RIPPLE to Wave towards $15.44 or Higher!!

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The gloom and doom sentiment is quite palpable. It always is during corrections. However, in the grander schem of things, the below chart shows how the current correction can fit. If the prior rise was wave 1 rise, then the current correction is a wave 2 decline. Which wave come after wave 2? Wave 3 and it sure won't be lower than wave 1! The next impulse will take Ripple (XRP) to $15.44 or higher!!

I've added the match stix Fibs. Wave 3 is 3.618 x w1 and on a very bullish scenario, it could extend even more! When wave 3 is the extended wave, then waves 1 and 5 tend toward equality. However, this is not a rul, only a general guideline. There is a good probability of wave 5 extending much beyond wave 3's price travel length.

Legal Disclaimer: This is only my opinion, make of it what you wish. What does this mean? It means it's not advice nor recommendation to either buy or sell anything! It's only meant for use as informative or entertainment purposes.

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Who Dafuq even makes Elliot waves on 5 year chart????? Now you just showed everyone that you obviously have no idea what the heck you are even talking about. Your waves make no sense and you know that, which is why you barely even explain your TA or reasoning. Flag this scam

"newbie who just joined the market about 6 days ago"

" first ever investment"

...and it's Ripple ROFL. Bottom 1% coin by fundamentals.

"18 y/o university student from Belgium without any income"

Thanks for chiming in, sport. Why don't you step aside and let people who know what the fuck they are talking about (and the basic definitions of words like "scam") take over here?


Made my day XD


Not gonna lie, all it takes is half a brain and a bit of common sense lol. Old buddy of mine from school hit me up the other day, "Yo man, got into crypto. Bought a ton of ripple" People jumping into this market with next to no research are hopeless lol

OK @lexiconical, I can see you're damned near as jaded as me, but for those of us who came here with the best intentions AND who tried to actually make this place work the way we were told it was supposed to, how about dispensing a little knowledge?

Bottom 1% coin by fundamentals.

I'm more than willing to admit I know next to nothing about the "fundamentals".

I'm not asking for coin recommendations, but:

What are the fundamentals?

I've always been able to figure out your explanations of things.

I don't care if it's a post or simply a reply to this comment.

I'd contact you through Discord but I got tired of the cliques there and deleted it off of my computer.

dont be mean. help him learn.

i dont know about you but i want to see as many people as possible moving aeay from fiat. ripple is a good bridge. the point of ripple really isnt the coin.

Like all 20 year olds, you think you know every thing. Life will teach you that the older you get and the more you learn the less you actually know.

It is better to keep your mouth closed and let everyone think you are a fool than to open it and remove all possible doubt.

Hey now! Let's not be ageist, stupidity affects all equally, young and old!

It does affect young and old, but not equally. There is definitely a strong bias towards the young, which is only overcome with the wisdom of age.

Not true, while the young have "stupidity" from lack of experience, the old have "stupidity" without any excuses. And I've met plenty of people 50+ that have made me think, " I have no idea how this fucktard made it this far."

It is true, because even the 50+ fucktard is wiser and more knowledgeable at 50 than he was at 20 when he thought he new everything.

I´ve met plenty of 20+ that have far more knowledge then some of the 40+... and also vice-versa, u cant be that generalist...

OK. Go back to my original comment. I did not put the point across properly in my responses.

All 20 year olds think they know everything. Those exact same 20 year olds when they get older and have learnt a lot more and are a lot wiser will realise that they dont know everything, like they thought they did as 20 year olds . Obviously there are exceptions to the rule who will always think they know everything, but I guess I will just put that down to low IQ.

As student financial engineering ( :) ) you probably already possess the book EW principles, so if you turn a couple of pages and look in it, you'll see that allmost all the examples in the book are in fact on 5y and more...
the man doesn't say this is going to happen next week does he??

I wish all the haters could go back 6 months and start watching @haejin's videos from there, get the EW book, and actually educate themselves to benefit and not follow with blind spiteful greed.

This is a really informative post! By the way, I've created a Steemit t-shirt for this amazing community. Hope that you like it!

April 2019 is the timeline. And if you don't like his TA unfollow him as simple as that.

Grand supercycle: multi-century
Supercycle: multi-decade (about 40–70 years)
Cycle: one year to several years (or even several decades under an Elliott Extension)
Primary: a few months to a couple of years
Intermediate: weeks to months
Minor: weeks
Minute: days
Minuette: hours
Subminuette: minutes

for ripple $15 is impossible. please make a target closer. may be 5

Still dreaming ;-) Perhaps $3 is reasonable but still unlikely.

With a large market share even with billions of coins ripple could see $5 or over $20

@lopa THANK YOU! I have NO idea how this guy has so many followers man, he tries to predict multiple waves at a time, who does that with elliot wave??? One wave at a time is plenty !

well, Elliot waves can be implemented to any timeframe upon any substantial reasoning, but in this particular chart we cannot see how this 5W structure can be labeled as highly probable. Please, be cautious and calculate which market cap AKA asset price will have Ripple at 10 or 15 USD!

If I could downvote, I would choose your post, dear 20yo student

@lopa. What 5 year chart? It's a daily chart. You can't even tell?

I've been following Mr. Haejin but I have to disagree with him on this one can you guys imagine what will have to happen to Ripple to go to $15.44 means that it have to reach a $560 Billion Dollar Capital market, that is the value of the whole market right now, sorry Mr. Haejin Lee but I really don't know what you've been smoking

XRP Ripple and even XLM Stellar are long term HODL investments. If you do not like the analysts, move on. No point in embarrassing yourself with such adolescent remarks.

very Good~~~! thanks for the update!

@kimjongpoo is so sorry! I did not mean to offend poo! Doo doo forgive me??

I like your EW style, but I don't know about Ripple, too far fetched.

Thank you for posting

@kimjongpoo is so sorry! I did not mean to offend poo! Doo doo forgive me??

Thanks a lot for your important post. I learned a lot from it about XRP.

Good to know. thanks for the update!

thanks for the update

@kimjongpoo is so sorry! I did not mean to offend poo! Doo doo forgive me??

Thank you for the XRP update :)

Looking forward to this one coming off!

Its possible ripple will go that high brother whats do you think

I personally dont believe in ripple

@kimjongpoo is so sorry! I did not mean to offend poo! Doo doo forgive me??

What is this.???

You think, in the next year or so, Ripple will be worth more than all of cryptocurrency right now? Is this analysis or are you just taking pot shots? Seriously, I’ve liked most of your calls but this is just insane! PLEASE put some market cap research into your calls before you lose your followers a lot of money.

To be fair it clearly says April 2019.

I missed that. Good catch!

the charts have nothing to do with time. so in 10 years it might be worth $15.

It is a good coin to get into once this BTC mess is done though. it should recover quite nicely.

How long do you think wave 3 will go? Either it’ll be the biggest wave in crypto or it’s a blatantly bad call. I don’t like XRP but even if it’s good is it that good? Could it grow that much in one wave?

Sorry, this type of TA is not something i am very familiar with. I am only buying in for short term gain as i think it will be quick to recover. once it reaches close to an ATH i will like sell it into something else, unless something comes up by then

You don't.... He's just guessing. It's mostly likely between a 1 to 3.618 Extension, which is $6.60 to $13 in the next 10 years or so.

@swagtoshi. You don't know Elliott wave. BTW all charts are a calculated guess. Your saying is not a calculated guess, it is ignorant. 1-3.618 extension in next 10 years? How long did XRP went from $0.76 to $3.2? 2 weeks. You don't understand the fractals. Actually you don't understand much about waves. You think people are talking about super cycle waves here.

@travelersmemoire. It's PRICE projection, not TIME projection. You should know that. Wave 3 is the most fast and furious. When you see price keep going up and fast, that's wave 3! What blatantly bad call? Even beginners on Elliott wave principles should know wave 3 is fast. Don't like XRP, don't trade it. If XRP is in wave 3, it's going to be fast whether you trade it or not.

Before wave 3, there is wave 2. We may not be done wave 2 yet, and no one knows how long it will take.

Fair enough but still not feasible imo given market cap limitations.

What are the limitations on the Market Cap. Considering the US government is printing trillions of new dollars every day to try and stay afloat.

Everything is impossible until it happens

The timeline would be very long. Despite the market growing so much we are still so early in its adoption. It is possible, but there are a bunch of scenarios that could also play out making such long term predictions like this impossible to gauge

@h00pla85. Or in 10 years there is no RIPPLE.

just as likely

@travelersmemoire. Pls provide your chart and we can talk about it. Market has a big correction. You think it other people's fault? Honestly you should not be trading at all. You don't have what it takes. You spent all your time talking in cycles.


wait, you posted this 6 days ago... am I missing something?

Shh, you'll break the narrative.

Shame @lopa did those weak hands let you down and now you are blaming the TA. Take responsibility for your own actions, you may just get somewhere in life, although I highly doubt it.

He says nothing about a time-frame. Grow a brain and do your research, or go back to your fucking cleaning job. Thanks!

How long do you think wave 3 will go? Either it’ll be the biggest wave in crypto or it’s a blatantly bad call.

Looking at this TA, which is just an OPINION AFTER ALL, wave one took over a year. 2 Might take over a year. 3 As well. You just don't know. You watch the charts and adapt to changing cirumstances.

If Ripple gets to $15 I am going to buy a lot of guns and cruise to Australia lol, we can all dream.

@kimjongpoo is so sorry! I did not mean to offend poo! Doo doo forgive me??

I bought 10k XRP at .006 cents and sold at .31 and I thought that was the ceiling. Remember 1 bird in the hand is better than 2 birds in the bush.


2 weeks ago Haejin was counting that we were in a wave 3 for XRP and target was $4.11. That was clearly a HUUGE miscount as it is evident now we were in a wave 5. We clearly fell well short of the target.

I know I’m going to get responses like he doesnt project time and he can’t be right all the time, it’s a game of probabilites. Also, people saying do your own TA and he has a disclaimer it’s not investment advice. But when he is constantly promoting his 80-90% hit rate. Constantly saying he’s a 20+ year veteran. And writing up clickbait titles like “profit TSUNAMI”, “imminent EXPLOSION”. Also, saying how people made huge profits with his tutoring and analysis. What do you think it is going to convince people to do...? it’s essentially screaming out, TRUST ME, and enticing people to follow him. Actions speak louder than words. I can claim i have innocent intentions but do the opposite with my actions. He says he doesn’t intend to do harm but when he doesn’t offer alternate counts, promoting exact number targets and is basically doing everything to try to convince people to follow him through his ACTIONS. That can be very harmful. I believe it’s blatantly harmful to put up exact number targets while at the same time doing things which directly convince people how accurate you are.

In the words of Petyr Baelish, “Sometimes when I try to understand a person's motives, I play a little game. I assume the worst. What's the worst reason they could possibly have for saying what they say and doing what they do? Then I ask myself, "How well does that reason explain what they say and what they do?". Let me point out a little fact that Haejin is currently earning an average of $2.5k a day from his steemit posts at his current rate. His group tutoring with 100 newbies at $150 a pop will earn him $15,000 in 1.5 hrs. Now that’s serious money and serious motivation to gain a larger following.

Moreover, many will say yeah counts can vary and he’s not really wrong, it’s just a matter of time. I’d suggest looking up the oxford definition of wrong and look at his counts in the last 3 weeks. Wrong means incorrect. Going the opposite way. Look at his predictions over the last 3-4 weeks. All of his wave drawings have been completely invalidated from an OBJECTIVE elliot rule set. His counted wave 1s have been crossed by wave 4s. Look at STEEM, XRP, XVG, QTUM, RDD. Let’s just admit his wave count was incorrect. Moreover, other analysts on tradingview were calling for this scenario well before him. It’s pure covering your eyes if you’re going to convince yourself it’s not wrong. Sure, it’ll go up and likely hit his targets from here. But that’s because in a bull market it’s more likely to go up than not. However, to say he was not wrong when all his counts have been invalidated is just pure blindfolding yourself to the plain facts of what happened.

However, I fully expext when it does go up for people to start saying i was wrong “he’s a genius, he was completely right!”. Without looking at how completely revised and invalidated his previous wave counts were. We all forget the losers and promote the winners. Fully expecting a series of KABOOMS with no mention of the times it went the opposite way. This is the definition of confirmation bias.

. ,

Disclaimer: I’m just trying to play devil’s advocate. I like Haejin and appreciate the time he has put in to educate newbies. But just trying to point out that we should call a banana a banana and not an orange. Which i feel is what people are doing here with the calls he got wrong. Trying to call a banana an orange.

You're so nice for commenting on this post. For that, I gave you a vote!

Maybe too many coins to analyse and other things to do so quality of analyses has decreased. I have a feeling that these analyses were better like 1-2 months ago and that time he made much less updates than these days. Well we all make mistakes but people should do their own TA also and not just blindly follow. Other thing I didn't like was Bitconnect analyse. Most of the people knew it was a scam...

Yeah. Bitconnect. Lol. No dig but not looking at fundamentals and recommending a coin that is now clearly a scam and caput. Likely bitconnect owners now gonna go on the run and scoot off with all those people’s money. Pretty bad. Hope they get caught and brought to justice. Probably won’t though because of cryptos unregulated nature.

Then it may have a market cap $600billion ??

i have added post today morning about ripple price prediction, i found some picture of average % increase and decrease on one of the telegram group, is bit hard to belive for me that ripple might get to this price, but in crypto world anything can happen, if you are interested more about it, visit my steemit. Look at that pic.


Do you really think that's how the market works?? Learn some basics, don't just make or blindly follow cheesy predictions that make no sense whatsoever.

@lopa did i said that's it is my prediction or picture? i just share it and want to know what are people thoughts about it, i also mentioned in the post that is hard to believe to get to 15/16$ per ripple. anyway thanks for your comment

You're so nice for commenting on this post. For that, I gave you a vote!

Haha! Look at Bernie's little scam bot dropping in on @haejin's post. For those of you who don't know. rewardpoolrape account is berniesanders' all it does is spam these comments and then upvotes them with his bots. Go check the rewards on this account. Still think bernie is all that? He is raping the reward pool harder than @haejin ever will.

Please school us with all your experience, "18 yo student with no income and no trading experience."

"newbie who just joined the market about 6 days ago"

" first ever investment"

...and it's ripple ROFL.

"18 y/o university student from Belgium without any income"

That prediction is bit too far-fetched. How do you know that xrp will have such an extended third wave? How do you know that we won't have a extended correction?

Each time ripple spiked up, it formed an extended correction against Bitcoin. download (9).png

That would be awesome. Hope somebody can send me a Steem if this happens. Or maybe now.

Wow..... Please.... If Ripple goes to 15 that means that their market cap is same value as today whole crypto market cap....

That sounds entirely probable?

If banks actually adopt it, why the hell not

Would be nice, but I don't think banks would purchase ripple on the "open" market. But just straight from ripple labs, at a discounted price.

They are all working on coins of their own, a Japanese bank launched its own coin yesterday... so that's where were headed, what with the SWIFT consortium working intensely on creating an alternative to Ripple - banks don't accept outsiders IF THEY DON'T HAVE TO, because they need some bailing-out. So in that connection you might be correct about the discount ;)
In fact however, banks couldn't care less about the price of Ripple as they needn't buy it, only use it. It is a transfer token.

if "banks adopt it" that means we are analysing based on "NEWS" now, not TA, and honestly, i find it a bit exagirated , 500 marketcap? the entire crypto is fighting to hit one 800 for a year now, that means if ripple hits 600 billion, Bitcoin should be at least 2 trillions....

Exactly, that would mean that whole market cap is about to crash.... I mean there is possibility that it will reach that price , but right after we are going to crash hard.... Maximum market cap for crypto as we see it's 5trillion which is about 5% of global market cap, at this moment a lot of regulation , and stupid money will go away.... It will be massive crash before major companies in cryptospace will estabilish for good.

Elliott was a clever man who however did not create the universe. EW principles apply, but exotic happenings can entirely delay them in the time axis, or make them come undone.
For example, I doubt that the market would survive a nuclear war or an asteroid hit, though @haejin might observe that in the end, human psychology remains the same - oscillating between greed and angst.
While what we're witnessing now is just lots of additional waves being generated along with fear and loathing for a month, and then all simply resumes - as @haejin likes to say, the overall count will remainss the same.
As to market cap, it went up by about 1500% last year. Let that sink in.

The whole market cap will grow just like every year, it was only 25 billion total in 2015. Theoretically makes sense.

R.I.Pple the company doesn't even use XRP in their systems.

Nice charts but with this XRP I noticed that counting the waves wasn't accurate or it was wrong. I'm glad I trusted my own wave counting and sold at 3.13$ which was the 5th wave and not 3rd like it was counted in one earlier post.

Exactly. Seems you’re a better analyst even.

I'm not saying he's a scam, and I'm not advanced in economic trend following, but it is suspicious to me that @haejin never says a coin is tanking. Every drop is a healthy correction and every coin is ultimately going to explode. Look through his posts—they're always positive.

Note to many of you dummies, please look at the time frame of the charts. Price predictions are over a course of months etc. Not over the next few hours or few days. WAY too many "Imma get rich this week" traders. Crypto Exchange low trading fee's pretty much attracted these morons.

totally agree!!

muchas gracias por compartir tus análisis

That's really wonderful for digital currency

Ripple will die....

you honestly don't know what you are talking about. They have a contract with american express and moneygram. At one point Alibaba was trying to buy out moneygram. Go do your research so you wont sound ignorant or lose in a debate.

The goal of crypto is to be de-centralized. Idk why people invest in something that gives the power back to the bank, even though it will give you gains, but being centralized makes history repeat itself, banks will be in control over and over again.

Banks never lost control.

She’s so right ! Why banks want using crypto to exchange money between them. To make money.

I'm happy when it goes to 3$

marda tonne tafankardo ixserri hirrime

So for this to occur lets say xrp marketcap have to go all the way up to 581 billion? really? this is nonsense, i upvoted all your previous posts, not this

Will this be the same time frame when BTS hits $352 prediction? If so...I won't know what to do with all the money!

Pay capital gains!

theres several decentralized exchanges coming out. BTS better start making their interface better.

Yes , It's my favorite.

Yo man you used to make great content, but most of your post are clickbait-esque, surface level analysis. Can we all stop upvoting this? Steemit is suppose to promote quality content, not this. Maybe then he can step his game up.

haejin thanks for yours prrdictions :) new fan

very sound advice, much appreciated

Hey Haejin, I know I keep asking
but can you please markup SHND (Stronghands Coin)

It would be much apprecaited! it allow a lot of us to buy why its so low
if it has potential.

oohh c'mon, how i can trust ripple at 15$?

i would assume this by the end of the year?? But at this point, I was just looking for the 4 and 5 dollar mark which has not even happened yet!! The red sea of hell is quite unsettling!! I pray he is right. But I havent seen verge hit 40 cents either. And some of these other coins hit their mark. I wish we woulda saw that this dropping pattern happens like this the past 3 years now. I could have been in better shape to take profits and stay in the tether world til this all subsided. But on the positive , at least i never bought into the bitconnect thing.

Yeah and Haejin posted about targets for bitconnect recently calling for all time highs. Lol. Can’t wait for fundamentalist followers to come at me saying just you wait. It’ll come back and prove him right. Lol, pretty sure it’s clear now that its a ponzi scheme and the owners have run away with the money. But yeah, let’s not mention his wrong calls ay. In case it upsets our world view.


agree, like in 1 year dude

Im not gonna argue with 15 or higher!!!!

i would

But why?

Bit out of scale the analyzes, but i wouldent complain :) has some ripple

What about CIVIC (cvc) and Quantstamp (QSP) ?

You should post your XRP donation address since you are so bullish on it.

And what is next? Bitconnect tho 3000 usd?

I've been following these posts on Elliot waves for a while now and they all seem to follow a similar formula and none of them have been close to reasonable.

You pick a coin and make an outlandish headline claim to attract attention and then attempt to legitify it as some indicator.

Did you take into account what kind of market cap $15 would mean? There are several factors that make this claim extremely unlikely.

I have little bit knowldge about bitcoin
now i want to know about ripple by this news thanks to you

this is extremely optimistic ^^

Thanks for the update, u always carrying us along, kudos

Well we saw how that went haha. (December 2018 XRP $0.50)

I like most of your posts, and I respect your brain. But this time, I can't say I follow.

One problem with your analysis: it doesn't say WHEN Ripple will reach $15. Yes, it might happen in 5 years, but I don't like to wait so long. I am interested in what will happen in the next week, or two weeks.

To project to $15 in a few years, that is called "guessing". Your guess is as bad as mine.

And since the people at the top at Ripple like to make public statements to the effect that THEY DON'T LIKE their coin to have such speculation, and since they control the supply of Ripple (ie, it is not "mined" like other coins), I have to dismiss your projection as chicken feed.

Another thing: you are predicting to the penny... $15.44... It is more than enough to predict to the nearest dollar ($15.00)

You can't make a long term prediction to the penny.

@kimjongpoo is so sorry! I did not mean to offend poo! Doo doo forgive me??

Please stop spreading stupidity. There is no way xrp will hit those numbers short of the current entire market cap increasing by x25.

@kimjongpoo is so sorry! I did not mean to offend poo! Doo doo forgive me??

If you think Ripple is going anywhere near $15 you have lost the plot.

@kimjongpoo is so sorry! I did not mean to offend poo! Doo doo forgive me??

As I already have said, READY TO GO!
Ripple doesn't fit crypto philosophy but ... where BIG MONEY GOES ... I will go to take profit of the waves and get more chances for the future ...
This being said ... happy trading to anyone!

@kimjongpoo is so sorry! I did not mean to offend poo! Doo doo forgive me??

$15 ripple? Yeah. No. Not in 2020, not ever.

@kimjongpoo is so sorry! I did not mean to offend poo! Doo doo forgive me??

15.44 is some number... And I understand you are going with Wave 3 is 3.618 x w1 but maybe I don't really understand speculation on graphs.

Ripple right now:

Don't get me wrong I would greatly appreciate ripple going up so high. I just don't believe it.

@kimjongpoo is so sorry! I did not mean to offend poo! Doo doo forgive me??

Are you on Crack? Have you considered the total supply of XRP?? You can divide your price target by 5