WINNERS ANNOUNCED! 50 (errr. ummm. or 50ish) SBI awarded!

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First of all!

I'd like to say that 50 is just not even a great number. I mean - who even says 50 and really STICKS to 50?? AMIRITE??

Second of all.

Don't count how many shares of SBI I awarded. just.... let's just say 50ish, shall we? I know. I KNOW!!!! I have a problem. I admit it. and that's the first step right? Admitting that we have a problem. then.... we can solve it. Should we want to. Ahem! Let's get on with it, shall we?


The VINTAGE VOICES contest suggested by @anutu - oh my goodness. The winner of 5 SBI was @jeezzle with his Stone Fish of Antioch story It had me so entertained the whole time! and the ending!!!! ohhhhhhhhhhhhh so loved it!!!! There were other vintage voices stories that had me totally enthralled also (or laughing my head off with a sick sense of humor)! They may or may not have SBI coming to them by the end of this post. i know.... I KNOW! just.... 50ish SBI awarded. right? good! next contest!


The PHOTO PHRASES contest suggested by @twodorks.... well - sorry, but I'm a sucker for chubby baby legs! hahahahaha @maquemali - you're the winner of the 5 SBI for this contest!!!! Squeeze those baby legs pleeeeeeeeeease!


The THEME TUNE contest suggested by @eveningart has been won by @anutu for 5 SBI! Actually - the ONLY one brave enough to take on this challenge! hehehee He had a very clever idea of taking the logo of @steembasicincome and turning it into music! It came out really symmetrical and other-worldly!!!! Great idea @anutu - yes we can all compose now hehehehehe


The AWESOME ACRONYM suggested by @chekohler has been won by @ecoinstant. He used the SBI letters THROUGHOUT his entry and two of them were my faves anyway :) so enjoy your 5 SBI Swimming By Interestingly into your wallet. LOL (ok my SBI acronym was not so great - but... whatever!)


The BRAIN BOGGLE contest suggested by @mimismartypants (and no - we aren't going to tell the world that you solved it for me @maquemali... nope shhhhhhh not going to tell everyone that spankings are coming your way. LOLOLOL) has gotta be for @chekohler! WHAT IS THE ANSWER TO YOUR BRAIN BOGGLE?!?!?!?! I MUST KNOW!!!! lolol enjoy your 5 SBI


Then we had some people swapping SBI in the comments - VERY cool to see that happening!!!! yay for double SBI rewards :) Nice job suggesting that one @anixio!!!!


For the Poets United contest - I'll wait on Sir @angelveselinov to let me know who I need to award those 5 sweet little SBIs to!!! :) Let me know! :)


And then of course @vincy suggested that we just have a little open "who deserves SBI" nominations! Each person could suggest one - so I took their first nomination if they suggested more! ohhhhhh and did i fail to mention that I would ALSO be giving an SBI to the person who did the nominating????? sneaky me :) Congrats to @deerjay, AND @redheadpei that nominated! @reonlouw AND @mmunited that nominated! @zedikaredirect AND @cyberspacegod that nominated! @ameliabartlett AND @katrina-ariel that nominated! @wayso AND @vincy that nominated! @brendavanbreda AND @chekohler that nominated!

😁 😂 🤣

For the HAPPY contest by @zen-art, oh my goodness - my daughter and I laughed for so long at @twodorks happy entry. It literally made our day brighter LOLOL Awesome entry- and enjoy your 5 SBI!

And now.... shhhhhhhhhhh. Here are the ones that I wanted to give EXTRA :)


All of my @welcomewagon newbies and grads that entered @c0ff33a's contest. We were so unbelievably proud of you and @c0ff33a ALREADY gave you an extra bonus (have you seen it yet???? woo hoooo!) But you will be getting 3 SBI from me too. Just a little tiny something from me to tell you I love you and I'm so proud of you! So that is for @anutu, @eveningart, @maquemali, @mimismartypants, @ravijojla, @twodorks, @xcountytravelers - I'm SO proud of you all!!!!

The following people will get a share of SBI... for reasons explained!


@c0ff33a - don't forget this time ;)
@enginewitty - because science. LOL
@eveningart - because you can spin a tale and catch me in your web!
@filotasriza3 - because I never laughed so hard at people checking out a statue and Plan: Path Of Organic Physics LOLOLOLOLOL
@improv - your happy was too happy to not acknowledge!!!
@zen-art - because your photo pic is where you need to take me!!!! and I saw the cute welcome wagon wheel! hehehe
@katrina-ariel - because Sensual Brazen Intoxication.... come on - that's just glorious hehehehe
@empress-eremmy - because you were the first acronym to shock me LOL
@penderis - my M&M loverboy??? LOLOLOL because I don't know if I want to kill you or kiss you. Probably both! LOL
@tamala - because I will never ever stop laughing about that Kimchi and Beth and her eyeless smeared face just made it even more hilarious!
@shookriya - because sweet baby inchworms got us giggling for at least 3 minutes!!!! LOL
@kaerpediem - because housework can wait - contests first!!! LOL
@steemflow - because your energy is contagious and I had so much fun in the comments with you!
@bengy - because GSD and SBI is synonomous - right? hahahaha and you will always make me laugh my fellow grad :) plus - staying awake on stage is a pretty awesome feat!
@mimismartypants - because YOUR ENTIRE POST was a happy for me!!!! from beginning to end to comments!
@quekery - because i think you're super badass
@moderndayhippie - because ideas exploding are my favorite thing LOL
@saun - I have no idea what your entry meant LOL so was it a brain boggle or an acronym? let's say both? LOL

so in the end 50ish is pretty close to 80ish - right? It's all about perspective!!!! but I think EVERYONE who entered got something :) and that makes me happy!

Thanks for having fun with me!!!!


(for reference - everyone's tallies are below.)

If your name is NOT mentioned here - you received one share of SBI! All reasons for multiple shares are given above!

2 shares - @katrina-ariel
3 shares - @xcountytravelers, @ravijojla
4 shares - @mimismartypants, @eveningart
5 shares - @ecoinstant, @jeezzle
8 shares - @twodorks, @maquemali, @anutu


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You are so sweet!!! And you told me that you are good in math!! LOL

hahahahahaha i am sooooooooooo good in math!

but i think i'm much more skilled in fun ;) hehehehehehe


That'S Basically Incredible!!!!!

are you trying to earn more???? LOLOLOLOL
and heyyyyyyyyyyyy 50. 81. same difference right?? :)

  ·  last year (edited)

They are both numbers that is for sure!

EDIT: Sure, Both Integers

oh my gosh - you're awesome LOLOLOLOL you're not going to stop are you?? LOLOLOLOL


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Hahahaha you really summed it up 🤣😂

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C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S to all the winners of this most amazing contest!!!!

Ohhhh my .... still here with my first coffee in the morning ... not really awake .... am I dreeeeeeeeeeeming????? WOWOWOWOW this is such an amazing LOVE LOVE LOVE filled surprise ... Today must be Christmas!!! .... Just checked .... no snow out there ... lol

Thank you so much @dreemsteem!!!!!! <3

Have a great weekend everybody! Wow... I need something to calm me down .... so many unbelievable surprises this morning ...

yessssssssssss and did you see the surprise from @c0ff33a??? yayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! he's so generous :)

Yes ... after two such ammmmmazzzzzziiiiiinnnnngggg surprises (actually three) ... I need to calm down with another cup of coffee!!! :)

LOLOLOL coffee calms you down?!?!?!? (ummmmm me too! it makes me sleepy LOL)

Yes, it definitely does ...but still I love to have a coffee in the morning :)

I tried with white tea/green tea, this works better in the morning ... give me a cup of coffee in the evening I get sleepy instantly.

Its a really a lovely surprise isnt it?!!.. we are all raining winners today.. what a pleasant gift to the cap our day and to you to wake up to.. hahaha congrats!

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It is really so so amazing wonderful ... what a surprise <3

it is sooooo much amazing! A crazy day!

Thanks a lot in general congrats to all the winners. The contest was awesome, one of the greatest due to the fact that you asked others to give you idea and then had multiple ways for the participants to join!

The most awesome thing though is the dedication that you replied in every comment and read the posts people made. that shows respect to the writers and a very nice person! ( The price was quite big too!)

thanks again!

you bet!!! it was a lot of fun getting everyone involved! :) and your story was seriously -HILARIOUS!!!!!

Congratulations to everyone and thank you @dreemsteem 💚💚💚

What a sweet surprise!!! We love it! 😍

Hahahaha im soooo sooooorry for answering the word find ahead of you! 🤣😂🤣😂.. i did truly enjoyed it! Maybe next time put a note not to answer before @dreemsteem can.. hahahahahaha please dont spank me i have a rather lardyarse you know!!

Your two-sided love and addiction to SBI really hit the sacks!! But we are thankful because we benefitted in it too.. haha cheers to your addiction may it flourish more! May you be addicted more.. really you have poured so much fun in one post! And the prizes were enormous too, so who in their right mind would not join at all.. hahahaha you really had shaken the WW house as well as the Steemiverse of your SBI Madness..

Again, thank you for your big heart! Thank you for the love! 😍😙😗..

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hahahahahaha you're welcome and i don't really care about the brain boggle. LOL i just like to tease you hehehehehe

and i'm happy that my crazy addiction is benefitting others too :)
and guess what???? there is a new one too. eeeeeeeeeek. and i already started buying shares of that one too
now i'll be an addict of SBI and.... incinboost???? we will see! LOLOLOL

I'm so glad you had fun with my, my sis!!! :)

I knooooooowwwww! i saw it in your wallet!!! Hahahaha and i have no idea what it is but i have seen it somewhere in a post by a dolphin who i previously thought was a boy but you corrected me...

You really are crazy!! Im glad that we are friends! 🤣😂.. do tell us more what it does, maybe we can save some steem for that.

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so i just got my first upvote on it (and i'm still laughing that you saw it in my wallet - YOU PEEPIN, MAQUEMALI?????? LOLOLOL)

and it was 4 cents upvote on THIS post here. they say that they pay higher than SBI? like 10 times higher??? but - not sure. i'll keep an eye on it. I think they only had 60 spots available for this first month. 50 to start - but then they opened it up to 10 more. and not sure how many are left... but next month they will open up 20 more spots... go check out their posts @incinboost. I think it's cool to have both of them to compare! SBI and Incinboost!

Hahahahahaha.. 🤣😂

Yeah i saw the vote its awesome! How many shares have you bought already?hmmmm.. sbi and incoboost together, not bad for a couple!.. its really a great investment. we have to save up for this.. good thing you had hoarded a lot! Haha

okay ill head over there after dinner and read a few

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Congratulation to all the winners.....@anutu @maquemali @zen-art ufff so many names...50isshh 😉 were part of a funfilled contest thanks to super awesome @dreemsteem...enjoy the weekend..👌

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and youuuuuuuuuuuu - you were a winner too!!!!!!! :)

Congrats to you too!!!! 😂

It was trully out of this world fun game we all played! Every bit was fun to enter.. and all the engagement was wicked! How can one steemian give SBi so much in one post eh?! Well, thats our @dreemsteem! We love her craziness and support her addiction! Hahahahaha

Posted using Partiko Android your winning streak started for the week...hahah
@dreemsteem always put everyone on a dreem land with so many amazing gifts....and was an interesting contest and i belive whosoever participated got something....btw this is mine first sbi share....

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Really??!! Well its a double celebration for you! Hahahaha welcome to SBi! 🤣😂.. i think you should be addicted too! Do let us know..

I love love it when the crowd gooo nuts and the fun is filling the air and everyone just give out positive vibes to all. Its all win win, You get to have fun and shared a few laughthers at others.. and you get a bonus.. you got prizes! Amazing prizes!

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Awesome. I've never had an SBI before.

I'm really glad that you enjoyed the story.

I did indeed - it was so clever!!! and i've been away for a bit - and i need to catch up on your blog!!! :)

i don't know why but "you're a fool and a drunkard" still makes me giggle ;)

and.... never had a share of SBI before??? well! now you have 5! :)

it will take about 7-10 days for you to be registered - but then you'll start noticing the votes from sbi (or sbi1, or sbi2... or sbi8 LOL) coming in. They're not going to be massive because 1. steem is low and 2. you only have 5 shares so far.

but.... as you collect more - the vote will get bigger -(and as steem goes up too!)

also - from the steem creators conference in Toronto - I guess there will be a way to convert the shares into SMT later :)

so - kinda fun! hehehehe

Just reading your post made me feel good
The share is the icing on the cake
Thank you so much 😊

hehehehe i'm so glad :) I love making people feel good!!!!!

Can feel the good vibes all the way here haha ❤️

very cool hehehehe

Thank you so much! I'm so glad to see Amelia get rewarded as well!

YOU ARE SO AWESOME!!!! May your generosity come back to you in abundance. Much love!

yes mam! you got rewarded twice! once for joining the contest and once for your generous attitude! :) Amelia AND you :) <3

and my generosity HAS come back - i love our steemit comunity!!! love right back to you miss!

oh! And Sensual Brazen Intoxication, so glad you picked that!!! :)

hehehehe well technically that was a honorable mention because it just got my creative juices flowing hehehehehe

@ecoinstant won the acronym challenge because he peppered his entire entry with SBI acronyms LOL (and 2 were really awesome)

but you still won my heart for a share ;)

It's the one I liked the most. Now it's immortalized on the blockchain. ;) lol!

hahahahahaha!!!!!! FOREVERRRRRRRRRRRRR

Thank You @dreemsteem, I want to say something but have no words.. ..You rock!!

And I had the pleasure of seeing the reaction of my friend right by my side, slightly confused yet happy, pretty awesome!! Thank You for this "problem" of Yours!!

(edit) the typo on the name =× sorry!

hahahahahaha you're so welcome - and the GIF is hilarious! :)

but.... and this is important....

my name is 4 e's

no "a" in drEEmstEEm

hehehehe ;)

Oww, sorry about the typo in Your name =X..

..and again, thank You for everything =Ð, it's awesome to see someone sharing so much!

Have a great weekend

P.s.:I'll correct the typo! =Þ

I see my name there too😕 @dreemsteem got me my first sbi....let see how much it gonna b lucky....😉....thanks so much👌

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oh you got me scared for a second because you were frowning.. LOL i thought i forgot about you! but i checked - yes you're there! hehehehehehe :)

I'm honored to be your first SBI share! :)

Congratulations everyone! And a big thank you to @dreemsteem, you are a one crazy nutter! In a good way of course!

Thanks so much dreemsteem! You’re excellent at creating interaction and drawing in the crowds!!

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sometimes the contests get the crowds.... sometimes not! :)

but this one was a fun AND successful one hehehehehe

  ·  last year (edited)

Wow thanks @dreemsteem for my winnings and congrats to all the winners. I think the real winner today was engagment this mutli competiton thing really had some great responses. I honestly don't even know how you managed to keep up with everything and still find it to award all the prizes. If one of my posts get over 6 commnets i already start to get flustred so yeah amazing job on the admin side of things

Steemians really are a creative little bunch, give them a match stick of an idea and the'll find a way to burn the entire place down its awesome

Also my answer the the brain boggle was -

Easy one: I'm black, I'm white, some call me racing stripes. What am I? - Zebra
Hard one: I'm all around but cannot be seen, I can be captured but cannot be held, I can do not have a voice but I can be heard. What am I? - The Wind

ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yes i knew the zebra... but the wind!!!!!!! good one!!!!

I am not very lucky I always get lowest prize in every contest so I have to participate more contest than others. 😅😅😅

Congrats @katrina-ariel, @xcountytravelers,@ravijojla,@mimismartypants, @eveningart, @ecoinstant, @jeezzle,@twodorks, @maquemali, @anutu and all winners.

Hahaha never give up! There are always a next time. I believe the SbI contests are being run by so many steemians.. who knows you'll reap even more than today..

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hear hear!!!! :)

but guess what???

there were people who didn't enter at all! and they got 0 SBI :)

so... you didn't get the lowest!!! you got SBI! hehehehehe

Yes. That's right. @reonlouw give me 1 SBI share this time. ha ha

Hahahaha keep trying friend you will get there!!! You kicking butt in the redfish league though and that is pretty impressive!!

Thanks very much for the kind words!!

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You are very great blogger. I has seen you win a lot of contests. Congrats again.

Thank you buddy for your kind words!! Hopefully one day it will pay off!!

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Haha- you wonderful crazy SBI machine you :) Thank you so much for all these fun contests- and for my shares- that's really generous of you. 50... 81...? Basically the same thing (LOL!!!)

E xxx

i mean.... think of these two numbers...


HARDLY a difference there at all. right???? LOLOLOLOL sooooooooooooo yeah! in my mind -it's all about perspective hahahahahahaha

someone DM'd me after reading this post and said "You have a problem. no, really. a serious problem"

i'll let you guess who that might be. hehehehehehehe

My response was "tee hee hee."

seemed like the right reply to make! LOLOLOL

I think that was the perfect response to make... to that unnamed someone ;)

You are one of the most generous people I think I've ever met and a brilliant role-model to the rest of us when it comes to "give and you shall receive" ! E xxxx

Aaaawwww dreemie!!! You really spoil us!! Thanks for running this awesome competition!! This is certainly turning out to be a great Saturday morning!! Thank you for my SBI blessings I guess my moves on the stage are killer!! Lol

Congrats to all the winners as well!! Im sure @dreemsteem is enjoying making it rain with SBI!!

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We are truly rocking a Saturday!! It has beeb filled with so many blessings and goodness.. we are ever fortunate to have known these ever generous pips.. hahaha

Congrats mimibump!! 😄😙

Posted using Partiko Android

mimibump! yeahhhhhhhhhhhh hehehehehehe

and we are the fortunate ones. you guys bless us :)

Hahahahaha i find her name so long and my tongue gets twisted 😂🤣.. mimibump is much better!

Awwwww... i just melted.. 😍😗😙

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hehehehemelt melt melt!

by the way - i dont think i'm making it to the top 10 this week on the engagement league! i think i missed so many days of commenting when i was awayyyyyyyyyyyy blahhhhhhhhhhhhh LOL
oh well - NEXT week for sure ;)


Well have been away... and you over enjoyed the sun, the sand and the beach.. it was all worth it of your time. You have lived by the moment with the family.. that is irreplaceable!

Yessss! By all means next week get that high chair from the mighty sir @janton.. hahahaa he has been sitting long enough..

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Lol mimibump 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  ·  last year (edited)

Hahahahahahahahaha did i get it right? 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

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@c0ff33a making it rain with SP... i'm just making a light drizzle with SBI. but forecast is wet. so use your umbrella and your slickers. LOLOLOLOL

Who needs an umbrella!! Im soaking up all the goodness lol

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That you very much, that is awesomely generous of you. Now I'm pretty sure you told me not forget something.....I just can't remember what it is!

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Wohoooo!!!!! Dreem is it christmas??? Hahahaha omg!!!!!! Hahaha it’s my lucky day!!!!!! What else can I say but Thank you!!! Oh and tell your daughter I can spam her with our stories every day hahahaha!!!

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hahahahahahhaa that happy video was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO funny!!!!! I LOVED IT!!! definitely made me happy! :)

Hahaha! Glad you wifi worked! 😆🤣

Posted using Partiko iOS

yes - well i'm home now! back to the land of the WiFi hahahahahaha :)

Hahahaha! Mamma is back baby!

Posted using Partiko iOS

yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah she issssss! LOLOLOLOL

Thanks a lot! Gentleman.
It was acronym.