Advanced Steem Metrics Report for 3rd October 2016.

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NEW: STEEM price is now added to the charts. Making invisible visible: 7 charts and 2 tables with daily Steem metrics.


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This is a version 0.4 of my daily reports designed to be a comprehensive source of Steem metrics. I am working on adding more metrics and visual improvements.


  • All historical daily charts now include a visualization of Steem price

How to read

Every chart starts on 1st of June and extends to yesterday. The number on the label attached to the Y axis is the yesterday's value for that chart.

Historical charts have STEEM/USD volume weighted daily price on the left of the chart.

User acquisition

A basic metric of any startup, user acquisition provides insights into the future trends of Steem platform.

Chart is based on number of new accounts grouped by the created date. Only accounts that have performed any of these actions are included: post, comment, vote.

User engagement

A number of engaged accounts grouped by distinct activity. At least one action (vote, post or comment) is required.


High quality content generation has a well positive feedback loop with traffic acquisition through short term viral promotion and long term SEO benefits.

Only posts with >= 2 votes and comments with >= 0 votes are counted.

Daily votes by marine fauna

Number of votes made yesterday by minnows, dolphins and whales by percentiles. Chart shows that most Steem users do not maximize their voting power and therefore do not maximize their curation rewards.

Note: Voting power depletes completely by voting 200 times during 5 days, so this chart has some degree of imprecision.

If you are interested in increasing your curation rewards, get in touch with me on

Payout metrics

Payout data is a sum of pending and past payouts for posts created on the given date.

Distribution of post payouts for for 3rd of October

This is a breakdown of post payouts per percentile. Only top 25% of post payouts are visible on the chart.

Some examples from the distribution of post payouts

75% of post payouts (not visible on this chart) are less than 9.7 SBD

90% of post payouts are less than 45.2SBD

97% of post payouts are less than 104.2SBD

1% of post payouts are greater than 330.9SBD

Read more about Power law distribution

Top 25 post payout ranking for 3rd of October

Top 25 Posts by Payout Ranking for 3rd October

Payout Percent of total daily payout Title Author
1013 SBD4.12%Introducing Greymass - An organization picking up Steem@greymass
977 SBD3.97%Sterling Silver Steem Ring with Engraving by Charlie Shrem - Now Available for Global Order!@charlieshrem
868 SBD3.53%Bitshares - State of the Network - 2nd October 2016@steempower
675 SBD2.74%Curie Weekly Update (26th Sept - 2nd Oct 2016)@curie
596 SBD2.42%MY AUTUMN MUSE (An Original Poem)@ericvancewalton
589 SBD2.4%Ricardo Goncalves (@thecryptodrive) - First Steem Witness in Africa! A Witness for the People!@thecryptodrive
502 SBD2.04%What is the origin of life and how did it first begin?@kevinwong
478 SBD1.94%A Snowflake By Any Other Name@fairytalelife
464 SBD1.88%Stopping Future Wars With Good Political Relations and Economic Sanctions@calaber24p
460 SBD1.87%Calculated Risk@perspective
424 SBD1.72%Myth or Fact? #1 - The Five Second Rule@timsaid
397 SBD1.61%THE "MAGIC" OF.., SUNSETS@macksby
341 SBD1.39%Hi, I'm Dragos Roua - Entrepreneur, Blogger and Ultrarunner - Introducing Myself@dragosroua
331 SBD1.35%Announcing the Peerhub Listing Raffle Winners!!! // The Peerhub Catalog Issue #1@anwenbaumeister
330 SBD1.34%This is What they Were Afraid Of -- Iraqis Use 'Sue the Saudis' 9/11 Bill to Sue US for 2003 Invasion@tftproject
312 SBD1.27%Chronicles of Alan: So You Want to be a Rockstar part 4@gavvet
303 SBD1.23%Handmade Racoon from Polymer Clay - Tutorial.@terrycraft
302 SBD1.23%The Daily Curie (2nd Oct - 3rd Oct 2016)@curie
300 SBD1.22%Tag Spam & High Frequency Posting Guide@steemcleaners
299 SBD1.21%$STEEM/BTC Daily Poloniex+Bittrex Technical Analysis / Market Report Update #63, "Face up,,, make your stand!" Oct. 03, 2016.@ozchartart
294 SBD1.2%20 questions with Dragos Roua@wadepaterson
292 SBD1.19%IDENTITY THEFT -- OR IDENTITY LOST… (an original short story)@macksby
271 SBD1.1%More cool sculptures from the CITES COP17 exhibition@gavvet
178 SBD0.73%I travel the world Part 59: Pastéis de Belém@knozaki2015
176 SBD0.72%Madness - Original Poetry@terrycraft

Top 15 Posts by Unique Comment Authors Ranking for 3rd October

Number of unique commenters Number of comments Payout Title Author
541090Guess How Many? (BONUS GAME WIN 70% SBD)@bola
49980Guess How Many? #18@bola
4410490Make Minnows Into Whales - Use the Main Steemit Account as a Curation Guild to Elect "Super Curators"@thecryptofiend
303110Meme collection / The Steem Meme Project@benjojo
28339Meme collection / The Steem Meme Project@benjojo
265558Panama Cost of Living@hilarski
2635121📷 Steemit Photo Challenge #11 - WINNERS - Guest Judge @nicoledphoto - Sep 29 - Oct2@jamtaylor
25543HOW BIG IS MY SLICE OF THE STEEMIT PIE? - The 4000th Post From @papa-pepper@papa-pepper
2330977Sterling Silver Steem Ring with Engraving by Charlie Shrem - Now Available for Global Order!@charlieshrem
2222156My introduction for Steemit@michaellandau
184224The Complete Noob Guide to STEEM Witness Setup@klye
18261013Introducing Greymass - An organization picking up Steem@greymass
17344Curation income might be more lucrative than originally thought for small investors@alexgr
1719478A Snowflake By Any Other Name@fairytalelife
16261Steemplus - The Daily Newspaper that Pays You for Recommending High-Quality Content. [Edition #1]@steemplus


The data and visualization in this post may contain errors and inaccuracies. Don't make important decisions without verifying data yourself. If you have any suggestions or found an error in the data, please get in touch with me on

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My post made the list for active comments! I love the statistical breakdowns thank you for the work you are putting in @ontofractal . It is much appreciated.

BTW thanks also for your linking bot it is really useful to show who else has linked to your posts. Awesome work.

My introductory post made it to the list of payouts, that's interesting. It's less than 48 hours since I ever heard about steemit, so it's quite strange :)

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