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SALT is correcting in the pathway of an a,b,c set of waves. This this case a zig zag. Now, just because price goes to the c might not equate to a bottom. It would actually be a bit too fast because Altcoins have an imprinted genetic syndrome called the "Hurry Up & Wait" where the impulse waves are placed very quickly and the reactionary waves hit the brakes to a very, very slow process. The initital wave C could be at around $4.32; however, be aware of a double Zig Zag (WXY) pattern which can help to eat more time into the correction.

The below shows the Forest from the trees. In this light, the correction seems minimal. Since the waves are of higher degree of trend (not necessarily time!); it allows a bigger picture perspective. The target is $67.32.

Legal Disclaimer: This is only my opinion, make of it what you wish. What does this mean? It means it's not advice nor recommendation to either buy or sell anything! It's only meant for use as informative or entertainment purposes.

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thanks for the update.

@kimjongpoo is so sorry! I did not mean to offend poo! Doo doo forgive me??

Salt...traded since the 1600s :)

2 weeks ago Haejin was counting that we were in a wave 3 for XRP and target was $4.11. That was clearly a HUUGE miscount as it is evident now we were in a wave 5. We clearly fell well short of the target. This applies to most of his other calls in last 3 weeks.

I know I’m going to get responses like he doesnt project time and he can’t be right all the time, it’s a game of probabilites. Also, people saying do your own TA and he has a disclaimer it’s not investment advice. But when he is constantly promoting his 80-90% hit rate. Constantly saying he’s a 20+ year veteran. And writing up clickbait titles like “profit TSUNAMI”, “imminent EXPLOSION”. Also, saying how people made huge profits with his tutoring and analysis. What do you think it is going to convince people to do...? it’s essentially screaming out, TRUST ME, and enticing people to follow him. Actions speak louder than words. I can claim i have innocent intentions but do the opposite with my actions. He says he doesn’t intend to do harm but when he doesn’t offer alternate counts, promoting exact number targets and is basically doing everything to try to convince people to follow him through his ACTIONS. That can be very harmful. I believe it’s blatantly harmful to put up exact number targets while at the same time doing things which directly convince people how accurate you are.

In the words of Petyr Baelish, “Sometimes when I try to understand a person's motives, I play a little game. I assume the worst. What's the worst reason they could possibly have for saying what they say and doing what they do? Then I ask myself, "How well does that reason explain what they say and what they do?". Let me point out a little fact that Haejin is currently earning an average of $2.5k a day from his steemit posts at his current rate. His group tutoring with 100 newbies at $150 a pop will earn him $15,000 in 1.5 hrs. Now that’s serious money and serious motivation to gain a larger following.

Moreover, many will say yeah counts can vary and he’s not really wrong, it’s just a matter of time. I’d suggest looking up the oxford definition of wrong and look at his counts in the last 3 weeks. Wrong means incorrect. Going the opposite way. Look at his predictions over the last 3-4 weeks. All of his wave drawings have been completely invalidated from an OBJECTIVE elliot rule set. His counted wave 1s have been crossed by wave 4s. Look at STEEM, XRP, XVG, QTUM, RDD. Let’s just admit his wave count was incorrect. Moreover, other analysts on tradingview were calling for this scenario well before him. It’s pure covering your eyes if you’re going to convince yourself it’s not wrong. Sure, it’ll go up and likely hit his targets from here. But that’s because in a bull market it’s more likely to go up than not. However, to say he was not wrong when all his counts have been invalidated is just pure blindfolding yourself to the plain facts of what happened.

However, I fully expext when it does go up for people to start saying i was wrong “he’s a genius, he was completely right!”. Without looking at how completely revised and invalidated his previous wave counts were. We all forget the losers and promote the winners. Fully expecting a series of KABOOMS with no mention of the times it went the opposite way. This is the definition of confirmation bias.

Ripple hit almost 4 Dollars and i took profit, he recommends not to be the last who sells.
BCH hit 3300, i took profit, was laddering in from that.
Mana 100% profit in 3 weeks, doubled my satoshis.
yesterday his posts helped me a lot to see the bottom of BTC, ETH, BCH, made my buy orders and made a fortune with the rise today....
his Posts helped a lot to cover my losses :D
so if you dont understand what he is saying, listen again.
if you got a good product, look at his analysis and you can get a better view on what probably happens with its price.

Disclaimer: I’m just trying to play devil’s advocate. I like Haejin and appreciate the time he has put in to educate newbies. But just trying to point out that we should call a banana a banana and not an orange. Which i feel is what people are doing here with the calls he got wrong. Trying to call a banana an orange.

really good advice!

If you are mean and have a bunch of SALT that you are HODLing...... Does that make one a Salty Bitch? 😉

Salty 👅

this coin has a lot of potential

Yeah! I'm planning to sell all my XRP for it when they reach $3 again.

Is there any chance that you could take a look at BMC on Liqui exchange. It is quite unusual but I think it may break out soon now it has corrected. Is this wave 1 ?

What about CIVIC (cvc) and Quantstamp (QSP) ?

Interesting, i would love to know more about altcoins

Thanks. Like to have an update on DGB and BtC!

Hello Haejin Lee,
please can you do an update on the BTC Correction which is on Progress.
Thank you very much !

Thank you.

Thank you very much

감사합니다. Thank you very much @haejin

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Could quickly increase by 164% in the next x amount of time!

The fundamentals of this coin are, in fact very interesting. I'm a member of SALT platform:)

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@kimjongpoo is so sorry! I did not mean to offend poo! Doo doo forgive me??

Muchas gracias por tus análisis son muy utiles

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