Slothicorn Daily Art Curation - #19

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Welcome to the 19th daily Slothicorn Art Curation.

We’re showcasing 17 pieces by slothicorn artists: 16 pieces of artwork plus the curator’s favourite. Today’s curation was done by @justatouchfey.

How To Be Considered For A Slothicorn Upvote

  1. All art genres will be acceptable except for music and photography at this time. Some possible art forms: drawing, painting, animation, video, film, cryptographic puzzles, macrame, sewing, fabric, environmental art, sculpture, street performance, graffiti, collage, food art, comics, puppetry, opera, comic video series.
  2. Add the Creative Commons Attribution License if you want let others to use your art without imposing any restrictions.
  3. If you want to retain the full copyrights, add this statement! Copyright @username - All Rights Reserved
  4. You must include every possible detail to prove that the art is created by you. This can be done by sharing pictures of your art in progress (Example) or through a video.
  5. If you're sharing your previous work, you need to write some details about your artwork along with your picture holding the artwork. If it's a video, then you can share the Youtube link and write your Steemit username in the description of the video (Youtube)
  6. If you are sharing any digital art, you need to mention the program that was used to make that artwork. For example Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop etc. Artwork made with the help of mobile applications will not be considered for an upvote.
  7. The decision of curators can't be challenged and you are not allowed to indulge in any kind of argument/discussion/argy-bargy with curators on why your post wasn't upvoted.

Thank you and please support these amazing artists!

Curator's Choice

Artist's Motivation

The first image with the fishes was so calm and lovely to me. It seemed surreal and mysterious, even if it was depicting something quite earthly.

Top 3 Posts (Received 100% Upvote From @slothicorn)


🎨 [Step by Step] - 💙 ✨ 👘 Cosplay Tutorial: Team Mystic Badge 👘 ✨ 💙 (Leader Blanche Cosplay), by: Tesmoforia.

🎨 Mr.M Art Contest #5 ✏️ / 🎭 Personajes y Criaturas Mitológicas ⚡️🐉♏️- Maria Lionza

Posts That Received 50% Upvote From @slothicorn

Painting anime "Yandere-chan" from the game Yandere Simulator!!

An Illustration Process Hannya X Bushido II

Ink Drawing

Trying to draw a beautiful beetle with a watercolor

USPS sticker slap doodle #9

Series: "Humanizing Pokémon" (KINGLER) | #Caricaturing

❁ Lady Peony ❁

collection of my Cookies - Part 6

Guest at Mr. Fox's

Zincite & Sterling Silver Pendant - How to: Weekly Contest by @robali123

Getting Deep Inside Crypto's World [ - DIGITAL ART - ]

Zanolino flowers for you

Drawing A Portrait By Using Charcoal (Bilingual)

Thank you all for sharing these amazing artworks with everyone! Join us again tomorrow for another curation of incredible artists. Don’t forget to upvote and support their work

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thanks for the curation! and thanks for all the new artist link ups! I'm glad some quality posts are getting the attention they deserve now. between @slothicorn and @steemmakers i'm enjoying coming on here a lot more.

everyone is great artist.

There are some improves in every Daily art curation: Better art, Better artists, do not misunderstand me, this only makes people have to work a little harder in a good way. Hope to see some great artists in time! Cheers Everyone! :D

Way cool contest! Im about to make an entry rite now, any suggestions ?
Such beautiful art ! I liked the bushido and underwater artworks, the woman drawn in pencil has amazing realism.

Thanks for the support!!! Excellent jobs

Congrats kakak @huslein.slash

¡Qué agradecido estoy! Gracias por apoyarme ;)

So grateful for the Slothicorn Love!