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STEEM Dollar (SBD) looks to be ready to launch into a renewed Elliott Wave impulse as shown in below chart. IF the a,b,c,d,e, triangle is complete, then price is ready to explode UP! I've drawn a vertical blue line equal to the height of the triangle to use as minimum price move estimate. I've drawn the Elliott Waves which shows $21.95 as target!

The SBD/BTC pair is displaying a very bullish! Check out the Cup & Handle! The handle formation is nearly complete!! This is very exciting because this means its at the cusp of a massive breakout up!

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Legal Disclaimer: This is only my opinion, make of it what you wish. What does this mean? It means it's not advice nor recommendation to either buy or sell anything! It's only meant for use as informative or entertainment purposes.**




Going to get me some, right now...

You mean the coin?

lol, I was thinking something else too! Dirty minds think alike! ;-)

That would be pretty amazing! I was going to transfer the few steem dollars I have in my wallet today, but thanks to this article I think I'm going to hold on! :) Thanks!

Iam in the same boat. I think I’ll leave my SBD and not convert them as I was going to do. I tried to move the few I had with poloniex but they have lost them (says error and never received them). I won’t be using them for large translators again!

늘 믿고 가는 분석 감사합니다.
Thank you for awesome analysis always.

wonderful news!!!wow!

WHOAAA! Awesome

Thank you for posting

Keep it up please I seem to think you do have the best interest of the entire community at heart. I’m just a little teenager but something tells me I am in the right place at the right time! Crypto On!

Anyone holding SBD will lose their money... 1 month ago there was just 3 million SBD in supply, Now it's almost double. 5.28 Million SBDs circulating right now! But the market cap hasn't increased much...

Where did it all come from? Well the only source of SBDs is Author Rewards... Due to the increased activity of posting twenty times a day, voting on sockpuppet accounts, circle voting and self-voting issues of whales, the SBD production is getting bigger and bigger and more SBDs are circulating in the supply chain. Although the current demand for it and the recently created HODL hype of people has been holding the price between 8-10$, it will drop dramatically when the number of SBDs
continues to rise at this rate.
Don't be a sheep and follow the hype. Do some research before investing in SBD guys. You have been warned!

Thank you for detailed response. It is always pleasure to read a clean and sober thoughts.

Hey, @haejin, do you think that bitUSD will explode 300%, becouse of some kind of triangle formimg there?

@cron Thank you for taking out your time to leave a response.
People with high stakes will always try to create a hype using their social media power and make their predictions a self-fulfilling prophecy by flocking a lot of people to buy it.
But we have to self-research and distil the provided info and decide whether it's worth the hype or not and whether it's safe or unsafe to invest by ourselves.

Yes, we should base our decisions based on facts, not imaginary figures on the graph. There is a proof to it. SBD directed to $1, not to $21.95

That's for sure... Jeez 0.5 million SBDs increased during the time duration of my 1st comment here and this one. And market cap is even lower than before. It's going down for real.

I was about to buy some for power down. Is it a bad time I take it?

As a noob to this I'm confused as I seeing posts like this make me feel guilty for wanting to get upvotes but at the same time. Fomo!


Best advice is to not put all of your eggs in one basket. Try to distribute your portfolio into a handful of projects that you feel very passionate about. The easiest noob mistake to make is to go all-in on one thing based on hype. That is the fastest way to get burned. If you want to follow @haejin's advice, feel free to do it, but do it with like.. 10% of your portfolio.

Yes thanks for the advice. A bit late to not get burnt already as I did. I wanted to add to my folio now with steem. I will do with caution of course.


Great idea! Best of luck to you!!!

@niknakingle Keep more Steem and less SBD. Take decisions based on facts not the hype around a coin :)

Sounds great advice, thank you for responding. 😄

Thanks for the sober words of wisdom. This is too true. The system is literally structured in such a way as to try to force SBD to an equilibrium at $1 USD. Honestly, 1 SBD = $1USD would be amazing. Not sure how it got this high to begin with.

There was a korean exchange brother @jasonyoakam who listed Steem and SBD in their exchange and bought a lot of SBD which created a massive pump.

Going by @haejin analysis, I see people are saying, he has been very accurate, so this is going to happen, I believe.

@sanjeevm sir it's always better to do self-research in the crypto world before making any financial decisions. Feeding into others advice and investing blindly doesn't always end up well. :) Best of luck in your future endeavours :)

I have to agree here, but will keep a few just in case!

Yeah @abh12345 brother... Use your free will! But I do not see even a single ray of sunshine over SBD. Grumpycat is aggressively bringing down the price of SBDs... So are other greedy whales!
It was fun while it lasted. But it'll go back to 3$ soon. Maybe even 1$. It has no future. Except for the conversion to STEEM, it has no utility too.
It'll spike every now and then when some exchange lists STEEM and SBD in their store but eventually SBD will return to where it's supposed to be.

There does seem to be some fundamental downward pressure, but the chart currently suggests the opposite.

Like you say, SBDs are always likely to receive a pump, which is why I like to mix strategy and hold/sell/move to STEEM and power up.

Nevertheless, it doesn't hurt to keep some SBD... But if you're keeping it for HODLing purpose, you might get more profits from other major cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Verge, DASH e.t.c

Yes I hold some Eth and Verge. Bits and bobs all over the place :)

Check out BAT and tokens brother :) It's a bit underappreciated right now but it will beam up soon as the masses realize the importance and utility of these coins!

The pumps are because it's still low in supply compared to Steem which has over 300 million coins. Whales are creating artificial scarcity of coins and manipulating the price. Besides, SBD has a market cap of just 50 million dollars. So even a single individual with deep pockets can double it up overnight if he/she chooses to put in a shitload of money into SBD! But as the number of SBDs grow, you'll need more and more capital to bump the price! I heard it was a Korean Exchange last time who bumped the price to 15$... Currently, they'll require double the capital they used last time to pull of that same feat!

After 9 months in steemit and even reading the white paper, I still do not have a solid reason I can state for the need of having SBD. It was my understanding that it is like holding bonds and you are supposed to collect interest, but that it isn't actually paying interest. I also get them in my account for being active on steemit. Now the only way to move them to steem in order to power up is to send them to yourself. It's a strange thing, because I never see them show up in my steem account to power up. So I actually don't know why they are part of steemit and create this confusion and more concerning I don't know where they are going when I take send them to myself. I also don't know why they would be bid up if they essentially don't have any utility.

If I understand your question, you need to exchange the SBD to Steem before you can power up. You can directly power up from SBD with a service like Blocktrades. SBD has a little utility because you can use them to pay for certain services/give as gifts here on the platform, so it's probably useful to keep some "change" around. As for the price, it appears to be dropping ATM. Powerful forces are moving the value down, so we'll have to see what happens.

To be clear, the amount of SBD being printed is only dependent on the price of Steem.

If the author rewards for a post are $100, and Steem is worth $1 USD, then you'll get 50 SBD. If Steem is worth $3 USD, then said post will be worth $300 and release 150 SBD.

Posting more does not increase the amount of SBD, as the pool's size is constant. It only changes its allocation between different users.

Though yes, SBD mostly has a downward pressure, though I wrote an interesting piece on why an increase in SBD's supply could be a requisite condition for its price to go up, though that's slightly longer term.

I agree @geekorner that the rewards pool is constant. But when a few people have a large number of SBDs and when they flood it into the market with a cheap price, the price of SBD is bound to drop.
But if the same number of SBDs is well distributed, a lot of value will be preserved.
Also, The Steem price is massively increasing the number of SBDs like you said.

Yes but a quick look at the internal market shows higher volume of steem for sale vs steem dollars. So many people are choosing to unload steem for sbd right now. I’m curious why.

To pay for Upvote bots @dandelion ... before trending posts garnered about 300-500$; now suddenly the posts on trending page are 700-1500$ ! People are buying up SBD right now to boost their post to get better earnings! There's no other uility of SBD other than that...
And since half of the rewards of those thousand dollar posts are going to be converted into SBDs, the price of SBD will steadily decline after a couple of weeks!

Yes and steem will ultimately prevail due to the dividend nature of steem power!

absolutely... Steem is already nearing to the price of SBD and eventually, it'll be a lot more than SBD.

I think you are correct. Steem is fiat, but for now it has a price

@peaceloveliberty Yes but for now only... As a content creator myself, I would love the SBD to get to the moon but it'll be just wishful thinking.

@creatovert thanks for the info

You're welcome @n8dg brother :)

This is the best time to be on steemit.
Keep on steemit

Go steem.
Sink that Suckerberg FB

I thought Steem Dollars were tied to the price of a dollar..

That's what I'm waiting for the past couple of weeks!

What with Steem and SBD both on a run there are definitely exciting times ahead. I'm thinking of buying into Steem and powering up, but if SBD is due to explode like this I am having second thoughts. It may be a better idea to buy and hold SBD. Decisions

Use your steem to purchase upvotes from bidbots. Use this page to figure out which bot and how much to bid, then in 7 days you should get paid out as much or more sbd as you put in + free SP to go along with it. I have built my account from around $350 to appx $5000 in the last 45 days or so using this method.

This may well work, Ill take a look at it. I don't really like bid bots although I have used them in the past. In my view all bots (upvoters and flaggers) undermine the entire concept of curation and rewarding good content. But when in Rome....

View it at part of the free market. It's the beauty of Steemit really in my opinion. A community that organizes its own solutions.

Like you, I don't like them either and have not and don't plan on using, but I'm judging anyone that does. It just seems like cheating...

Steemit is sold as a place where the best content will rise to the top. But if you can buy a massive vote for yourself to increase your reputation and the posts visibility as well as the amount it earns, that has to be against the concept of ‘the best content being rewarded’. I see no real justification for bots. Popular posters have hundreds of dollars worth of upvotes within seconds of posting when no one has read the post. Surely that shouldn’t happen?

Just look at it like advertising. If you produce good content, your advertising will be more effective. If you pump up content few people are interested in (good or not), you'll enjoy fewer rewards. Hopefully, when they add in communities, bloggers will have a chance to get more attention for niche content.

Bots only do what they are programmed to do by humans.

Agreed but they are set to constantly upvote certain users without any human interaction. That does not allow the best articles to rise to the top. It simply creates momentum on certain posters who can then post anything and still receive hundreds of dollars. As long as boys are active (both bid bots and general upvote bots etc) curation will not be fulfilling it’s stated aim.

Any thing bots can do humans can do slower. The problem is not bots.

I agree that humans could do what bits do but it is far more difficult. If Steemit is going to claim that the best content is promoted and receives the best rewards, bots are a problem not a solution.

I hope you are right!

I want to believe! Please....

Wow, really amazing!

Time to buy some more.

Could you please do an update on Litecoin?

I think steem will exceed $600 at the end of this year.

Haejin's student Cryptosuf also earlier posted a price analysis on SBD today:
Check it out, and follow him, he's VERY good and has an enjoyable writing style.

Never sold a single SBD or STEEM. Not going to sell for a long time. I don't trade STEEM. I HODL.

You might want to convert your Steem Dollar into Steem brother @vimukthi !

There are no STEEM in my wallet. Only SP and SBD.

SMTs are coming so you'll do better if you keep STEEM. SMTs can be bought with no other currency than Steem ! Or so I heard from witnesses! Not sure what @ned has in mind though!

Yes it's true. SMTs will also give new life to SP delegation as SP actually works like a shares of a company and STEEM blockchain is a company that exclusively serve its shareholders proportionally to the amount of shares they own. That's how the fee-less system was achieved.

SMTs will use lots of bandwidth. Most people don't even use 5% of their bandwidth.

absolutely... But SMTs are a bit late to arrive! It was supposed to be released in the last week of December along with the customized SMTs of ... But still there's no news of it.

STEEM doesn't have a dev team like Dash or Ethereum. So I don't mind waiting. I don't want to see some screw up. I'd like to see STEEM grow steadily instead of what happened with TRON etc. Plus more waiting means I can acquire more STEEM during that time.

Hehehe this is how I feel too...

why? have Steem jsut curious.

SBD is unstable and risky right now! @martinf
It's not a coin I would use for HODling purpose!

I will upvote all reply

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Have a nice day sir

I hope you have a very special day pathi

This is a reply

Which one is going to EXPLODE first? Steem or SteemDollars?

This is not a reply!

I dont believe in replies, but in conscience ;)


if price the broken the upper trend line . then i wish sbd going to be higher price.

Thanks master for the alert, can you please do KuCoin Shares KCS it has lot of potential & it is rocketing I am trying to fish this in my net since morning changing prices from $12 to $17 I still didn't get this. I thought if I could with master before buying it. Looks like railblock was listed in the exchange before than Binance responsible for such hike.
Community please support with upvote if you want KuCoin Shares update.

thanks haejin :) what do u think about ngc-chart? looks like cup n handle breakout?

great insight as always. well done!

as per my understanding , it will not it will go to $3,4 level then it will explode..... ;-)

I think when it surges the Mainstream media will pickup the story. Then the Flock will come in for quick profits and get sheered. The shorts always run to the new meat. I think it will settle around $20 but may hit a brief spike around $30. I saw them rush in on Litecoin the same way.

For month Litecoin was between $50 and $80. Once it broke $150 they rushed the currency and drove it up to $300. Then it slid back. The shorts come in and vacuum up what they can and move on to the next vein to feed from.


Please analysis on PacCoin.

Wow! Really great but you said buy you a beer! Don't worry, when I become a whale, I will buy more than that! Thanks for updating us with the information! I really appreciate!

I am pretty sure he can buy his own brewery!

This is the first time I called sbd before Haejin :) ..
Follow me

Sounds awsome. Thanks for the heads up. A very informative post.

I really want it to move as high as the sky 😂😂

This is a good news for people like us who just have steem in the name of cryptocurrency.

I hope sbd to get even higher @haejin

Thank pro,

amazing, wonderful, thanks thanks~~~

Thanks sir. You are my first teacher that I really love..

mooning soon let's hope so !

Amazing post.!!!

Pumped already, wtf :/

I really appreciate that you share this with all of us. Thanks!


I love your post :) Thanks

Thanks for the important info

Thanks alot

Is your Steem analysis from yesterday also still on target?

Good post your fren. Nice info

thank you :)

That's great. SBD is going to straight to the top.

SBD = Super Big Deal!!!

Please, could you do an analysis on SALT???

Thanks heijin as always for your analysis. Any chance of some analysis on SNOV? Am I right in seeing a very prounced cup and handle forming?

Well if anyone saw this and went based on my analysis, you're welcome, haha, didn't expect to get the timing so spot on.

awesome, ty Haejin!

Probably Steem will follow SBD tomorrow or the day most of the times!

wow nice tutorials @haejin

my friends,
Brace your self !

YESTERDAY it was 14 now its 21, all good to me but why the sudden change?

Thanks for update

Thank you Master!

Wow!. I hope this will happened .. thanks sir :)

Hope so that SBD goes that up and more

Let's see haejin. I hope you're right.

Man I'm glad I came here and saw this i was getting ready to sell off some sbd for bitcoin, but think I'll wait now.

very nice post keep sharing

following you

I hope will rocket soon, we're all waiting for it

Great analysis as always. Thanks for the research and effort.

I came to the same target of $20! It's a perfect graph for it... Now it's a matter of time. Not to mention steem power rises significantly.

big wow and thanks for your effort of making this chart for us.

Thanks Haejin! I just wanted to say that you are a great teacher and I learned a lot from you! I just got myself Steemit to follow you here :)