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@ReviewMe Nice to meet you! I'm @dreemsteem 😊

beautiful Logo created especially for me by @jimramones, as a gift from @plushzilla


About Me:

Hi there! I am a Steemian that is absolutely in LOVE with Steem! How do I choose to wander around this Steemiverse? Mostly as the founder of the @welcomewagon community, born from a great conversation on the Witness Chat in the Steemit Ramble back on April 21, 2018. With the constant daily help of @bluefinstudios, @shadowspub, @saffisara and @eveningart, I believe this project will have a massive, positive, exponential ripple effect over time. We seek out Steemiverse diamonds (in the form of brand new Steemians), train them, support them, and give them our best tools to thrive here. When newbies thrive, we ALL thrive!

beautiful logo made by the amazing @penderis

I also enjoy writing fiction! I've written a fantasy YA story for our Steemiverse and will hopefully be releasing it in audio version soon with the help of my dear friend @krazypoet! If you'd like to get a taste of it, feel free to check it out HERE .


I'm located in Central California, but I'm anonymous (for now) on the blockchain. I do meetup with people, but only after I've known them for a while!

Contact Info:

my Weku blog


ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっWould you be so kind as to give me a review from your experience interacting with me on steemit.com?🤩

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😄Thank you so much for sharing your time and kind words with me! 😄




5 cred stars

@dreemsteem puts her heart and soul into the @welcomewagon and her brood of new Steemians. I rather expect no matter how big the brood gets... her heart will just keep growing with it.

Great work @dreemsteem.

Thank you so much @shadowspub! That just got me a little emotional <3 (everything with WW gets me emotional! hahahaha)

When I first met @dreemsteem the first thing I noticed was her Big ❤️ and the will to help others. And working with her in Welcome Wagon has giving me the privilege of getting to know her and se her go out of her way to help others and I've learned so much from her.
We all adore her for her amazing bubbly personality and she brings many laugh and together with @BluefinStudios we get a little nuts sometimes 😂😂hahaha

It's hard to really put into words about this woman cause she's just so AMAZING! 🌹
She brings so much to this platform and brings joy to anyone she meets!

She's talented, kindhearted, funny and she's like a mother who cares for her children 🤗
I admire her for so many reasons and You know I Love you sister and I can't belive how lucky I am to work with you and GO SAPPHIRE ❤️
Thank you for everything you brought to my life ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Oh my sister!!!!!!!!!!!! Sapphire FOREVER!!!!! I don't know how my life would be different without you and @bluefinstudios and @eveningart hehehehehe all our bathtime bubble fun LOLOLOL

April 21 - our friendiversary!!! hehehehe I will never forget that day because since then we've shared SO many things together. Laughter, tears, butthugs.... hahahahahahahahaha

and soon ??? soon???? a real hug??? oh i hope hope hope!

I thank you right back for all the love that you've given to me, my sissy!!! Thank you for this awesome review!!!

5 cred stars

@dreemsteem is like a Mother Hen who sits on many eggs and hatches them all, beautifully! When she is not spinning the wheels of the @welcomewagon, she spends her time on a variety of diverse activities including supporting PYPT on the @steemitramble Discord server, teaching us not to be wasteful, tantalizing us with her peppery goodness, happily uplifting others, and generally spreading positivity on the blockchain. We can only imagine what this lady is like in real-life, but we know she is an incredible asset to our lives on Steem! 😊

Oh my goodness, wow! That was the most amazing review I've ever seen!!!! I'm seriously touched! <3

And how special that you'd go back and actually highlight some of my personality traits in links to my blog?!?!?! that is so KITTYGIRL <3

hehe thank you so much!!!!

Hi hi! Oh I love this review system by @kaliju, had no idea it exists, just got to notice today ... so cooooooooool!!!


I hope it's right how I do it .... mhhhhh ... just paste ....????

My review, oh ... I think I have to write a new book then ... hahahaha

Dreemie is a most amazing, loving, caring person and surprises me every day with every aspect of her most wonderful character. Her writing is so beautiful and a huge inspiration to me. I LOVE Fireflies!!!!
And the Welcome Wagon, what a most amazing project, that spreads love every single day. .... I could go on for hours writing more and more ...
Oh my ... I just LOVE YOU, Dreemie!!! <3

5 cred stars

hahahahaha a new book!!!! LOL
Thank you @anutu!!!! I am so grateful always for your support and energy and care! Your DMs to me are always a lift and a hug!!! thank you for continued dedication to making WW amazing!!!! love you!!!

Definitely, I would LOVE to write a book about all the love and joy you grant all of us! That would be a very very big book. Mhhhh ... I think more ... that it will fill a whole library full of books!!!!!


5 cred stars

Simply a Dreem, to read her posts, and her work on the Platform

Thank you Sir <3 you're quite possibly the best in the whole wide sea!

...rethinking this review.
Your contact and posts are lacking lately.

But my comments aren't lol

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5 cred stars
@dreemsteem is very supportive of newcomers like me through @welcomewagon, and seems to have a knack for livening up the mood! Plus, she likes lego! => ****** six stars.

woo hoo for 6 stars!!!!!!!!! hehehehehe thank you so much @michel.speiser!!!! so kind of you to come over so fast! :)

5 cred stars

@dreeemsteem is not only a stellar content creator, but someone who works hard to help others succeed on the blockchain, find their network, and feel generally appreciated and encouraged. Five stars for sure!

Thank you my dear friend! (Poland, here we come?? hahahaha) I so appreciate your kind words and the love in DM today! and as you can see - i did upvote your comment - but because of what i told you in DM... its a pitiful upvote LOLOLOL but i think you love the heart behind it anyway! LOL <3

5 cred stars

Without a doubt, not only a pleasant patient wonderful person but also a formidable upstanding community member of the steemiverse - yo deserve a lot more than just 5 stars!!

You're amazing @breezin! I love your heart and soul!!!! Thank you for the encouragement and cheerleading and taking care of our boy :) hehehehehe love you lady! <3

Love you more ladybug!

5 cred stars
Glad you have found reviewme :) I have only ever heard good things about you and from you, so you get 5 stars from me!

Yes! I got to hear @kaliju talk about it today on Curation Corner! Wow - he's dynamic :)
Thank you for the 5 stars!!! I appreciate that from you so much (and as you can see - i still wear my logo proudly - thank you for that gift hehehehe)

5 cred stars
@dreemsteem is awesome!!! She is funny and kind and always available when someone needs help (namely me) :) @dreemsteem gives 100% effort into everything she does. She is also the most generous person I know!!

hehehehe i love that i'm available for you when you need help (and that you only have to remind me 15,837 times to find my design computer hahahahahaha) #am3gas for life!!!!!!!!

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