❁ Lady Peony ❁

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Today I’m going to draw peony because I find them beautiful like ladies’ ballroom gowns. When I researched about the flower, I discovered that these flowers have significant cultural meanings, especially for Asian countries. In Japan, the peonies represent both good fortune and righteous, noble spirit.

I like to draw all kinds of beauties from all around the world, so this is good practice for me to depict people from different cultures. And here is Lady Peony.

Close up Details



Drawing process, step by step


It was a successful sketch yesterday, so today I used the same reddish brown colour to start.


Background Sketch

Then I added the peonies in the background lightly, because they are meant as placeholders only.



I wanted to draw a soft beauty from Japan, so I chose light pink as shadow for her skin. Green for her kimono because I like green a lot :D.


Finished Art - Lady Peony

Again, I had a lot of problems with the flowers. I am still overwhelmed by Painter’s various brushes and I keep forgetting which ones to use so it’s an everyday’s struggle for me. Not sure why the colours look a bit muted, it's probably the JPG compression, but I like it better this way. Anyway, picture is done!

big version

Copyright @scrawly - All Rights Reserved

Animation step by step


My flower watercolour series

I love how watercolour art looks like but I don’t have any real media materials with me. I will buy the stock one day, but for now, I am happy to experiment creating them digitally with watercolour brushes in Corel Painter. Since I am learning the tools, I will be making a series of watercolour art, I hope you will enjoy watching my experiments ^_^.

- Lady Bluebell -
- Lady Sunflower -
- Lady Peony -
- Lady Orchid -
- Lady Belladonna -
- Lady Lotus -
- Lady Rafflesia -

My Steemit Journey

I am an artist who draw digitally with Wacom Intuos. I joined Steemit to share my art journey and to make some cool friends. Follow me if you want to be a part of my adventure, or say hi to me on popular Steemit channels on Discord, I frequent most of them.

See you around ♪

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She's very pretty, scrawly :> Very serene! A calm and elegant smile * ___ *

Peonies and Chrysanthemums are pretty popular in Asia, I think :D They are very beautiful flowers * ___ *

I love her kimono and hairdo~ You definitely nailed that eastern demure beauty look with this piccar <3


Chrysanthemums eh? What a difficult flower to write, I will look it up ^_^.
Thankees, spider <3.

That is very pretty. From the first sketch she looks a little older; but once you added the colours, she instantly looked many years younger lol


What an interesting observation, ssojuchan! You have such keen eyes for details, no wonder you're good with the microscope :D.

Thank you!


hahaha you are too kind.

Very classy! Are they massive flowers or tiny people? ;D
Love how you did the petals on the flowers (was it as complicated as they look?! x_x) and the shading on the kimono in particular :)



Lol, you cracked me up, ry XD.
These are obviously GIANT peonies... not!
I am inspired by those shoujo mangas where they draw character with flowers suddenly appearing all around them. Obviously the flowers are not in their real size, but these illustrations are so pretty and I always want to make stuff like that :D.

Complicated... probably not, if you're not a scatter brain. It's difficult for me because there are so many brushes and I keep forgetting which one does what, so I have to try each one of them again ^^;;.

Thank you :D.


I am grateful, Slothicorn and Ciel. You are a boon to the artist community.

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