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Matching colors? Almost. And do I have a focus on running or on the natural beauty around me when I run? Well, depends on the day. Yesterday I really was noticing all the flowers and blooming trees around me. I needed this run after traffic experience on a short trip to the capital. I can not believe how I could live there for so many years without being annoyed by how much time and nerves is lost in the traffic... Although it was worth driving there since I met with a good friend and we had a chat about all the stuff going on (election results and possibilities how the coalition could be formed). The best part was meeting my best friend after that. So happy to have somebody in my life who knows me really well for more than 30 years!

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Invest time in friendship and family relationship... it is the best investment in the world.

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So again I went for a short one and 4 kilometers it was. Which was just fine.

Daily run #738 on 6.6.2018

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Moby (again ;).

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I've been running each and every day since the end of May 2016. The Running Streak continues and you can see and follow my daily pics also here: daily runs since 30th of May 2016.

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Bovec half-marathon on 15th of September.

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I am honored, happy and proud to be part of Runningproject. @runningproject is a diverse community of runners on Steemit. For more information about the @runningproject please read ''The Steem Running Project: Introductory Post'' and The Steem Running Project: 9th Status Report , Runningproject has reached 300 SP!!!!. Kindly invited to apply for an approved runner! You will meet runners on Steemit, exchange valuable information and experience and you can even get Isotonic after your run(ning) post! Read also this post about Isotonic.

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In few words...
I joined Steemit in December 2017. @blockchain48 introduced me to it and explained to me how it works and why I could enjoy it. And I do enjoy it! I like the diversity and spirit of Steemit!
My main topic here is running. I also work on @runningproject (initiator of the project is @toofasteddie) as a Running Witness. I also regularly apply my running posts in #runforsteem challenge. I also post about origami and GTD (Getting Things Done).

You might get a better picture of who I am if you read some of my other posts:
- My latest blog series is on Marathon Legends. The first blog in series is on Joan Benoit Samuelson - the first winner of first ever Olympic Marathon in 1984 in Los Angeles.
- Second blog in same series (Marathon Legends) is about Haile Gebrselassie - the greatest long-distance runner of all times.
- I prepared a post about my life journey on the area of finding an ideal job for me: If I could be anything, I would be....
- My core daily habit is running. If you do not run yet and would like to try it... I've written a blog: Manual for wannabe runners, where you can find tips and tricks, how to start running.
- As a Streak Runner, I wanted to share more information about this specific running approach. You can read more about Streak Running in my blog: All you wanted to know about Running Streak - part 1, part 2 and part 3.
- I am revealing about my first steps in running arena in this post: How I started to run or can a workaholic and sedentary couch potato become a marathon runner?.
- I am certified GTD trainer so occasionally I write about Gettint Things Done methodology.
- I love origami and here is my post about the art of folding papers or what anybody should know about it.
- This was my introduction post on Steemit: 2018 is here! Any New Year's resolutions? And who am I to write about this?.

So to be short and sweet, my introduction in #-form would look like this:
#streakrunningday738 #runner #mother #girlfriend #friend #daughter #sister #vegan #steemian #origamicreator #origami #gtdmastertrainer #gtd #gettingdailyrunsdone #bizinsakiden #findyourstrong #runningproject #runforsteem #vsakodnevnitek #runeveryday #runstreak #streakrunner #veganrunners #runningonplants #plantpowered #plantstrong #veganstrong #potatolover #compassionarhlete #minimalism #catlover #sealover #coffeelover #sincereconversationfan

Thank you for taking time and stopping here.
I do appreciate your comments with added value, upvotes, and resteems!

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All photos used in the blog are from a personal archive and are made by Xiaomi Redmi 3 phone.

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Definitely agree with you that some days running is more about the pleasure of getting out than just logging the miles! Today was speed work for me so not much time to smell the roses, but I took the time after to enjoy my breakfast and cup of coffee. 😁


Nice running shoes! I have to buy a new ones!

Thanks. I wrote about running shoes in my blog. Good luck at picking the right ones for you!

The day has only 23 hours and not 24, do you know why? Because one hour is booked always for running.
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Resteemed by @runningproject