Riding off into the sunset. and then what? Ulog 44

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A good friend and I were talking the other day.  We weren't really complaining.  It was more... commiserating on our inability to find meaning in the mundane.  Well, that sounds extra depressing.

There is something so alluring about that ride into the sunset, when the hero leaps up onto his trusty horse, gives a gentle squeeze and they both meander lazily towards that giant, red orb descending behind the mountains.  The orange hues that play off the rock and road, while spirals of dust swirl at the hooves of good ol' Trigger.   or Pioneer.  or Silver.  Whoever, really.

It just evokes that feeling of "Job well done" and "I can finally rest".  But we only really have one true ride into the sunset, and I do believe that is far off into the distance for me.  Until then, if you get onto that horse prematurely, you're going to be expecting closing credits, experiencing a long ride, saddle sore - and then, realizing the inevitable sunrise behind you. And then what?

Hm. Then what, indeed.

  • Continue what you started.
  • Find joy in the places where it's unexpected.
  • Do what you should, not what you feel.
  • Surround yourself with people who remind you of your "why".
  • Enjoy some sunshine. (really, it's like medicine)
  • Laugh too.  (also - even better medicine)
  • Pour into others, and stick close to the ones who pour into you.

Your sunset ride will eventually come. Until then...

Ride like the wind, Bullseye!  - Woody, Toy Story

Sunset Ride
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My name is Rhethypo, and I approve of this message... including a Toy Story quote at the end. lol

But in all seriousness, periods of less excitement are indeed what make things exciting. If one's life was always one adventure after the next, it begins to bleed together and become less appreciated than the occasional unexpected happening amongst the humdrum.

Hahahhaa!!! I'm so glad you approve! I haven't been to your blog in some time! I am hoping o have a Dapper to make me smile!!!

And yeah I hear you..a little boring is good ..


I like 100% constantly lol

That is a great "then way" list. My favorite item was ...

Pour into others, and stick close to the ones who pour into you.

I think that is great philosophy within the Steem community with one caveat. Increase your capacity to invest in others and keeping finding new people to invest in.

Yes! Especially now!!! Where so many new Steemians need the help from those who gave gone before them :)

Great point!!

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Find little sunsets to gawp at every day... whilst banging some coconut halves together?

What did you mean on the "do what you should not what you feel"? Did you get that the wrong way around?

Lobe this Dreem. And thank you for being my daily medicine ❤

E x

Feelings sometimes lie.. best to trust reason and logic when your feelings go sideways. Lol
And you're my daily medicine too, bathing beauty!

Did someone say coconut halves?

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So true- I get it now. Yes- when things go screwy, definitely best to rely on logic (if I can find any!)

Aw yay - and we always have to keep those coconut halves handy... for those riding off into the sunset moments ;)

E x

coconut halves make awesome bras!

but dont sleep in them. hehehehee
(my VP is worth nothing - literally 0.00, and I think it's also at 17% or something ridiculous... so please don't be offended that I didn't upvote. LOL ineed to recharge!)

I'm not sure I could get a big enough coconut to be comfortable- awake or asleep - hehehe!
I'm never offended :) I just love to see you x