Never Give Up - Today is Your Day

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New opportunities are always around the corner and it only takes a second for our entire lives to change. Nothing ever stays the same and when things change around us , we need to adapt. Keep a positive mental attitude and don't give up on the things that are important to you. Take life by the horns and give it all you've got- sounds generic, I know - but if only more people would embrace an attitude of taking chances on themselves, I think we would not see so much depression around us. I see all these commercials for depression and it makes me wonder why so many people are suffering . We have so many real world problems to address and people get locked up inside their head. I think people get depressed because they feel like they have no purpose or direction.

People like to have tasks to perform - after all, we are naturally curious builders that like to create an impact in our environment - when those efforts go unnoticed or don't make any significant contribution then it can be devastating. Just remember that each day is a new opportunity to make our lives into something meaningful. Think about what is important to you and pursue it - regardless of what obstacles stand in your way - don't say "it's impossible.." instead look at it and say " how can I make this possible?..." then go out and do it - don't wait for someone to give you permission to go after you dreams - just do it. Start right now ...

Go out into the world and make it yours today!


Thought of the day: "If you can't be big, dont belittle"


Good post @jorlauski I also feel that many people are discouraged because they want to change the world. That can happen, don't give up on it. But if you feel you aren't moving forward. Do something today. Do something now. Do something small. Help a neighbor. Help a classmate. Help a co-worker. Find something nice to say to someone that looks like they need it. Have a positive interaction with the world. Then do something bigger tomorrow. And get back on that dream!

spot on @steven-patrick - I think life can be so overwhelming at times that it can easy to take on a defeatist attitude and decide that it/life is too difficult and then walk away from their dreams before they ever got off the ground... I like want you said about helping someone - I read somewhere a quote that said something to the effect of ... " if you cant help yourself at the moment, then help someone else " or something like that .. essentially saying that maybe today is not your day , but you can help to make it someonesles day... and your day will come even sooner - I try to be as helpful as I can - not just with friends an family , but even strangers... sometimes I'm mistaken for an employee at a store , and I will still try to help them the best I can or will track down an employee for them...

Thanks for the encouragement and positive words, man. Good stuff.

(Wow, that looks like a very generic, spammy comment. Ha ha)

touche' my friend

I wrote today's blog post sort of as note public "note to self" . Today , I had walk into my bosses office, a man who I have known and respected for over 17 years to let him know I was leaving his firm for another one - it was a difficult conversation that I was not looking forward to. I gave myself a quick motivational speech on my way out the door. And I shared it with all of you since it seemed encouraging.

The meeting went well by the way and a huge weight is off my shoulders..

I'm glad the conversation went well. Hopefully the move to a different firm is a move up for you.

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