Domestic Silence - Everyman's refuge // a Poem

in #poetry2 years ago (edited)

This post was removed by the writer, in an effort to distance himself and his work from the aggressive associations of censorship, flagging and other unsavoury aspects now synonymous with this platform.

2nd February 2019

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This poem is indeed a mixture of puzzle pieces of life glimpses in confinement, it speaks to and shouts loudly of behaviors, regrets, sounds, the environment and growing old as time creeps forward. This is one of my favorite lines of your poem.

In the drowning tones that drip with treachery
on repeat droned programming, the small digestibles
the sweet fast dye, a grand filter for light and sound ...

He gave in, he's beat and so he lingered in
so long, he knows no cares there - it's warm
He bathes in sun truth and time
who lives unwrapped in fearless fragments
at liberty if so he chose, to wander
in to the glowing glass metal bars, or
to lie waiting for revelations again

first off WOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!! you published it and no cannot delete it so just for that you made me happy.

as for your poem................. Stop, just STOP being so hard on yourself. Your poem is wonderful and you made it fit your style and didn't compromise your ethics in the doing. So what MORE can you ask for?
Nothing! so suck it up and realize you are a poet and write great things.
Believe! or I will have to smack you in the head! LOLLLLLLL

🌸🌸🌸 It means so much to me to read your comment.
heart melts!! 🌸🌸🌸

This is awesome, I will return tomorrow and read again and comment more. But for now. I will say, this poem is excellent! @trumanity

Thank you very much, @rensoul17 - it means a great deal to me. I also identify with the juggling act of focusing on different projects, posts, work, people arrgg :-) Do have yourself a great day.

mmm.. any relation to ito junji's whirlpool?

Hi - the genre has been on my mind recently! Well spotted, my friend. It's a lot of subliminal influences as you can tell. I am not familiar with the title - the film or the manga but I will look into it. Hey, perhaps it's what I should do on our day off tomorrow ;-) watch the film and be scared as hell. - looking into that - searching the term 'Junji's Whirlpool'....

Thanks as always for reading and sharing your impressions.

haha his work is freaky as hell. not scary but very disturbing..
i used to like them a lot because i like fucked up shit 😆
if you've watched it lemme know how you feel!

You picked up on the detail very nicely .. art meant to scare us, or certain types of media, create caricatures, carbon copies of us from our darkest anxieties. The artist or journalist, both the puppet and puppet master.

Nice poem! It could use some more rhyme, but well, that's just my opinion :P

Thanks for taking the time to read my post, friend. I will work on the rhyme next time ;-)

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great doing business with you guys.

You do know they don't talk back correct? they are just here to let you know they are here to let you know you are case you get lost

Yep.. but they have such lovely rep scores, so their comments and me replying to them boosts my rep score. Also, @tipu or @cardboard do actually interact at times.

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I don't have to lose my virginity in the porcess ;-)

you really need to get out more............. LOLLLLLLLLL

heheh yes - Here's where I pic up a lot of action!

Silence of gold

Hello my good friend. I appreciate you reading and commenting. In the silences we can re-gain a lot of our self.

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Ninja's are great! Keep doing your much needed work. I remain supportive.

Drinking and writing comments and come to a bad saw it was a sneaky Ninja right?

don't close your eyes LOLLL

Oh I absolutely know it was sneaky - and I usually spend time commenting below every comment - unless it's @steemitbadgerators or @badlycuntent in which case I flag the flockers down for unsolicited spam.

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