📷 Photochain Photography Contest 📷 Week #3 Winners of HAPPINESS + New weekly theme

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Hey #photochaincommunity! Big thanks to everyone who participated in the second Photochain Photography Contest and took the time to go out and take some amazing snaps, especially those who put in extra effort to find the perfect picture according to the weekly theme. Those I enjoyed the most as they showed me your unique perspective and creative power.

Congratulations to all the winners and honorable mentions. You made it really hard to decide who should win. If you see your entry in the post I hope you have a ERC20 compatible wallet, if not, set it up (watch the tutorial under how to enter) and contact me on discord with your wallet address.

Some of you didn't add a watermark to your images or forgot to add a tag and those culdn't be taken in consideration as they were not following all the rules. So please, read carefully how to enter and rules before posting an entry.

What's Photochain?

In short, it's a marketplace for stock photography that will, by using the power of blockchain technology allow photographers to earn 95% of the revenue generated by their work while still offering a cheaper price for the buyers. Its current counterparts take up to 75% of the profits and tackle its users with entry barriers and inequality. Like many others in the blockchain space, Photochain aims to change that by shifting the power from the greedy corporations and giving it back to the driving force behind their success; their users. Sounds too good to be true? It's not. That's the beauty of cutting down costs through decentralization and a community based governance.

Find out more about the DApp in the article I wrote about it but if you really want to go in detail I suggest you read the whitepaper.

Have any questions?

Join the official Discord channel: https://discord.gg/prwPd2F
For Photochain related questions contact Warrior-Sage#1056
If you have any contest related questions you can always talk to me runicar#1726 or join #photography under Steemit-Contest

Photochain Photography Contest

Is on a talent hunt, searching for Steemit's best photographers while giving everyone a chance to earn. You don't need to be a professional photographer but some level of quality must be visible in your work as each and every contribution will be rewarded with Photochain's tokens: Photons (1PHT = 0.12 USD). For that we have a community reward bot in development that will go live next week but will also count in this weeks entries. The bot will comment on every post in the #photochaincommunity tag and after manual screening of the posts, searching for possible abusers, it will distribute Photons to our community members Ethereum wallets.

Each week you will have a theme that should be present in your pictures. This is optional as I know that some of you might not have the resources/inspiration/opportunity to follow the given theme for the week. Why would I follow it then? Because first place is reserved for entries that follow the weekly theme. Second, third and honorable mentions don't need to go along the theme to win but it's an advantage if they do.


First place

@revo - Photochain Happiness Contest: My Entries

Second place

@nolasco - Timorese little girl - A tale (in B&W) that ended with a BIG smile ... and my first entry on the Photochain Photography Contest!

Third place

@rayshiuimages - Ecstatic Olympic Torch Bearer

Honorable mentions

Happiness - Entry for the Photochain contest! by @tobetada

Photochain Photography Contest - Theme : HAPPINESS by @arun5866

Happiness by @igwentertainment

Happiness - Photochain Photography Contest by @mourningnoodles

How to enter

  • Either with a dedicated post titled Photochain Photography Contest or with any other post containing your images that you are proud of

  • Add #ppc and #photochaincommunity tags

  • Include the Photochain logo or watermark somewhere in your images.

How To Add Watermarks in Lightroom

NOTE: As Photons are ERC20 tokens, you will need an ERC20 compatible wallet to collect the rewards. My suggestion is Metamask as it's simple and easy to use. If you have any troubles setting it up watch this short tutorial.

Weekly theme


Here, again you have the full creative freedom to present this theme in whatever way you feel is the best. You could portrait the feeling of her power with pictures of incoming or ongoing thunderstorms, lightning strikes, severe drought, hailstorms or any other natural disaster. You can show her brighter side with stunning landscapes or animals enjoying their natural habitats. These are just a couple of ideas off the top of my head but you can go as far as you want with it. Just be creative and have fun.


  • Only use your own images
  • Take in consideration that the pictures must be of certain quality. Not just by resolution, as composition, color palette, style and overall feel of the image will be taken in consideration
  • Add #photochaincommunity tag if you want to be targeted by the bot and receive Photons for each entry and #ppc so that I can find your posts
  • All entries must contain the Photochain logo or watermark somewhere in the images
  • Unlimited number of entries (except when you reach lvl 10 in the bot leveling system that yields 100 Photons per entry, then there is a cap at 3 entries per day)
  • Members of the #photochaincommunity should strive to engage and interact with each other as much as possible (this will help build the community aspect of the contest and will allow you to unlock the multiplier to earn more Photons per each entry)

To get a feel of the quality I'm hoping you can achieve check out some of the images featured in the demo.photochain.io


#1st place - 500$
#2nd place- 250$
#3rd place - 100$
4x honorable mention - 20$
Monthly superstar - 2500$

All prizes will be paid out in Photochain's tokens Photons that can later on be used to buy art within the DApp or sell for cash when the token is made exchangable. Tokens will be sent after the tokens are minted at the end of the ICO.

Voting process

  • Each community member that has made at least one entry that week can cast one vote for who he/she thinks should win. To vote just place a comment in this form: "My entry for this week's contest is link to your entry and I vote for link to the entry you vote for"

  • One winner will be chosen by the community and the rest by myself and the Photochain team. Winners and the new contest theme will be announced a day after this post pays out.

I'm really excited to build this community and to see how it grows. Wish everyone best of luck and happy snapping!

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@runicar, I like to track your creativity) and even I took part. With a certain tag I wrote a post. Maybe I not so do something), probably not correctly understood conditions) because to all fault a language barrier, I don't know English). Good luck to you in your undertakings).


hey @olesia, thans for stopping by and appreciating my work. I've noticed your entries in #swmchallenge and even though you still didn't win; I really enjoy reading your travel stories.

Hit me up on discord and I'll break down the rules so that you canunderstand them.




you do not understand me). I meant this photo contest)). I like him very much).


I do :) Let's chat on discord, I'll explain everything

First of all, I wish to DEEPLY congratulate all the 3 winners and the 4 honorable mentions of the "Happiness" contest. You all did well. And you deserve your rewards:
1st Place: @revo -- your colorful radiant Indian boy simply nailed it! What with the innocence, naturalness and ease of effort with which he exhibits the essence of Happiness... A well deserved reward!;
2nd Place: @nolasco -- Is it the B&W? Or the Indian girl's shy-like big smile that sealed up the 2nd place? Be it as it may: congrats!;
3nd Place: @rayshiuimages -- The explosive Chinese euphoria from the torchbearer is as illuminating as the torch he bears. Great B&W shot!

Honorable Mentions: @tobetada; @arun5866; @igwentertainment (Oh! That's me, by the way -- he he!), and @mourningnoodles -- I wish to say "Good Job!"

NB: @runicar, is this contest over? I just got to know about it. Sorry, my bad. Please tell me it's not over, 'cause I'm submitting already...


Thank you so much for the kind words and for the support. Best wishes!


You're welcome @rayshiuimages. Your photo deserves the win it got. Great shot!


Thanks for such a great comment @igwentertainment the contest is over but your entry counts :)



May your load be Love, @runicar!


Hey @runicar, I've been trying to install the software (etherium) as to collect my honorable mention price but all efforts to do so failed. I need your help. Please, what do I do next?

such great winners congratulations to them all well deserved


That's an excellent portrait you deserve it bro!


Thanks so much!!!!

I really love to see photostocks based on blockchain technology. I have been selling on shutterstock, adobe and other micro stock sights and you kind of get screwed with the royalties. How can you become a contributor on photo chain?


I’m excited for the new platform as well. I’ve only been on here for 2 days and learned so much already. The communities seem so nice and helpful.


Most people on here are very kind and helpful indeed !


Glad we all share the same excitement/ideology with this project. That will surely help push it further in the future.


Hey @dandesign86 haven't heard from you for the longest time. I didn't know you were into stock photography, glad to hear that but sad in the same time as you say that your work is, as like many others, highly undervalued on mentioned platforms.

Contributing to Photochain is not available as the project is still in the ICO phase and the DApp is being developed. Planned release of the DApp is 4 to 6 months after the ICO finishes.


Well it’s sounds like a promising project and I will be following the development, the concept makes a 100 percent sense and I have no doubt it can be successful!


It does, and as a aspiring photographer I can't wait for it to come out.

WOW! great resteemed. i love photography so much


Nice shot @betterthanhome and a good decision for the vote!


Hey @arseniuk,

Thanks for joining with such a lovely shot! Welcome to Steemit! I see you came just a couple of days ago. Was it only because of the contest?


Hi @runicar
No, I've been joined to the Steem community not just becauce of the contest. It's just a coincidence, but I really like nature themes. So that's a good coincidence^^

My entry for this week's contest is https://steemit.com/ppc/@arun5866/photochain-photography-contest-mother-nature


"Mother nature has the power to please, to comfort, to calm, and to nurture one's soul" - Anthony Douglas Williams


Love the strong bokeh in the image and that quote is spot on! Great job.

nice poto thank you

If it's not late for me to vote -- and it's VERY difficult for me to vote just one person's work(s) since a whole lot of the shots are just great, to say the least -- then I vote @lavanyalakshman's post:


Congratulations to all the winners.
The rewards are absolutely huge.
I would love to participate.


You definitely should. I've seen some of your snaps and must say that they are really good. Especially this one.


Thank you sir. Means a lot to me


What an amazing snap @tattodjay; love the contrast between the ultra-green and vibrant forest and the clouds + the reflection in the water adds a lot to the composition and overall feel of the image.


Thanks :)

Such a kind comment truly appreciated

great contest. prize is worthy and exciting


Nice shot! And it's not to late, everything posted today will be taken in consideration.

Thank you so much for the support! Congrats to all the winners. Amazing images, well done! Thanks photochain and @runicar for the opportunity and efforts in making this happen.


Np, @rayshiuimages, your professional work is highly appreciated here :)


😃 Thanks so much for the kind words!


Np and don't forget to cast your vote ;)

Aw, thanks so much for selecting my post, @runicar, this is so amazing! You made my day, that's sure! How wonderful! Thanks to all that appreciated my post and congrats to the winners and the mentioned!I've just set my account on Metamask! Now what to do:)?
Thanks again!


Congratulations, well deserved


Thanks a lot, my friend :))))))!


Congratz once again! You were chosen by the community but if they haven't chosen you I would :) Very powerful image you captured there.

Great, now just DM me on discord. You can find me here: https://discord.gg/prwPd2F and my nick is same as here :)


Thanks once again! You can't imagine how happy and encouraged I am! Off to discord now! :)))
And I'm already there! Should I message you or just in the community talk?


Np :) And yes I can!

Just send me a direct message.


Hi, my friend! I've already sent you a direct message! Thanks in advance for your help!


Hey @nolasco seen and answered :)


Thanks, my friend, likewise! Cheers and a huge thanks for your help!

Good Photochain Photography Contest .

This is my entry to the Nature theme this week.


Image taken by and remains the Copyright of Robert Downie - http://www.robertdowniephotography.com


Stunning shot @intrepidphotos! Don't forget to cast your vote for this weeks winner :)

Super pumped about the honorable mention! Thank you @runicar!


Congratz once again :) You really captured a special moment there, loved her laugh and the movement in the image.

Now just hit me up with your ERC20 compatible wallet on discord

Just came across your post on Photochain. What an exciting idea!
Good Luck and hope it works out. Would love to participate in this.


Hey @ohicklin, welcome to the contest! Glad you stumbled upon this post and recognized Photochain's potential.

Looking forward to seeing your entries :)


Hey @nolasco amazing shot like always :)


Thanks, @runicar, my dear friend :))))!

Great photos! Can't wait to join the next challenge!


i will also join in the next challenge


Looking forward to seeing your snaps in the contest!

would photos like this work for Photochain? This is a Pic out of my Back Yard.

snap (70).jpg


Sure, why not!


That range of colors is so stunning! Great job @tattodjay


thanks Kindly MOther Nature was in such a glorious mood that morning

Woot! Thanks @runicar! Now I've just got to work out whether my Ethereum wallet works. It's Jaxx. Is that compatible? I'm a bit of a crypto noob..


hey @revo, congratz once again :)

Good question, I'm not sure, I'll have to ask the team and get back to you.

Hi @runicar ,
This is my first entry for your contest.
My Entry:
I posted it before 3 days, sorry for late entry in comment.
As i am new in this contest and as well in steemit, so if there is any mistake found by you please do suggest me :)
i would like to post more for this week.

I vote for


Hey @aaarif, thanks for joining! Cool snap, very dramatic skies you captured there :)

You have done everysthing right and there is no problem for being a bit late to post the comment here, as long as it's before the 7 day mark.

You can post as many entries as you want :)


Thanks for appreciating dear :)


Thanks for joining, cool shot, very warm and inviting. Don't forget to vote for this weeks winner :)


where i can vote the winners?


I have applied for Happiness, and now for Mother Nature, but it doesn't seem like my photos are being noticed.

I'm not looking for attention, just want to know if I'm doing something wrong in my applications...

Withing the post, I'm stating that it's my entry for the contest, I upload the photo, add explanation - if any, and use the tags recommended above.

Is that all I need to do?

Once again, I understand there are tons of entries, so I just want to make sure my entries are proper.

Keep up the great work man


hey @omnimacedonian

I've seen your entries and they haven't been unnoticed. I just don't have enough time/Voting power to comment/upvote all entries. As for your entries they are proper, you got the logo and tags done right so nothing is wrong with them.

I just didn't have the time/VP


Of course, I understand. No worries about that, as I mentioned, I just wanted to make sure I'm doing everything right.

Thanks for taking the time to explain, keep up the good work, I'll keep participating, and may the best entry win! :)


Np, If you got any other questions feel free to do so here or on discord :)

Best of luck!

Amazing pictures and without doubts steemit has been an excellent platform for photographers. Now it sounds super interesting this new project of photochain. I hope photographers of all around the world be part of this new blockchain.


Glad you enjoyed them so much and yes, this is what I'm hoping will happen. And as a photographer myself I can't wait for the DApp to go live :)

wow, this is awesome, this will boost up our newbies and old user to continue steeming.

some users are not active due to low and cents payouts,
I know some user are done good and high quality of the post article, but they have few followers and no big whales voting on their post, some users are lucky to have extra sbd and steem in their wallet, to used bid bots.

some stop blogging due to sbd low value.
but thanks @runicar, this, will encourage our fellow steamians to go on in this journey. honestly, I'm also down, but someday I will shine in this community. I looking forward to your new post,

Upvoted and followed.

hiiii @runicar i was reading your post, i really like it the way that you describe the rules it was simple. Congratulations winners! The pics are beautiful, i can see the professionalism on that.
My favorite is @rayshiuimages - Ecstatic Olympic Torch Bearer


Thank you for the support and kind words! Best wishes!


Regards ; ))


hey @mjoa07, I'm so thrilled to see people who aren't participating in the contest enjoying our winners snaps so much. Thanks for leaving such a nice comment :)

@runicar i need help :) i'm in now? or I have something else to do? Thank you


Cool shot @rajkooooo, you are just missing the Photochain watermark. There is a tutorial for how to add it in Lightroom under how to enter and a couple of alternative software options you can chose from if you don't own Lr.

All winners are true winners.because they have introduced a better way of photography.Congratulations to all.

Wow so beautiful 😍

Could it really be that profitable, since there's plenty of websites offering free pictures, like pixabay for example?

Very beautiful photo's by the winners! Congratulations!

Felicitaciones hermosas las fotografias

Good post, excellent initiative, so you should continue to encourage the community.

I love this idea..really wish I was a photographer. Lots of money to be won. When would you make a competition for writers or maybe shoemakers 🙅🙅🙅🙅

hello there!!!
i want to congratulate all participants but specially to the winners, all you did a great job!!!!
good luck!!!
have a nice day!!!!

Excellent shots.

excelente los felicito adelante familia buena suerte

congrats to all winners

well done to everyone!

congratulation all winner.that's great idea. it's can represent yourself .
really i love it
thank you sharing your post
have a good day sir

This is good platform, very exited

Nice photography

From #Venezuela supporting your work men .... I am ready to do whatever you need ... Greetings from #Venezuela ..

Wow, what astonishing and professional contribution.


Glad you enjoyed them :)

how can i participate

This is an interesting @runicar, well organized, congratulations to the winners and those who participate: win the best, THANK YOU for sharing!

nice photos : )

This is inspiring
I would love to join

This looks like a great contest!
I can not wait to join

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Congratulations @runicar!
Your post was mentioned in the Steemit Hit Parade in the following category:

  • Pending payout - Ranked 4 with $ 703,84

Nature makes me happy

These are beautiful and I can’t wait until the next contest.

This is what i call a GOOD article. Thankyou for sharing this with us

Hello my friend. I'm new here. I'm happy to help me and use your experiences.wink

I get it..
Thank for the explanation..

Like Your Posts..
Me @cutnidar


nice Photography

hi @runicar
something very good
I like you
greetings from @razi04

Nice one sir, but still waiting for graphics design contest version. Can't really wait for the contest sir. I made this graphic designs on my birthday.! I make graphic designs at an affordable (SBD) price for those that are interested.

Wow, great contest. Congratulations to the winners! Will definitely take part in one of the next ones:)

The competition is really quite nice. Keep on and will try to join.


The competition
Is really quite nice. Keep on
And will try to join.

                 - jimmyfotogallery

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Hi, thank you for contributing to Steemit!

I upvoted and followed you; follow back and we can help each other succeed :)


lol, this kind of comments are so funny. First how are you going to help me? Second, why do you even bother leaving this kind of spammy comments? You want to increase your followers or just want an upvote?

Here, I'll give you one and hopefully teach you a lesson. This is not how you will succeed here.


Nice shot, @runicar!

Ouch! @fritzkerschi.

waw good


We don't accept duplicate entries so because this one was already in the contest it won't be taken in consideration, but I like the second one :)

Also don't forget to vote for this week's winner.

Wow great photography!! I love portraits. Will jump to each of them to vote now :)

Wow..what a great platform to showcase your skills.. many congratulations for the brilliant idea and also congratulations to the winners.. photographs are just awesome...well done

Beautiful photos <3 Congratulations winner! :D

really great contes, very nice to develop the photo lovers photos fun, may run smoothly

Esposo 20161224_195146.jpg
and this is where I'm making my entry to this wonderful week's contest,
"Love can change the world"

Good Job everyone!

Nice pics :)

Congratulations to the winners! Outstanding photographies

@runicar you're really doing a great job. Photo chain is amazing. Monetizing passions isn't what just make your work so great but the pleasures of we the viewers! ♡♡♡ Kudos!

this challenge is still on, right?


Yes, until the post reaches 7 days, then it's over and the winners + new contest will be posted the day after

Congratulations to the winners

Hi @runicar, my entry for this week is here:


One more thing - is it possible to get photochain logo as psd file and can I edit its colors to white/black and embed it with my usual signature? I didn't want to do it without discussing the subject with you :)
All the best!


hey @dejan.vuckovic thanks for reaching out to me and asking.

Tbh, don't know where would I get a psd version but let me as the team if they have something. If not this also works like you have done it for this entry.


Looks like a fun and interesting photo contest, but I don't think my shots would qualify. Hehe.

I love this mehn

your pictures are really good, as you say: pictures say more than a thousand words

This is my 2nd entry for this photochain community contest.

My 2nd Entry link:


Note: 2nd upvote for @dandesign86 and his post link.