Solar Panels to Become Mandatory in California

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In another move from the nanny state - new laws are coming to California that would force home builders to install solar panels on ALL new construction. In a move that is the first ever of it's kind, home builders in California will be required to build solar capable systems into all new homes starting in 2020. The mandate applies to individual homes as well as planned communities. In situations where there is planned communities, they will have the option to build a shared solar-power system that could serve a group of homes. The solar panels can either be purchased and rolled into the price of the home or it can also be a leased system.

The new mandate can represent an additional burden to home builders who are already feeling the sting of price increases due to increased demand for materials in the wake of the hurricane Irma. The addition of solar panels could easily add up to $16,000 more to the cost of building a new home, but according to state officials and clean-energy advocates, homeowners’ lower energy bill would make up for the extra costs.

Based on a typical 30-year mortgage, the Energy Commission estimates that the standards will add about $40 to an average monthly mortgage payment. The commission also estimates that consumers could save as much as $80 on monthly heating, cooling, and electricity bill so it comes to about a $40 net gain for homeowners.

For those of you who like to invest – this might be a good time to start investing in solar panel companies like First Solar or Suntech – I suspect that it's only a matter of time before other states follow the lead and force home builders everywhere to install them as part of their package.

The move has been criticized by many as squeezing out the middle class and hurting affordability in an environment where home ownership is already getting more expensive than ever before. I like the idea of solar energy and think that it can make a lot of sense – but forcing businesses to provide them I think is the wrong direction to go. There is something called the free market – and builders who choose to add solar as part of the package will benefit , if the market believes that it's a good proposition.

A move like this could prove to be too expensive for many home builders to continue their business - the added expenses could force them to take on more debt – or price them out of the market altogether and allow for larger companies to swoop in take up the slack. I believe the ones who will benefit the most will be the solar companies who now have the government forcing consumers to purchase their product – mush like with health insurance – who do you think was behind the scenes pushing for the laws to take effect – that who benefit the most of course.

Do you think any regular citizens or home builders stood before a panel and asked the government to force us to buy something? moves like this are only made by those who benefit financially from it. In addition to the added burdens that home builders must shoulder – home buyers now will also have a more expensive home to purchase – when you add up the down payment , closing costs , taxes, mortgage insurance, etc., it becomes harder for consumers to become homeowners.

What do you think? Is it a good idea? Is it an unnecessary burden to builders and homebuyers? Let me know what you think in the comments.




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No way! I can't believe they're going to make solar panels mandatory. I'm sure the developers can afford the expense, but it will probably be pushed off to the homebuyer instead. I support going green all the way, but it's going to make it so much harder for people to afford a home in Cali!

You are my Cali news. :) Let me know if they ever start building that bullet train they kept talking about. I hear Fresno is one of the stops, but never know if or when things get done over there.

yes - it's happening! And I feel the way that you do - it shouldn't happen at the expense of the consumers - I'm all for green solutions - but not Red ( commie) solutions - I think the free market should be allowed to determine who installs panels and who doesn't - as far as high speed rail is concerned - it a big thing here in the valley- and there has been many many meetings and discussions on the subject. Many believe that it will never happen - it's hard to say but I can tell you this much - THEY ARE BUILDING THE INFRASTRUCTURE right here in Fresno - you can see it right off the freeway when you drive north - they are building bridges and support beams for the new tracks - will they ever finish them and connect to a larger rail system? who can say - but I can tell you that there is actually some physical progress on the bullet train. I'll be happy to clue you in on any major progress or setbacks.

All the usually suspects are involved...I have heard that roofing companies can't install solar panels without union electricians

I had heard this was happening. I can understand new home construction being mandatory but I fear it will be expanded and lawmakers will make ALL homes, apartments, etc have to upgrade to solar one day too.

it's just one step towards stronger regulation of resources - there is also some talk of making homeowners replace all their water pipes to 'low-flow' pipes to conserve water and also talk of limiting your daily usage of water. Makes me glad to have a creek in my's going to get very expensive for consumers not just in California, but everywhere - since cali is like the "canary in the cave" - it serves as a testing ground that the rest of the country eventually adapts to.

One of the bay area cities had watering restrictions in place during the drought...along with an app you could snap pictures and report (inform) on your neighbors!

Wow, that's crazy, but not altogether surprising. It's strange that they feel they need to force home builders to add them if they're such a great deal. if home buyrers really believed that, they'd be willing to pay more for it. The fact that home buyers aren't voting with their wallets shows they don't believe in it. Bah.

I'm not a fan any system that forces consumers to buy anything - I mean , sure they will tell you that you dont have to buy a house - but a house isn't what's in question -its the panels - and along with those panels comes additional annual maintenance and of course what happens if they break - will they FORCE consumers to pay for repairs so that they will operate at top effeciency? will there be annual inspections that cost the homeowner or will there be a department that performs inspections at the cost of the taxpayer? - it opens up a lot of questions - and back to what you said - if was truly a good deal - people would buy it on their own

Ugh, just sounds like a lot more headaches than it's worth. I like the sunshine, but I'd rather live someone where I can live my life and not have the governor telling me what to put on my roof. What's next, telling me what color blinds to buy?

move into one of those Home Owners Associations and they may exactly the kind of tyranny you will face - they tell you what color, style, and size your house can be - how to keep your yard and can even tell you not to hang an American flag in your front yard if are so inclined......I wouldn't worry to much - in about 30 years the concept of personal ownership will evaporate anyway as the state will own and regulate everything ( for our own safety of course)

Yeah, I've heard horror stories about HOAs dictating what a person can or can't do in their yard or with their house. I like the idea of keeping things classy, but I don't like the thought of only getting to choose from one of two shingles for my roof. If I want to do something else, I should be able to.

I think there will still be personal property, but it will be for the wealthy only. The taxes are so high already and increasing with no signs of slowing down. They're already taking so much money from homeowners that I don't know how most people are going to be able to keep a home. And it's already so bad that it's hard for most people to get a home.

It frustrates me every time there's a proposed tax increase on homeowners and all the renters vote it through, not realizing that they're going to have to pay higher rent, but they approve it.... and then complain about higher rent. Seriously, people, think things through a bit. Nothing is for free, and someone has to pay for everything.

Excellent news that you send us friend, the future of energy is thriving!

personally - I didn't think the news was very great - however if you own stock in solar companies - this could be pretty good news to you...

Its 11 months later as I read this..I havent heard a thing about mandating solar in Ca..and I'm in RE. It seems like a decent idea however in my opinion