The Steem Running Project: 9th Status Report , Runningproject has reached 300 SP!!!!

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We are 57 Approved Runners already!!!

Great welcome to the last enrolled members, @browery , @soluce07 , @lil-mich , @byebyehamburgers , @eulenews , @phelimint, , @tradfursten and @runit !!!

We hope all the members of our initiative are receiving upvotes from @runningproject without problems in all of their posts, if it is not the case, please let us know ;-).

Remember that @runningproject will upvote you always, in any of your posts despite we reserve our right to remove from the curation list any member publishing extremely low quality , spam considered or "bad faith" content.

Additionally we reached a very "nice" number in terms of STEEM POWER, 300 SP!!!

It is outstanding since this initiative departed on mid January this year with an initial donation of 20 STEEM.
We would like to emphasize the importance of our FUNDING TOOL, @isotonic , which is continuously increasing the Steem Power of the initiative, by showing you the following chart:

As you can see, more than 50% of the Steem Power comes from the @isotonic Funding Bid-based Bot while only 15.4% is coming from the Enrollment fee.

I will never be tired to repeat the same, If you want to receive "passive" incomes by delegating some of your STEEM POWER while funding a good initiative/project at steemit, please, consider delegating to @isotonic , one of the best options in steemit.

Please, help and spread the benefits of @runningproject and @isotonic binomial , for the sake of the initiative!

Summary of reminders

Do not forget to be connected with the initiative through our DISCORD server!!!

Captura de pantalla de 2018-03-10 00-40-52.png

We invite all the "Approved Runners" to JOIN @runningproject DISCORD by using the following link:

Please, join us an explain whatever you want related to running or the initiative. Questions, suggestions and Improvement proposals are welcome!

Status Report:

  • For the time being we have enrolled 57 ''Approved'' Runners that are already getting benefits from the @runningproject ''curation'' list, obtaining additional upvotes, currently weighting 0.05$ at 100%. Nevertheless we are still dealing with the % of voting power to maintain it in a ''healthy'' level.

  • Our "Funding" Voting Bot, @isotonic , is working 24h in order to increase @runningproject SP and this is really making a big difference!


  • ... and remember, @runningproject will vote you forever!

  • Additionally, @runningproject have resteemed your running posts increasing their visibility and so, giving even more chances for new upvotes.

  • Our STEEM POWER is increasing daily and currently we have reached 300 SP that means an increase of 55 SP since the last time we posted this status report, last month.

  • Our "Organic" growth has a pace of 1.41 SP/day

''Approved'' Runners list:



Already ''Qualified'' Runners but pending to be recruited:


What are you waiting for getting enrolled in the @runningproject initiative?

It is easy! Once ''qualified'' you just need to transfer 1 SBD or 1 STEEM to the @runningproject as an ''enrollment fee'' and you will get upvotes from the pool every time you write a worthy post. If the post is about #running and using that tag, it will be resteemed and considered for the ''RUNNER OF THE WEEK'' contest.

The complete ''Enrollment fee'' , tips and donations, Delegated Steem Power and curation obtained in this Report Post are going directly to increase the STEEM POWER of the @runningproject ''curation'' pool from which all the ''Approved'' Runners will be benefit!!!!


We would like to give THANKS for your support but more in particular to @tradfursten @shanibeer @toofasteddie @sylvesterjohn @slayerkm @cstrimel @cryptokeepr @beiker @shazza @dragosroua @whizkid1 @steevc @maarnio @ervin-lemark @lordcarlo297 @zapasx @dlew @dailyrunner @plantstoplanks and @mad-runner which have demonstrated their strong commitment in supporting this initiative, either by promoting or by transferring extra donations in SBD/STEEM or Delegating SP either to @runningproject or @isotonic.

KEEP PROMOTING @runningproject !


HOW TO GET INVOLVED and BECOME an "Approved" Runner

The main milestone of the @runningproject is to get as much STEEMPOWER as possible so the UPVOTE power will be growing day by day with the entrance of new members as well as because the reinvestment of all the curation and the majority of the earnings produced on the post published by @runningproject .

In order to get enrolled you just need to do the following steps:

  1. Write a comment in this post or any other from @runningproject with a link to one of your posts about running, requesting its review.

  2. After checking your post, @runningproject will decide if you are or are not an "Approved" Runner. "Low quality" post will not be considered.

  3. If you are definitely an "Aproved" Runner, @runningproject will reply to you asking to send 1SBD or 1STEEM as an "Enrollment Fee."

  4. You will be included in the "CURATION LIST"

The initial "Enrollment Fee" is entirely used as STEEM POWER. This fee, 1 SDB/STEEM, may increase in the future depending on the number of members and Market price.
Additional donations will be also fully invested in STEEM POWER.


Remember, the feeling you get from a good run is far better than the feeling you get from sitting around wishing you were running.
Sarah Condor


*For more information about the @runningproject please read ''The Steem Running Project: Introductory Post''

Posted by @toofasteddie on behalf of @runningproject.

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Welcome to all the new members!

This is a such great community :)

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I am a willing runner but a lazy blogger: thank you for what you publish! ;)

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Welcome to new members & thanks to @runningproject for making this all a possibility.

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