Dont' waste your waste!! Awesome kitchen tip!

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Don't throw that out!🥑 🥦 🥒

Recently I was making one of my favorite recipes that required some veggie chopping - and I came to the point where it was time to investigate the scraps!

What does that mean?

Did you know some scraps are really just a near endless supply of veggies? It's true! And I'll prove it to you!

After cutting up my green onions, look at what I had left over. Look at those lovely little roots! They're just waiting to drink up some water and begin growing again! I leave about 2-3 inches left above the roots , clean off any old leaves, and place them into a glass with a little water.

Step 1 and Step 2

Next - just leave the glass in a kitchen windowsill and change the water daily.

In just 5 days, look at what I have in my windowsill!!! You can do this with all kinds of plants and herbs! They're extremely resilient and so nice to just rip off what you need, and let it continue growing!

You should see it now! Day 7 - they're SO tall! Amazing!

Want to see a list of veggies that will keep regenerating? Click here and have fun! If you try it, be sure to let me know if it works as well for you!!!
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Yaaay! You have finally set your green thumb to work!

I was planning to do that too.. but the hubs keep throwing them away the next day!!

This comment was made from

ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL tell him its saving money for you!!!! :)

DON'T WASTE THAT "WASTE" ex-boyfie of Queenie!!! :)

I know!!! I told him exactly that.. he just said next time put a note.. DONT TOUCH

I love doing that with my scallions and celery!
I've had a couple of fails when I tried to put the scallion scraps in potting soil, hoping it would root better for stronger growth but you won't hear any complaints from me! I love savings anywhere I can get them :)

yeah! hehehehe - i've never put them into soil - they grow so well in the glass, i just keep them there and keep using them! LOLOL

and yes - isn't it the best! I've done lettuce and celery - and the celery is just the cutest thing in the world!!!

COOL!!!! I do the same thing. I use green onions in my cooking a lot. I pretty much use the entire thing when I cook. And when I dont, I stick them in a mason jar with very little water to regenerate them.

yes!!! you have to try the celery too! it is the CUTEST thing @silversaver888!!!! awwww baby celery growing up in your kitchen !!!! hehehehehe

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No way! I had no idea you could do this... I'm now envisioning a line up of all sorts of goodies in glass jars on our kitchen windowsill! E x

it is soooooooo fun to see these little baby veggies growing up from old stalks!

the celery is by far the cutest thing in the world hehehehehehe you have to try it! :)

Yup, I've been doing this for years, and rarely wind up having to buy scallions as a result. Yum!

I also don't toss out scraps from another standpoint as well, reusing any extra bits of veggies, and even the liquid strained from canned veggies, and recycling it into a variety of one of a kind soups.

I LOVE cooking this way! ;-)

this is helpful, and a good idea.
I like trying to grow things and being more connected to the land around us. it cuts down on waste and makes us all more self sufficient.

  ·  last year (edited)

I shan't tell you a thing, my good man! Part of the learning is in experimentation.

Nice tips

thanks! :)