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@ReviewMe Nice to meet you! I'm @dreemsteem 😊

beautiful Logo created especially for me by @jimramones, as a gift from @plushzilla


About Me:

Hi there! I am a Steemian that is absolutely in LOVE with Steem! How do I choose to wander around this Steemiverse? Mostly as the founder of the @welcomewagon community, born from a great conversation on the Witness Chat in the Steemit Ramble back on April 21, 2018. With the constant daily help of @bluefinstudios, @shadowspub, @saffisara and @eveningart, I believe this project will have a massive, positive, exponential ripple effect over time. We seek out Steemiverse diamonds (in the form of brand new Steemians), train them, support them, and give them our best tools to thrive here. When newbies thrive, we ALL thrive!

beautiful logo made by the amazing @penderis

I also enjoy writing fiction! I've written a fantasy YA story for our Steemiverse and will hopefully be releasing it in audio version soon with the help of my dear friend @krazypoet! If you'd like to get a taste of it, feel free to check it out HERE .


I'm located in Central California, but I'm anonymous (for now) on the blockchain. I do meetup with people, but only after I've known them for a while!

Contact Info:

my Weku blog


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5 cred stars

@dreemsteem puts her heart and soul into the @welcomewagon and her brood of new Steemians. I rather expect no matter how big the brood gets... her heart will just keep growing with it.

Great work @dreemsteem.

Thank you so much @shadowspub! That just got me a little emotional <3 (everything with WW gets me emotional! hahahaha)

When I first met @dreemsteem the first thing I noticed was her Big ❤️ and the will to help others. And working with her in Welcome Wagon has giving me the privilege of getting to know her and se her go out of her way to help others and I've learned so much from her.
We all adore her for her amazing bubbly personality and she brings many laugh and together with @BluefinStudios we get a little nuts sometimes 😂😂hahaha

It's hard to really put into words about this woman cause she's just so AMAZING! 🌹
She brings so much to this platform and brings joy to anyone she meets!

She's talented, kindhearted, funny and she's like a mother who cares for her children 🤗
I admire her for so many reasons and You know I Love you sister and I can't belive how lucky I am to work with you and GO SAPPHIRE ❤️
Thank you for everything you brought to my life ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Oh my sister!!!!!!!!!!!! Sapphire FOREVER!!!!! I don't know how my life would be different without you and @bluefinstudios and @eveningart hehehehehe all our bathtime bubble fun LOLOLOL

April 21 - our friendiversary!!! hehehehe I will never forget that day because since then we've shared SO many things together. Laughter, tears, butthugs.... hahahahahahahahaha

and soon ??? soon???? a real hug??? oh i hope hope hope!

I thank you right back for all the love that you've given to me, my sissy!!! Thank you for this awesome review!!!

5 cred stars

@dreemsteem is like a Mother Hen who sits on many eggs and hatches them all, beautifully! When she is not spinning the wheels of the @welcomewagon, she spends her time on a variety of diverse activities including supporting PYPT on the @steemitramble Discord server, teaching us not to be wasteful, tantalizing us with her peppery goodness, happily uplifting others, and generally spreading positivity on the blockchain. We can only imagine what this lady is like in real-life, but we know she is an incredible asset to our lives on Steem! 😊

Oh my goodness, wow! That was the most amazing review I've ever seen!!!! I'm seriously touched! <3

And how special that you'd go back and actually highlight some of my personality traits in links to my blog?!?!?! that is so KITTYGIRL <3

hehe thank you so much!!!!

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Hi hi! Oh I love this review system by @kaliju, had no idea it exists, just got to notice today ... so cooooooooool!!!


I hope it's right how I do it .... mhhhhh ... just paste ....????

My review, oh ... I think I have to write a new book then ... hahahaha

Dreemie is a most amazing, loving, caring person and surprises me every day with every aspect of her most wonderful character. Her writing is so beautiful and a huge inspiration to me. I LOVE Fireflies!!!!
And the Welcome Wagon, what a most amazing project, that spreads love every single day. .... I could go on for hours writing more and more ...
Oh my ... I just LOVE YOU, Dreemie!!! <3

5 cred stars

hahahahaha a new book!!!! LOL
Thank you @anutu!!!! I am so grateful always for your support and energy and care! Your DMs to me are always a lift and a hug!!! thank you for continued dedication to making WW amazing!!!! love you!!!

Definitely, I would LOVE to write a book about all the love and joy you grant all of us! That would be a very very big book. Mhhhh ... I think more ... that it will fill a whole library full of books!!!!!


5 cred stars

Simply a Dreem, to read her posts, and her work on the Platform

Thank you Sir <3 you're quite possibly the best in the whole wide sea!

...rethinking this review.
Your contact and posts are lacking lately.

But my comments aren't lol

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5 cred stars
@dreemsteem is very supportive of newcomers like me through @welcomewagon, and seems to have a knack for livening up the mood! Plus, she likes lego! => ****** six stars.

woo hoo for 6 stars!!!!!!!!! hehehehehe thank you so much @michel.speiser!!!! so kind of you to come over so fast! :)

5 cred stars

@dreeemsteem is not only a stellar content creator, but someone who works hard to help others succeed on the blockchain, find their network, and feel generally appreciated and encouraged. Five stars for sure!

Thank you my dear friend! (Poland, here we come?? hahahaha) I so appreciate your kind words and the love in DM today! and as you can see - i did upvote your comment - but because of what i told you in DM... its a pitiful upvote LOLOLOL but i think you love the heart behind it anyway! LOL <3

5 cred stars

Without a doubt, not only a pleasant patient wonderful person but also a formidable upstanding community member of the steemiverse - yo deserve a lot more than just 5 stars!!

You're amazing @breezin! I love your heart and soul!!!! Thank you for the encouragement and cheerleading and taking care of our boy :) hehehehehe love you lady! <3

Love you more ladybug!

5 cred stars
Glad you have found reviewme :) I have only ever heard good things about you and from you, so you get 5 stars from me!

Yes! I got to hear @kaliju talk about it today on Curation Corner! Wow - he's dynamic :)
Thank you for the 5 stars!!! I appreciate that from you so much (and as you can see - i still wear my logo proudly - thank you for that gift hehehehe)

5 cred stars
@dreemsteem is awesome!!! She is funny and kind and always available when someone needs help (namely me) :) @dreemsteem gives 100% effort into everything she does. She is also the most generous person I know!!

hehehehe i love that i'm available for you when you need help (and that you only have to remind me 15,837 times to find my design computer hahahahahaha) #am3gas for life!!!!!!!!

5 cred stars

She all and everything Steem could hope to have as a person on the blockchain.

Thank you Snookie Snook! hehehehe I love you (and now i'm giggling thinking of your giggling... that was fast LOLOL)

5 cred stars

she's very generous with her time in Welcome Wagon, helping new accounts

Thanks @imagestudio! :) I try very hard to be :)

5 cred stars

@dreemsteem consistently outperforms other leading brands for engagement, her jokes are legendary and she can talk nearly as much as she writes!

#thealliance #witness

5 cred stars5 cred stars
5 cred stars5 cred stars
5 cred stars5 cred stars
5 cred stars5 cred stars
5 cred stars5 cred stars

its 50 stars!!!!! hahahahha

Of course its gonna be 50 stars!

To us, she is more than family, we may not be blood related, but to us you will always be our our big sister me and @twodorks.. we the the WW Triplets! We all look-up to her big time

Miss @dreemsteem is the most beautiful, kind, loving and generous steemian I have ever met! There is no one like her. She has the biggest heart of all, could probably fit an entire football stadium in it! hahahahha.. Her wit and humor has always been music to our ears.

We at the WW Family @welcomewagon are forever grateful for adopting us all and giving us home. She has given herself unconditionally to all of us and expecting nothing in return. She just love to give and share everything she can. She will and always continue to reach out to others, that is what she is made of, always caring for others. That is why we love her thissssssssssssssssssssssss much!

Words arent enough to rate you! If HUGS and KISSES can fly, you had been swarmed! hahahahaha

love you lots ate dreem!!!!!!!!

PS.. ate means big sister! Mwaaaaaah

Hahaha i love the 50 stars!! ✨

hahahahaha i loved the 50 stars too!!!! she is so crazy!!! LOLOL
I love you too our Queenie!!! I'm so glad that you bring your fun and light and joy to our house! hehehehe you know what they told me??? "Maquemali is Dreemie, Jr" heheheheheheh I LOVED THAT! Because when I see you - i'm like I LOVE HER!!!!!!!!! and to know that I'm like you????? that's such a great feeling hehehehehe

and i love "ate" <3 heehehehe i will treasure this word!!! (and ill learn how to pronounce it perfectly for when I come to see you hehehehehe)
Thank you for always cheerleading for WW - and for me!!!

You mean the world to me <3
i love you sissy!!

Hahahahahaha... actually in my mind i wanted 100 stars! 🤣😂

Really, we will collect all the stars for you ate dreem! Hey im getting the hang of calling you that! Hahahaha I only have a few ATEs and i dont use that term much, but calling you that feels soooooooo good!

Oh my! Im a Dreemie Jr??! 😮😮😄... hahaha im flattered to be seen as a little you.. but i am not as half as amazing as you are cuz you are amazing in every way..

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LOLOLOL i'm loving it too!!!! Ate Dreemie!!!! hehehehee and yep - the three triplet sisters are sooooooooooo much alike! hehehehe its why we keep the WW house hoppin! LOLOLOL

and bouncing
and lots of noise hahahahahaha

Hahahahaha yes we truly are.. i love it too! And sooooooo true we are the loudest in the WW House.. 🤣🤣..

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5 cred stars
@dreemsteem is always the go-to person I know for any random questions, and has helped me improve my own content on countless occasions. Frankly, I don't know how she manages the sheer volume of interaction with individual users that she does.

DAPPER FOR LIFE. hahahaha Thank you @rhethypo!!! hm. funny, sometimes I don't know how I manage either. LOL
actually - sometimes i dont' manage so well at all LOL

It's been a joy getting to know you, reading your amazing DAPPER story hehehehe, and watching you comment more and more (i really really love going to other people's post and seeing your comments there. i don't acknowledge them anymore cuz i thought you would start to get annoyed - but i DO see them. hehehehe and i love them!)
thanks for the review!
oh - one more thing...


carry on

I don't know dreemsteem very well but I can say that the short time I've known her has been enough to convince me that she's exactly the kind of person I would love to know better. The comments from all the people here who know and love her speak volumes louder than what I could say, and I know and trust many of them. So without hesitation, here are 5 stars for her! =)

5 cred stars

I give you 1 star - for writing ability.
1 star for engagement.
1 star for community building.
1 star for creativity.
1 star because - owls.
So 5 total. Love you Dreemy🤗🤩😍😎

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Edit: https://steemitimages.com/0x0/http://bit.ly/5credstars

oops ... @enginewitty you forgot to add the code to show the stars LOL

Ha ha woops, done and done 😎

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five star 5 cred stars

This is so great to see you at it full force! We haven't chatted in awhile! How are you? I LOOOOVE the logo. I love that you wrote a steem story! Where's the link to that? I love that you are still going strong.

p.s. This is @littlescribe. Just realized I posted with my steemmonstershow key. Woops.

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!! how are you???? yes - wrong key LOL i do that often with the WW key too hahahahaha

if you scroll up - i didn't make the link for the story flashy enough to stand out! i have to work on that ! hahaha

Here is chapter 2 (but you'll see a link for chapter 1 in the beginning. unfortunately, chapter 1 doesn't have a "continue to chapter 2" link.... so it's best to give out this way! all the other chapters let you continue forward hehehe) hope you like it :)

and yep - still going strong my dear! how are you! thriving in the steem monsters world??? i just got my brand new mic so that I can do my Selenia Sky quips when they come out! hehehehe

Ha. Are you for real, me review you?

What can ye say about Dreemsteem. Hmm. I really don't have a feckin clue, I do not know her tat well. Not on a personal level anyway. She does impress me though.

Probably many people will tell you about the things she writes about or how she writes. That aint my thing, I would have no clue how to say that, It would be like, Yea Well Dreem she promotes stuff and writes posts. Then it trails off to your imagination. I do know The Welcome Wagon is one of her projects and she assists new member with integration into the Steem chain and Steemit platform.

I assume you already know all that stuff though.

I know Dreem mainly from promotion shows, where I get to know most of the people I do get to know.

So. Dreem, Yes If nothing else you should hear her talk. preferably about something good, Hearing the excitement in her voice when she talks about her projects is an experience everyone should have. The positive charge in her expression of the project will sweep you along with it before you know you are going.

She puts more work into what she does than I know about.
If I had one word to describe Dreemsteem it would be

5 cred stars

Just like the quality she puts out.

hahahahaha thank you Jan!!!! You made me laugh from the beginning (like you do in just about every show where I see you/hear you) hahahahahah Even without knowing me personally, I'm touched by the things that you said about me - especially the positive charge!!! :) I always hope to get people excited about things, but I don't always think I do a good job hahahahaa so "inspirational" is a really special compliment to me :)

Thank you so much for taking the time to write this review for me :)

5 cred stars

Of course I will 5 stars! The amount of heart @dreemsteem gives is incredible, and the amount of time she gives to the blockchain is...well I just don't know how she does it!

With all the ups and downs on Steemit, she has consistently fought her way through. Creating things like The Welcome Wagon because she saw a need is what makes her really stand out. She also has an ability to surround herself with good people that share her vision and give support.

5 cred stars

There are really not enough words to express how I feel about @dreemsteem. She has a heart of gold, a giving spirit and infectious giggles. Her loving and generous personality always shines in her posts... she motivates, she inspires and she's genuine. Not only is she an awesome Steemian, she's a wonderful human and the best friend one could ask for.

Monchieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hehehehehe oh my gosh. first off. am3gas for life. ok - yep. now that we got that out of the way. hahahahahaha

do you still think about how we first met???? i do!!!!!!! LOLOL my Bee with the stinger! hahahaha yes indeed! and you sure did sting ;) I'm so glad that we've had the blessing of watching our friendship develop over... wow - so long girl. LOL we are coming up on our year!!!! yipes! LOL we old. hahahahahaha

I can't wait until New Zealand happens. and it IS happening. as soon as we ride our Steemit rocket to the moon!!! LOL i love you monchie <3 thank you for being you!!!

@dreemsteem yea she is my special lady, she is able to help people out in ways I never knew people could online. Well at least till I met her, we got to know each other pretty personally without judgment and she knows my ups and downs dont define who I am but make me a stronger person as well as she knows in her own right.
I dont know but she is simply inspiring as a person I have come to know. I dont know how she has the time to be there for everyone like she does, but it seems she has with all these wonderful steemians and the community in general. She is mine lol, she will have a special place always as a good friend no matter if we ever met in real life or not, but we live close and I think we are planning to one day to do a steem meetup. I may cry when I meet such a wonderful human being. Geez talk about being reviewed. Just keep being you my dear friend. And keep inspiring and I'm happy to know you.
Let's do this audiobook and enjoy the ride it takes us on. Your words are amazing I love your talent. BE WELL DREEMY


Oh my goodness!!!!!!! This is like Christmas.. waking up to a message like this!!!!!!! Thank you J!!!! 😊 I hope we DO meet up in person soon!!!! cuz I feel the same way! I will probably laugh and then cry and then laugh again! 😂😂😂😂😂 And my friend... You have been there for me (also without judgment... And with PERFECT understanding!!!) in ways that are too complex to write here . But we don't need to write it! Cuz we get it! ♥️
Glad we can lift each other when the trials come. It's such a blessing to have friends like you.
Steemit mini meetup... Happening after the holidays??? Hehehee let's do it lol
And audiobook... YES. so much yes. I'm terrified and excited and wheeeeeee!!! Lolololol
Love to you my @krazypoet!!! 😊

5 cred stars
@dreemsteem is a true star!! With her big heart and natural inclination to nurture, she takes her time to make steemit a better place for everyone! Mind you she is a tad bit nuts but that's why we love her! She brings the fun and its why she is loved by so many! My steem mommy gets 5 stars!!

Awwwww how sweet to say I'm only a tad nuts!!! See? This is the kind of loyalty we have in WW!!! 😂😂😂😂 They overlook the full-on-crazy and just pay no nevermind to the lunacy of the day. Hehehehe

Fun is necessary!!!!! If we have to wear straitjackets to a dinner party...so be it! Hahahaha thank you Mimi ♥️♥️♥️ I love the giggles you bring daily..and I love those sweet glimpses of the other sides that I get to peek at too!!!

Hahahaha i didn't want to let the cat out of the bag!! Was trying to leave you with some integrity but you can't be let out by yourself it seems!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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oh.... they can't contain me in the asylum, Mimi.

they try. but i break out regularly. I never go far, mind you. Just to have tea with the mice in the attic. Tea in the attic is quite nice. you should try it sometime.

as a matter of fact - join me! Mice are soft, but horrible conversationalists.

Mice give good cuddles though. Sometimes when i lay awake in my straight jacket, i find them kind of comforting!!!

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5 cred stars

When I first met @dreemsteem, we were out at sea... charting a destination to treasure. It had been a long trip and much of the crew were starving and ready for it to be done with.

That is when the cyclone surged upon our vessel and made our frigate seem like a row boat. Our mast was snapped and our ship was set adrift at sea.

After one month of slowly wasting on the briney sea, @dreemsteem shared with me that she had a lemon hidden away. As a result, we were the only survivors of that ill fated voyage because all other crew members died of scurvy.

"Two thumbs up! Great Gal!"

Oh my goodness... How did you remember so many details????? My mind was so fragile at that time I didn't even remember the lemon until it was almost too late.
But @doctorcrypto! When I realized it.... There wasn't even a moment's hesitation!!! I knew it would be you and me that would survive that tragedy! Why? Hmm why indeed. Do you remember the first day? Your kindness when others had none??? Who knew that simple act would save your life!

And so I am PROUD to be your lemon lifesaver!!!!! Proud, I say! He was the one to live! The others... Well, if they lived past that shark attack....that wasnt for me to decide. Down to Davy Jones, with their cruel, salty souls!

What a past we've had, my friend. 🍻Here's to the adventures to come. (But throw a gobbo at me one more time, and we might have a difference of opinion.) ☠️

Is this real?!!?

She will forever be known as my lemon lifesaver.

Lemons for life!!!!

(Like.... For real!)

Is @doctorcrypto's story real? Which part @kaliju?

I will say there at least one part that may be a tad embellished. But I can say this...

There is a reason why my name is Capt'n Dreemsteem in the Ramble.

You might have to verify that with @shadowspub or @enginewitty.

That's all I can say on the matter.

yes below that kind loving nature is a fearsome scalliwag

5 cred stars

What can I say! The founder of the on boarding community @welcomewagon and purveyor of quality humour (?), @dreemsteem is a great addition to the Steem platform. Infectious good naturedness coupled with genuine desire to help others, she is an easy 5 star recommendation from me!

Bengy....I am confused about one teeeeeeny part of that review

Just a small little punctuation matter really.

The (?)

Now, I just don't see how my jokes are not the epitome of humor??? Ask @c0ff33a and @saffisara!!!!! They laugh continually at with me!

By the way, my friend dated a a cross-eyed girl until he found out she was seeing someone on the side.

(See??? Come on!!!!!!!!)

Hmmm'm.... Must have been an autocorrect mistake, probably predicts that now after seeing the words dreemsteem and humour in the same sentence (?)... See! Definitely your jokes are the e-PIT-ome of humour, ha ha... Now I'm laughing at my own jokes... Great..

That cross eyes joke did make me just laugh out in the bus though....


hi there - can you do me a favor? Can you take off those large images? I appreciate the visit and resteem - but it's actually spam what you're doing. You always need to ask permission before you drop things like that on a page

The upvote and resteem were enough. Advertising in another person's comment section is considered spam.

5 cred stars

This is for all the inspiration you are, the support you give, the help you provide, the content you create and the quality standards you set. Reviewed, hugged and kissed.

I love you my beautiful radio star!!!!! Hehhehee

You are such a bright beam of shining light! Your writing is so colorful and your Bulgarian Americanisms make me crack up!!!!! Lololol I'm so glad that we snatched you up for the WW tribe because we would definitely be missing out on all that creative wild energy that you bring!!!!! Hehehe and that just couldn't stand! Who else would sing Russian songs with me????? 😂😂😂😂😂
Thank you for this review!!!! Made me smile from ear to ear ♥️

Thank you! I love to hear good things about me...
Here is another one for you: "Your granny's sloes!", Bulgarian pronounciation [babinata ti trankina], meaning: "Ah, Rubbish!"

I need to memorize this one!!!!!! LOLOLOLOLOL
I love it! Hahahhahahaa

5 cred stars

Dreemie is such a sweet lady! She has a heart for the platform and the people here (especially the newbies) and it's from that heart that the WW family was born and ever since then, she has given her all to make it work😊. She is always willing to help and others grow. How awesome?

And oh, she writes amazing stories too, stories that are always worth reading, stories from the heart.

She is one of those steemians that add value to the platform, and we sure do need more people like her here...🤗

Darling Audrey.... Hmm this little "child" of mine has so much inside her and I can't wait until it unleashes... Because we are going to all be blown away!!! Already your mind is so insightful and clear... But I know you have so much more just churning deep inside you... Waiting. I'm waiting patiently, love ♥️♥️♥️

Thank you for your review!!! It means so much that I get to love on our Tribe 😊
And when I'm down and depleted of energy... I love how you all look after me!!!!! Hehehehe
Thank you for being your constant steady special self! I have such admiration for your spirit!!!

😊🤗❤ i am so glad to be that little child! #smiles

So happy to have met you, Dreem! You are such an amazing person. You have showered us with so much love...

5 cred stars Five stars are surely not enough to describe @dreemsteem's impact on Steemit universe. I would have to add a few more dozens ;0) Her dedication, enthusiasm, energy and care are simply amazing!

Thank you my sweet friend!!!! One of these days.... I need to meet you and my little artist!!! hehehee I would have to sit there and just be marveling at his talent and passion that he acquired from his momma!!!!! Every time we interact its always a joy! ♥️ Thank you for taking the time to write a review! Its like a hug across the miles heheheh

5 cred stars I am absolutely head over heels taken with you! You have taught me so much and you have helped Scott and I find our voice in this Steemy Universe. Thank you so very much for being the wonderful person you are . You are my example, my go to person; but most of all, my friend.

ok. now you people are trying to make me cry! i just know it. hahhhahaha

Ren!!!!!!!!! (and of course your partner in crime Scott! hehehehe) What a special surprise you two turned out to be - you're like the gift that keeps on giving!!!! Every time I turn around you have a new idea (some have to wait Ren... hahahahaha we can't do it all! LOLOLOL) but some I just have to jump on right away!

Your curation project has been AMAZING and I'm so loving that it lightens our loads - you just have no idea!!!! And your posts are such high quality! I keep saying - they could be in a textbook! LOL or a brochure for the places you visit! LOLOL

Thank you for everything you've said - and I treasure your friendship!!!!! (both of you!)

Where do I begin? Dreemsteem you aren’t just a friend I found here on steemit. I consider you my "a-tè", just like my real a-tè @maquemali you are someone I seek for an approval and opinion whenever I need someone’s advice. I don’t usually do that to anybody unless you’re a family.

When you took me in to be a part of WW, I thought it was because of my sister’s influence. But you made sure that I won’t get the wrong idea. You are also the best cheerleader 📣 on steemit. You didn’t judge me for what I can only offer but you pushed me to become better. You’re kindness is insanely overflowing not just to me!

Eventhough you have a lot of friends here on steemit you never forget to DM me & check up on me. I really feel spoiled by you already hehehe I’m not complaining! I love it that you care so much for your little sister. Thank you!!! Love you to the moon and back!!

Five stars isn’t enough although I’d give you all the stars tonight if I could.. Keep shining dreemie!!! 💫

5 cred stars

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Awwwww how sweet of you!... see it wasnt sooo bad!.. you just need to be pushed over the cliff to let this side of you out! 🤣😂

Well done sister! Im sure our Ate @dreemsteem is in tears right now! Hahahahahahahaha

We love you ate! Yes right, keep shining cuz when you shine we shine.. ⭐🌟⭐🌟⭐🌟⭐

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Hahaha i tried not to punch a line! Buhahahaha! It’s so hard to be serious!!! Hahahahhhhaha

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Hahahahahahaha whats wrong with punching a line?? 🤣😂 punch a curve next time!

Life is too serious to be serious! Smile a little laugh often..

Hahahahahahah humogot!

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Cracking up at you two!!!!!!! Lolololol

As long as she is listening to one of her ates..... That's all that matters !!! Cuz we are both smarty-pants like Mimi! Hahhahahaha

Hahahahhahahaha we are a craziest bunch..

Yes listening is very important.. take note of the @twodorks! Dont be deaf-headed! Hahahahahaha

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oh my sissy! :)

that's right - it wasn't because of Queenie... You stood on your own, and even when you tried (and still try!!!) to tell me that you're not good enough (silly girl!) I have to remind you to look around at what you're doing!!!! do you know how hard it is to make a challenge go around Steemit???? IT IS SO HARD. and look at you!!! you did it so easily! You know why? Because people love you! They love your energy and your giggles and the way you love so easily!

You bring joy!!! and yes i check up on you! hehehehe I worry about my sis when I dont hear from you :)

Thank you for making my night so special - I'm reading all these reviews and feeling so much love!!! I love you Princess :)

Oh yesssssss! She nailed the challenge so easy and without so much promotion! I guess the connection of friends of friends of friends works.. and people are sooooooooo game to do the challenge eagerly!

She truly had made a name for herself. That i am proud of her.. and truly grateful for you have never ceased to guide our little sister.. Sometimes, she listens to you more than to me.. hahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Thanks ateeeeeeeeeeeee! 😙

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5 cred stars

I don't know anyone who works harder for the Steemit community than @dreemsteem.

If there were any way that I could push @dreemsteem and @welcomewagon to the Trending page here, I would do it because that's where she belongs...

And--I have to boast just a little-- @dreemsteem is here because of me. ;)



ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLL I certainly AM here because of you!!!!!!! I love it! hahahahaha Thank you for the review but more importantly thank you for the love. and guess what?!?!?!?!

PACKAGE ARRIVED TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm so excited!!!!! i will be sure to show you what i create my dearest friend <3

I'm glad to hear the package is there... because I've been wrestling with another post office horror story today! :O

I'll tell you all about it sometime...

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5- start steemian right here! We've only met briefly yesterday but I have to say, it doesn't take long to recognize a beautiful soul! Love your content and your #reviewme is outstanding - one of the best! so beautiful and neat it almost looks like a resume - I hope you use your review me post link to allow people to get to know you better in the future - we need more people like you and I'm confident when I say this looking at others' feedback here. Thanks!

Thank you so much! Oh yes - I already have the code saved and ready to go on my posts!!! :) I so appreciate you coming to check out my reviewme! and thanks for reading through the reviews! I have a lot of special friends on this platform!!! :) love this community! Thanks again for the great show today!

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What? I can only give out 5 stars? That is not enough for this shining oddly firefly-like star here on Steemit!!
@dreemsteem is positive energy all around and she is helping so many newbies to not only have a good first impression, but to learn the ropes and to thrive on this platform.
And she is a great friend!! So, I am going to add a few extra starts for her at the end here 😀

10000 x 5 cred stars

That is what she is in my book!! An at least 50000 star kind of a girl!

I avoided reading the other comments so I don't get influenced by the other opinions about you.

Well, @dreemsteem, I met you just a couple days ago. From the conversations we've had so far and from hearing you talking on the Curation Corner we co-participated, all I can say for now is that you've got a big heart, you care about others, which for me is a 10/10.

I'm still in the proccess of knowing you and my mission is to discover who is the person behind the keyboard hahaha.

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Okay dreem, no worries. I unfollowed and removed my upvote. My upvote and resteem service will be provided to members regularly that do not mind a small promotion in my comment. I see nothing wrong with self-promotion and am anti censorship of any kind and thus believe the ability to downvote something into being less visible is terrible, tyranical and defeats the whole point to a blockchain, immutable record social media. That said, I very much respect others right to not be advertised to once they express the desire to not have it.

Please also remember that SPAM truly just stands for Super Potent Alpha Males.

Take care!

I will now also be muting all the downvoters so that I never see their messages again. We all have the right to choose to mute something for ourselves, but when we try to remove other people's access or ease of visibility to information we have become a bad person.

Interestingly, SPAM comes form old online communities, and the Monty Python sketch about SPAM.
The techniques do rive unwanted comments in forums was to reply SPAM many times (like the Monty Python sketch), to d
rive is down

Haha, very interesting indeed. But I prefer super potent alpha males...

Thank you so much @hobo.media

I think if you had asked - it probably would have been something that we could have discussed :) Always best to ask first. I am very specific about the content that i put in my posts and comments :) And those images were extremely massive. LOL Advertising on someone else's page is usually pretty frowned upon without knowing the person very well!

And hmmmm I am pretty Alpha. I'm also Super. Extremely Potent!!!


female :)

you also take care! wish you the best on Steemit as you move forward in respect and grace!

p.s. downvoting does not remove the comment. and anyone who would like to see your content can easily reveal it. The point of the blockchain is not to allow people to use their influence to be forced onto people. Graffiti can be beautiful - or irritating. Your advertising, as colorful as it is, would be lovely on your own page! I prefer my page to be without it. :)

Terrible and tyrannical? hmmm a bit much, I think. lol

And in response your mute, I think that is a wonderful right that we all have to use. I also think it's a wonderful right for fellow Steemians to use their right to downvote unwanted SPAM - that's actually not just a right, but a responsibility of all Steemians to use. You see, @hobo.media, the right to protect one's own space flows both ways. You can't abuse other's rights while expecting to walk around shouting "tyranny" when you're trampling their rights. I'm thankful that @shadowspub, @bluefinstudios, and @eveningart (and also @ethandsmith who followed a flag that was removed, but Steemit mistakenly had it turned into an upvote when the flag was removed) took the time to use their flags judiciously. If they choose to remove their flags now that you deleted the content, that's up to them. I'm also positive it would be an act of grace on their part and not your mute that drove them to it.

I seriously hope that you can adjust your methods from this experience. I've not been unkind to you. I'm trying to help you to be a better Steemian. If you have things to advertise - by all means - do so from your own page, or with permission - on others. It's a fairly simple concept to adopt.

Also, I certainly hope that @kaliju is watching to see that you're not following ALL reviewme posts with your spamming. That would be unfortunate if you were.

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@dreemsteem is a wonderful gal with a huge heart. I have known her online for quite some time. Her resume includes, but is not limited to the following...

  • Patience
  • Empathy
  • Edification
  • Coaching...

...and the list goes on!

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Dreemsteem has the biggest heart and the most amazing capacity for generosity I've ever come across- whether here on the blockchain or in real life.

Her ability to scoop people up, nurture and strengthen them and makinging sure they find their real home here on Steemit is truly awesome. I have her and the Welcome Wagon to thank for so much... but I think that goes for so many of us.

Dreem is an incredible content creator, creative whirl wind, mentor and friend.

E xx

5 cred stars

Since knowing @dreemsteem she has always been more for other people than herself I guess that we share the same passion that we determine our success on other people and not on our own successes. She has done an amazing job, with previous contents and heading the way for welcome wagon and continues to do so.

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I met @dreemsteem for the first time yesterday.

I'm a newbie, 9 days old to be exact, and I have been stumbling around this new steemiverse trying to work out which way is up.

The great thing is that while I have been stumbling, there have been some kind-hearted souls looking out for me (thanks @xcountytravelers) and bit by bit laying out breadcrumbs for me to follow.

The breadcrumbs led me to discord and steemit ramble and @dreemsteem. Finally, my feet touched the ground.

I'm not going to say that I understand everything yet, but it was a beautiful feeling to meet such a warm and welcoming community.

@dreemsteem I believe this is the start of a beautiful friendship. It's been lovely to read some of your posts, look through @welcomewagon's work and generally get to know you a little.

If this is what steem is about, then I'm happy I've found my way here.

you are discovering the beginnings of what community can be all about, here!

I hope I'm not late for this!
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You can't know who @dreamsteem is but, reading her posts, you can see how loving and lovely she is. You can tell how smart, thoughtful and full of live she is. You can only be amazed by how selfless and inspiring she is <3 <3 <3
We love you here dreemie ^_^

Hazem!!!! Never too late my friend!!! How are you???? I just spoke about you the other day hehehe, were your ears ringing??? :)
Thank you for your sweet words.. I love you right back! ♥️ Let's DM soon?? (Maybe today??) Hehehehe

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