency (more information below).


Latest Transactions

Following the list of the latest transactions made on the blockchain that you will be able to filter from different types suchs as comment, transfer, account claim, custom Json etc.


Latest blocks

You will also be able to find the latest blocks that were mined by witnesses.

These are the features of the main page on SteemScan.



Now you can go deeper and explore the witness list and directly vote for any witness on the list directly from Steemscan. You can even get all of the information and actions from your witness by clicking on its profile.



If you wonder what kind of Dapps there are on the Steem blockchain you can find them on the Dapps page, and why not discover one that you won’t be able to live without. If you are a Dapp Owner and want to see your app on the top page please make a PR to be certified (see below).



By the way, you can also use the super deep search feature to find out what happened with any of your transactions (or block) in case something happened or you have any doubt about a transaction. That is for the search feature in the menu. You can also head to the top search feature and put down any transaction or block, account, witness name to look for that account detailed actions of the past few weeks, months, years. (Definitely the best way to spy on any account)
Note : at this time all transactions are replayed from the start of the Steem blockchain so new transactions may not appear until our streamer is up to block.



You can choose between day and night mode, or more precisely between bright and dark mode to explore.

Certified accounts

We also wanted to make sure that you are following and transacting with those that you want and need to follow by integrating an icon for certified account so that you will be sure that the person or entity behind the account is the official and real one:
Ex: @justinsunsteem ≠ Justin Sun
@justinsunsteemit = Justin Sun


How to become certified?

To become certified you can make a pull request here : to the appropriate list:

Dev Tools

We aim to welcome and prepare the ground for new talented blockchain devs which is why we are integrating a dev tool. At the moment we are only listing seed nodes and rpc’s in this category but we plan to add more information so developers can easily understand how to get started on Steem.



The dollars and the bitcoin aren’t the only money in the world, so we have integrated a filter so that you can choose to see the value of Steem or any account in the money you like, from Euro to Tron to Korean Won to Ethereum etc.


The product is not finished yet and we count on you for giving your feedback, we are also hunting bugs but if you find any that we haven’t yet, don’t hesitate to drop in the comment.

SteemScan is a futureshock product but before all a community project, this is why we will open source the code in the coming weeks. The project uses vuejs (as Drugwars and Teelkee), typescript, while the datas are gathered using the official steemit api. It’s a never-seen before project with the highest standards (using services, interfaces, etc) up to now for a Steem project which is why we wish to use it as an example of the knowledge of the devs on the blockchain, proving that Steem is far beyond all of its competitors in terms of technical skills.

An example of interfaces :


And a service using it


this also make easier to not make any mistakes or forget something :)

Futureshock RPC

We are working to deliver a full node, to avoid the overload on, in fact we already made it but for some reason we had to change our server and will keep you updated as soon as it’s live. After this point SteemScan will also use the Futureshock RPC.

A product from Futureshock

Once again, Futureshock is releasing a useful product especially for Steemians. We told you that we will do whatever is in our hand to redeem the blockchain and its glory. Step by step we will achieve this mission by building and collaborating with other devs.

This is only the beginning, we have other useful apps and collaborations waiting to be released but right now it’s complicated financially and humanely. Up to now, we have been releasing free-to-use DApps that will be or are being used by the whole blockchain users, and we are proud to contribute to its expansion.

Because we’ve put this much effort we’d like to proudly ask for a delegation from the Steemit Inc team (@steemit, @steemitblog). We are very grateful that you’ve supported one of our projects before ( and we believe that we still deserve your support.

A small reminder of our work: &, the first decentralized and free to use crowdfunding platform to develop other incredible initiatives and projects for the Steem Blockchain, the first massively multiplayer strategy and simulation game that rewards its players, making it one of the most talked about game on Blockchain
SteemLogin, the easiest and most secure way to connect to any dapps of the Steem blockchain
Mimeebot, the notification system that will hook the Steem users to the ecosystem
Steemscan, the most ergonomic explorer for the Steem blockchain that will please the Steemians
Teelkee, the Steem very own mobile app to socialized anywhere everywhere on the blockchain (beta available for Android on the playstore).

The Futureshock team also collaborated on many other projects which are among the most loved Dapps on the Steem blockchain.

Last note

The delegation will mostly be used to attract and reward new and existing users on Teelkee and DrugWars beside supporting impactful projects for the world and the Steem blockchain through and We will keep the curation rewards to increase our power as well as to keep alive all of the apps coming from Futureshock. We are also asking for an authorization to fight against obvious abuses made by some bad minded people.

We really wanted to make this request in total transparency and are always open for discussion and if the Steemit Inc team needs more information or deeper ones we will gladly send you all of them.
You can see here our previous delegation requests:

As for the Steemians, don’t forget to vote for your @future.witness if you like our product or already use/used one of the app. As we mentioned before, we are open to suggestions, so never hesitate to drop a comment or reach out to the team on Discord (Drugwars, Fundition, Mimeebot server).

By the way, what do you think will be our next product?


Great work!
FYI, Steemhunt also runs a seed node here:

Excellent work! STEEMScan looks much better and detailed than steemd! Good option to be the basic explorer of steem.

Thank you very much for your kind works. We know you've been supporting Futureshock project for a long time now and a Fundition founder as well :) Let's bring Steem to the moon!

-Mimee from the Futureshock team

Such an amazing works! Thanks so much :)

Resteemed - unfortunately (or fortunately?) Futureshock's FUTURE emerged into DWD - still I see I great future for Steem, Hive, Futureshock, further Steem- & DApp devs, DW etc. pp. :-)

A good Blockchainexplorer eas long overdue...

Thank you for your interest, the future emerged into DWD but the Future is still in our head and our plans. We also see a great future for the Blockhain in general and for Steem in particular, and as mentioned we will do whatever is in our hand to achieve this mission! :)

-Mimee from the Futureshock team

I'd like to point out that this is actually a modified version of the ARK Explorer built by the team at It would be great if you could give proper credit somewhere to support the developers and designers who put a lot of time and energy into this explorer. Thanks! for reference.

Amazing. Really appreciate your efforts!

Thank you very much for your kind word! Your support is what make us move forward :)

-Mimee from the Futureshock team

Amazing work. It's great to share Steem with teams like yours. I understand the difficulties of completing the deployment of applications with limited human or financial means. I hope to add my game, Rada Quest TCG, to the dapps index when it is further developed. It is currently at a very early stage and only has one active mini-game. Thank you for your dedication to the community.

It's definitely our pleasure! Also we have a special place for gaming in our plans :)
By the way, have you heard about Fundition? It's another product from Futureshock, and it could definitely interesting to you. It's a crowdfunding platform that we have launched 2 years ago (our very first product actually).
Then few months ago we launched a crowdfunding platform exclusively for....well gaming related project. When you have some time you can check it out, and hopefully we will see your project there. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need any informations or have any questions.

-Mimee from the Futureshock team.

Let's fucking go!!

To the moon!

-Mimee from the Futureshock team

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