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Who loves Kimchi?

I do! I do!

Finally, @monchhichi23 - I'm getting my post about kimchi! hehehehe (even though I tried really hard to be a..... you know what. LOL shake your head in disgust when you say it! - but no! i'm not! I'm posting - see????)

First, let me say - I have the BEST recipe from Maangchi to make this! You can certainly go use her recipe - but don't you want to see if a regular person can make it? I knew you did! And yeah - I guess I did make some alterations to her recipe - but I think she's ok with it! You know why? ALL great recipes go by FEEL, and TASTE, and SMELL....


Ok - so here are the basics! Do as you see fit with them. I will never judge.

Napa cabbage


Daikon radish

green onion

leek (sorry - didn't have it. I'm a rebel I just used more of the stalks of the green onions and it was great!)

salted squid (yeah i totally would do this. but didn't have it. see above rebellious statement)

Kimchi MAGIC paste (mmmmm so delicious and spicy. Recipe below!)

Ok first. Chop up the cabbage, salt it and toss it all around (I use a big storage container that I ONLY use for Kimchi. So much easier than trying to do this in a bowl!) Every 30 minutes, toss it again. The salt will draw out the water and wilt that cabbage down significantly.

THIS MIDDLE PICTURE is me shaming my camera. I swear to you, @shadowspub - this picture was fine!! But I use a funny setting - so that it takes the picture and then when you move it - it SECRETLY takes it again...mocking you. Ridiculing you. So, dear camera - I'm flipping the tables and showing the world what a stupid camera you are. Sorry! but it had to be done! After 90 minutes - the cabbage will be reduced by half, as it wilts! That's osmosis, baby!

While that's happening - you can start making your magic kimchi paste!

Make a little porridge with your sweet rice flour (1/2 cup) and water (3 cups). Boil for 5 minutes. Add 1/4 cup of sugar until it's dissolved and then put it aside in the fridge to cool.

Then... you're gonna grind all these ingredients up in a food processor or blender. 1 cup of garlic (Remember how I showed you how to peel all those lovely garlics? check out this fast way!!!!) a thumb sized portion of ginger, 1 small onion. Grind that all up until it looks like the last pic!

Add 1 cup of fish sauce (this stuff - do NOT get it on your skin... or else!!! I'm just telling you. DON'T. It is super funkadelic) and 2.5 cups of Korean red pepper flakes. You can get whatever kind of pepper flakes you want but I get these cuz you're supposed to!!!!! so.... be rebellious if you like. Here is my bag!

Mix it until it turns into this beautiful magic kimchi paste. And it doesn't matter if you have too much! Just put aside anything you don't use into the freezer! And its ready for morrrrrre cabbage later!

Then, you're gonna want to julienne some veggies. Would you like to take all day to do this? Or a few minutes. Right - here is how you do it in a few minutes!!! (remember that tip?)

After you're finished with the onions... don't you dare throw them away! What should you do with them? HERE! HERE! LOOK HERE!

Now you can either mix the paste into the julienned veggies, AND THEN add to the cabbage. Or put it all together and mix! I like the second way. I don't know why - i just do. I use gloves. You should probably also use gloves.

Now, you can eat this IMMEDIATELY if you want. But every day, it shall become even more glorious as it ferments. Think sauerkraut! That flavor just intensifies and gets a bit more sour. mmmmmm!!!

So so so so good. And here's the thing.... You can go out and buy that kimchi that you've seen in the grocery store if you really want to! But I swear - it will NOT be as delicious as what you just made. Don't be afraid of making lots! It lasts a long time - and fermented veggies are SO amazingly beneficial to the health of your gut! YAY FOR PROBIOTICS!

Maangchi - thank you for changing my life! hehehehe


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I love how you broke up your posts for each thing and your photos are GREAT!! even the shamed one LOLLL

But YOU have fun making this and I will just live without it in my life and tell people that if THEY want to make it I know where a great recipe is LOLL

this way we are BOTH happy! "D

hahahahahahahaha - yes -I tried really hard to shame my camera. but i don't think he cared in the least. He will still probably mess with me occasionally! LOLOL

oh snook! you never had kimchi before?!?!?!?! my goodness - you're missing out! but if you won't make it. at least you'll pass on the marketing for me! hahahahahahahaha

and then we will BOTH be happy for sure! LOLOLOL

Thanks ALOT for guilting me into making this on PYPT! ARG! Ok.... I guess there will be a kimchee making and tasting party post in my future. Maybe my distant future 😋



well if you don't like it when it gets really fermented ... and tart...

fresh is still REALLY good

and just adjust the spices! you don't need 2.5 cups of pepper flakes unless you like spice! hehehe

ok i'm so happy i guilted you! LOLOL hahahahaha CALLED OUT ON PYPT!!!! ;)

Ok. Kimchee happening today - May God protect me. So, Kimchee in refrigerator? Or out to ferment faster? Maangchi seems to have some hybrid approach. What do you suggest @dreemsteem?

woohoo great post and i loveeee kimchi after living there for a year and this is pretty darn close! it looks great too. i only know the way mamasan's taught me soooo i hope it tastes good and you got the right flour and pepper too! woot xo

hahahahah right??? yeah - that girl Maangchi knows her stuff!!!! this is so good - i had it with some rice for BREAKFAST girl! hahahahahaha

oops - just realized i'm in the wrong account. you know this is the booty cap'n LOL

@welcomewagon hahha hilariousssss "wrong account" talkn bout booty and e'thing ahahahahaha

aye yi yi!!!! LOLOLOL shameful ;) hehe

@welcomewagon so shameful .. the shame the shame

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Thank you so much @thesteemengine!!!!
We love any attention that can get to highlight our newbies and Grads! Ill be back to check out more of the whistle stop to support others !!!

NINA LOVES KIMCHIIIIIIII!! I've always wanted to try making it but it's so time consuming, and there's LA's own Koreatown like literally 3 miles away from me so getting fresh homemade and authentic kimchi is so easy that I just am happy to be lazy and eat it.

In fact, I'm going to go get some this weekend. You've inspired me. <3

hahahahahaha yeah - i mean - if you can get it homemade and authentic any time you want??? i say.... BE LAZY! lolol
but for me?? gah. i gots ta makes it.

but its really nice to be able to just open the jar and eat to my heart's content.

well - it's nice for me. The scent in the air for about an hour is not nice to my kids hehehehehehe

sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyy LOLOLOL

LOL! They'll survive!!! It'll build character anyway! XD lol!!

  ·  last year (edited)

Hahahhahahaa and put hair on their chest!!!

I'm sure that's exaaaaaaactly what my daughter wants hahahahahahaa

bwahahah - you know... my daughter might actually be into that...!?!? lolololol

Hahahahahahhaa kids! Who can predict them!?!? Lol

Yeah, that's one of the things I miss the most about L.A.; Koreatown, Little Tokyo, China Town, Olvera Street . . . all the myriad cool little ethnic neighborhoods, each with their own unique identity, and each with outstandingly delicious food! ;-)

Yes!! It's definitely one of my favourite aspects about this place!!

Fooooood glorious fooooood


Yesssssssss... We were down in San Diego , but same concept!!

So many delicious cuisines at your fingertips!!!!

Hmmm... I have never heard about this kimchi thing before but it does sound interesting. Ingredients are nice so I guess the meal must be too :)

It's definitely a flavor that is unusual - but when you eat other Korean dishes with it..mmmmmm! sweet beef that is grilled, soy-sweet potatoes, salty sprouts, and then the spicy cabbage !!!! oh so good!

if you come visit me - I'll take you to a wonderful Korean BBQ place and we will indulge!! :)

thank you for visiting my fairy friend. i always miss you <3

Oh wow!!!! Why have i not seen this before.. i love love love how you take us on every step to making a kimchi..

Im not a fan of its hotness but i love it in my bibimbop meals! I am always craving for it... just like now! Waaaaaahhhh now im hungry again!

I always love kitchen stories or whatever it is that we do in oir kitchen! Please keep posting more of this!! I love it! Hahahaha i keep repeating that one, right? Haha sorry..

This comment was made from

bibimbap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yesssssssssssssssssssssss KOREAN IS DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh my gosh - i love it so much, i think it's maybe my most favorite cuisine ever!

i will!!! i'm planning on doing some fun kitchen recipes - specifically gluten free! :) but i'll do others too :)hehehehehe

i'm so glad you liked it - i hope you try the recipe! its honestly the BEST kimchi everrrrrrrrrrrr

Oh! You're a bibimbap girl too?!!! I just loveeeeeeeeeeeeee it! If i have a chance to eat outside, that is my number 1 meal order!

I cant wait for your future kitchen post.. you're like Little Martha in the making... wooohoooo! Please tag me hahaha

Unfortunately, im the only who eat kimchi in the family!! I cant make a bunch of kimchi here..


Ok I'll tag you lolol
And you can eat all the kimchi yourself!!!!!! Hehehehe it will be a treasure for you!!!!!

We all have little Martha in all of us!!!! Hahahaha..

And you have the Kitchen Martha! Im loving it.. really i love all post in the kitchen especially if it is all about cooking, secret hacks and crafts! 😍

This comment was made from

@dreemsteem another one from the kitchen..👍 never knew of the jist looks like bhaji from India

Posted using Partiko Android

yeah!!!!! hehehehe i've never seen bhaji - now i'll have to look THAT up :)

and spicy ;)

and tart!

and really good for you too! :)

Haha...bhaji is mixed mesed mixed vegetable recepie with spicyy too 😉

Posted using Partiko Android

Ohhhhh I wonder if this is like the spicy chutney!?

It's like... Carrots and lemon and a paste... And more veggies I'm sure.. but not certain which.

And it's in a red paste ? And SOOOOO spicy delicious!!

I think I eat it with papadum...but I never knew what it was called!

Is this it?? :) did a through research....actualy tye complete dish is "Pav Bhaji" ...pav as in kind of burger bread abd bhaji that mix of vegies and spicies.....a traditional bhaji is used to be mixture of many vegetables...need to check the google but when we try at home..we make it from whatever available at home...

Posted using Partiko Android

hahahahaha - i just remember eating it myself! :) I love Indian food!!!

Ohh..strange..where r u from ?

Posted using Partiko Android

California 😊

I live Kimchi. Luckily my wife is Korean and makes it for us all the time. But even better just moved to south Korea a month ago and staying for a year. Now Kimchi with every meal!!!!

Thanks for a great read.

yessssssssssssss i had it for breakfast with rice the other day. it was so so so so so gooooood! I'm glad you enjoyed the read! hehehehe i had fun with this one :)

and i'm jealous that your wife probably makes ALL KINDS of delciousness for you ALLLLLLL the time. gahhhhhhhhhh! please come to my house and bring her.

thank you in advance!


omg - I was cracking up reading this!!! I love your presentation style.
Thanks for your amazing recipe and giving us your real voice while writing it up.

Hehehehheee I'm so glad you liked my silliness!!! That makes the post even better....when you can laugh at it!!! And the recipe is DELICIOUS! 😊

Hey are you maangchi in real? I watched your channel!

Hehehhee no that is Maangchi's channel!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Ohhh that's not you?!! How's your Kimchi taste

Hehehehheee no...not me! Lol

My kimchi is in my post... That is all my pictures.

But her link is at the bottom lolol

I used her recipe and showed how I did it!

And mine?? Delicious!!!!

I love kimchi, and have been looking for a good recipe for ages, but being in the States, some of the ingredients may be a bit dicey to find.

Especially in Tennessee. Which isn't exactly known for its wide diversity of ethnic grocery suppliers.

Hooray for online shopping! ;-)

Posted using Partiko Android

Yeah... The daikon maybe? Tricky in that one but maybe you can look around! :)

I wonder if you could get the pepper flakes on Amazon?

Same thing with the fish sauce! Amazon is your friend!!! Lolol

Let me know if you need help finding something in particular! I'll see if I can help too hehhe

Actually, the daikon is easy, and so are red pepper flakes, though granted, Korean red pepper flakes won't be as easy. But both are readily available, though the sweet rice flour is tougher to find.

Then again, I have lots of white rice flour, which isn't quite the same but probably close enough for jazz, and with these quantities, I'm really glad that the paste freezes well!

Then again, we both love kimchi, along with fermented everything, so it may not last nearly as long as I think. ;-)

  ·  last year (edited)

Hahahhahaa yes I've used it on other veggies too !!! Like kimchi cucumbers!!!


Oh ok! The sweet rice flour!! Well, I tell you what!

It's so inexpensive here... If you can't find it would be my pleasure to send you a box!!!!

Honestly!!! Let me know 🤗

LOVE how you pull together ALL the previous tips into this one!
Tips are great, but seeing how they are used is fantastic


yeah!!!! i thought so - kinda fun to put it all together!!! :)

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Wow, this looks so easy! I have been looking for a good kimchi recipe, so here we have it. Thanks so much your post, made me smile through the whole post ! :)

It is pretty easy! and then it just makes a lot to stay in your fridge, getting tastier and tastier!!! :)

I'm glad that you were smiling through the post! heheheheh i was smiling while writing it ;)

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Never really been a fan of sauerkraut but I might just have to try this! I will have to play some with the recipe but looks good.