Introducing Photochain, A Dapp for freelance photographers that aims to revolutionize the Stock photography industry

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Meet Photochain! Blockchains solution to all stock photography problems, entry barriers, hickups and obstacles that are keeping you from making a living by selling your photos.

The current stock photography industry is taking advantage of it's users by drowning them in fees and slowing them down with various obstacles. They claim to offer a way to monetize your work, when in fact they are the ones taking most of the profits, while providing a questionable service. Some of the popular stock photography markets will take anything from 50% to 75% leaving the photographers only a small portion of the revenue of their sold pictures.

So not only do they take a big piece of the pie but it can take weeks to actually collect the funds. If that wasn't enough to turn you off, they won't even let you price your own work, but rather make up their own prices. Making it close to impossible to make a living with selling your pictures. I've seen professional photographers that are getting insultingly low payouts for the content they are producing. This has to change!

Let's face it. The stock photography industry is broken and favors the selected few, while most aren't making enough to make ends meet. All while the service providers are cashing in big. This inequality has to end. As blockchain based business models appear, with Photochain being by far the best example of this, they will soon dethrone its current centralized competitors.

A glimpse of what's to come


Photochain is able to put an end to the inequality and bring the power back to the photographers; let them take control over their work, give them the ability to set their own price, license types and terms of sale. By turning to blockchain technology to cut out the middleman, machine learning to automate most of the processes and Photochain’s own user community to cut down the costs of governance; it is able to offer something that was never before seen in the stock photography industry, fairness.

It solves all above mentioned flaws and give the photographers an opportunity to simply and easily start monetizing their passion in a fair, trustless way. With 95% of the revenue generated by their work going to the photohraphers themselves, who are the driving force behind the value. This is the first project of it's kind that will demonopolize the industry and fairly reward its users. The potential of the project has been highly recognized within the photography industry with hundreds of photographers currently testing the Dapp and eagerly waiting for its release.

Further recognition was gained when the project took 3rd place in the ICO Pitch Competition at the Blockchain Leadership Summit in Zurich. The project is also partnered with some high profile players in the blockchain world, including advisory services Swisscom Blockchain and some of Blockchain’s biggest technical personalities, Roberto Capodieci and his Blockchain Zoo, and Lee Willson the President of World Blockchain Foundation.

What is Photochain?

Photochain is the next level stock photography marketplace Dapp built on top of the Ethereum blockchain that allows photographers to monetize their content in a fair, decentralized and transparent way. By cutting out the middleman that takes the largest portion of revenue and automating most of the processes, Photochain gives you 95% of the profits earned from selling your pictures, while taking as little as possible to cover expenses of running the Dapp. Photochain was the vision of CEO Stanislav Stolberg, who states that:

“As a hobby photographer, I found the incumbent photo stocks just far too difficult to navigate. Too many rules and restrictions made me not want to use them, as I felt I was not able to share my photos how I wanted to. As a keen technologist, blockchain immediately jumped out to me as the answer.”

Photochain is able to cut down their costs to a bare minimum and offer a service that empowers it's users by giving them what they deserve (the biggest part of the generated revenue or 95% while charging a small fee to cover their expenses). Needles to say, this wouldn't have been possible without utilizing blockchain technology to reduce costs of running the Dapp and Photochain's community that will help with governance, further decreasing the costs.

The best thing about Photochain is that you don't need to understand anything about blockchain technology or cryptocurrency to be able to use it. Its interface is elegant and easy to use giving you a seamless and enjoyable experience every time. The blockchain aspect is totally hidden (as seen in the demo product - and there will be an internal fiat-to-token exchange for both the buying and selling, so you don’t need to understand anything about cryptocurrency to use the platform.

Why I see great potential in Photochain

Low fees and literally no entry barrier, combined with the simplicity of use is what should be most appealing to content creators, while the buyers also enjoy that, they get an added benefit of lower prices and the ability to negotiate prices.

Photochain's fee consists of:

  • 0.02% for the Ethereum network fee paid to miners and for interaction with the Photochain smart contract
  • 0.98% for data storage costs, because pictures and digital works require ample storage space
  • 2% for the Photochain Governance Team for ongoing development and moderation
  • 2% for the Photochain decentralized app (DApp) reserve


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Suitable for large number of transactions
  • Trustless buying and selling of digital art
  • Buyers pay less, while content creators earn more
  • Secure and decentralized storage on the IPFS protocol
  • Personal and novel Digital Copyright Chain to determine rights and ownership
  • Utilizing Smart Contracts and Machine learning most of the processes are automated
  • Fair reward distribution
  • Community oriented

How it works? Explained in less than 2 minutes

In the words of CMO, Haris Rana:

“Photochain has been designed and developed completely with the users in mind. The platform has rebuilt the entire concept of a photostock from the ground up, leveraging the power of blockchain technology in every step of the process. This leads to a seamless buying and selling experience to all users, where they can feel comfortable that their best interests are put first.”

Photochain is the first platform that wants to fairly reward you for your work. They feel confident to take 10% of the $4 billion annual revenue of the stock photography industry - $400 million - and give this money to the photographers.

Main Features

P2P Marketplace

Buyers and sellers can determine their own terms of sale, so they are allowed to trade directly with one another. Using blockchain technology to remove the need for cost of processing, Photochain guarantees photographers to receive 95% of the earnings from their works.

Easy Onboarding

A simple identity verification for all photographers. Unlike with traditional photostocks which require lots of prerequisites, a user can be actively selling work in minutes. The removal of prerequisites further allows the platform to be fully accessible and profitable to hobby, amateur and professional photographers alike.

Digital Copyright Chain

Photochains decentralized database ensures each uploaded photo to be hashed into the blockchain and permanently linked to its owner. Because of blockchains immutability this link is impossible to be changed, removed or manipulated in any way. Any further uploaded image is hashed and compared to the existing DCC for copyright fraud. Additionally due to the permanent link, any misuse of the image outside of paid licenses is easily detectable.

Crypto Economy

Photochain is helping to build a crypto economy, where we have more control over our data. A fairer economy where you are rewarded for your work. We believe photographers deserve fair compensation for their efforts and their creativity.


Are the fuel behind that allows simple and fast, secure, peer to peer transactions between content creators and buyers. They are also used as a mean of motivation and are given out to moderators and users when they reach 100 points in the ranking system. Meaning that Photons can not only be bought, but they can also be earned through various actions that help project grow.

Reputation & reward system

The system is put in place to motivate it's users and ensure self-sustainable development. Allowing it's users to earn Photons, build a reputation for themselves and instill more trust with the buyers and the Dapp.

  • The moderator gets one point for their contribution to solving one claim (+1)

  • For each sold image, the seller receives one point (+1)

  • The pictures of sellers are placed according to their ranks in the search results

  • An increase in ranking by one point (+1) corresponds to 0.1 PHT. Once the rank of the moderator has grown to 100 points, a payout from the reserve will take place, and the amount in PHT will be transferred to their wallet address


With its realistic use of blockchain technology, Photochain is solving stock photographies biggest issues and offers a straightforward, easy to use Dapp that has potential of reshaping the whole industry. And the best part about it is that you don't have to know anything abut blockchain technology or cryptocurrencies to participate and there is no entry barrier to get started.

Photochain has all the predispositions and momentum needed to distrupt the industry. The solution it offers is revolutionary and if photographers and buyers don't fail to recognize this opportunity I wouldn't be surprised to see Photochain being one of the top selling stock photography marketplaces of the future. The Dapp is currenty in beta phase but a demo is available for testing. When it goes live, mainstream acceptance will quickly follow as photographers will seek better ways of monetizing their content.

Photochain community on Steemit

Steemit is packed full of talented, professional and hobby photographers, some of whom earn a decent amount here, while others struggle and fail to get recognized. Making their posts quickly get lost in the crowd and covered up by the vast amount of new content published each second. Some of them might even stop producing content, forcing them to leave Steemit because of getting so discouraged and undervalued.

Together we will create the largest, photography community on Steemit of dedicated content creators and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. My vision is to help you get established as an photographer on Photochain and reward you for your efforts. This "support group" will strive to help photographers get recognized, not only by the Steemit community, but by potential buyers as well. Allowing them to monetize their content in a simpler, faster and fairer way.

Be amongst the first to join the and start earning Photons

In the upcoming week's, probably even as soon as next week I'll start two contests aimed to help build and support Steemit's Photochain community, where everyone will be able to contribute their work and earn some Photons for doing so. I also plan to get a community care bot to, just as Photochain does, fairly and equally reward all contributions to the challenge. A levelling system will be put in place to distinguish power users from those who just came in and made their first contribution, but everyone will get the same amount of Photons per contribution. Amount of contributions is directly correlated to the amount of Photons received, meaning that the more you are active in the community, the more Photons you will get.

To get a feel of the quality I'm hoping you can achieve, take a look at the pictures at

I'm looking forward to sharing this journey with you and seeing how it evolves into something that could literally change your life. Because, if you can consistently put out quality work, you will be able to make a living on Photochain. I'm here to let you know about it and help you on your way of achieving financial freedom by doing something that you love.

Sounds interesting? Then don't miss out and follow up on my future updates on Steemit's

Token Sale

Even though the ICO has already started, you can still be one of the first to get your hands on some Photons. Before investing you must understand that the Dapp is still in the development phase and needs your support to get to the finish line. By investing in the ICO you are putting your trust in Photochain and believe that they are on to something here, that they will deliver a working product ready to cause an earthquake in the photography industry and change it from the bottom up. Once and for all bringing equality and fairness for its users and profits to its investors.

Photochain Dapp is expected to go be released in 4-6 months after ICO completion and unlike most other projects, with their fairly simple use of the blockchain, this should be easily achievable. The next step of making this dream come to life is you, the community behind it. You are the driving force behind this project and only you can provide real value. Photochain acknowledges that and rewards you with something no other platform will give, 95% of the profits and a simple, easy to get into and use Dapp.

More info on can be found at

Read the Whitepaper!

Important Photochain ICO Main Sale Update: Are you a Faithful Community Backer, Braveheart or Remnants Buyer?

Join Photochain's official discord channel:

Are you ready to be a part of the change?


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Very impressive idea to crowdsource and allow many to provide funding while original developers of the idea maintain control.

excelente reportaje, mis tíos también estudian el mundo de la fotografía.. Sera de ayuda para ellos leer este articulo! felicidades

I will! Congrats good job

Interesante, esa es una muy buena propuesta

Awesome guys! We will be in touch!


The headline "Photochain Presentation, a Draft for Freelance Photographer" aims to revolutionize the stock photography industry. Fill the presentation and fill the aggregate, photo chayon, solve your photographic problems, your photos, all of the stock photography industry, the problem is that the photography industry is more interested in their industry. While giving it suspicious service, the pictures are divided into several parts

Can't agree whit you more. (Y)

we can help each other to success..
please upvote and follow me..
I am new here...

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i think we can help each other to upgrade our own value and contribute all

can't wait for the platform launching at Q4 2018

counting days :D

Me neither. It will be very exciting, but too bad it's so long to wait.

Same here, just got my first camera and started learning photgraphy. Think I'll be good enough to start contributing when it goes live.

Small point.. You mis-spelled some words in your text and video. For example, the word 'losing' is spelled 'loosing' in the first video. ;)

Good eye, thanks for pointing that out, I would have never noticed that but it wasn't me who made the video :)

Beautiful .. I liked your vision
Well done .. for more creativity
Great post..

This looks amazing so far. Will have to read the whitepaper. As an artist i think this is huge

Thanks! Hope to see you join photochain's photography community contest then :)

really nice idea! good luck whit that :D

I wasn't aware that stockphotography platforms have so many issues and take such a big cut. Knowing that, photographers should opt out of centralized rivals and opt into Photochain.

Very excited about the project. It has a very bright future ahead of itself. Can't wait to see how it develops in the future.

I wasn’t aware either. I assumed photographers had control over their images and decent profits. But centralization usually makes the few rich and the rest get scraps.

hi dear /@ggirl
good & nice article

this one will be big if they can pull it all off! Thanks for bringing this to my attention this is the second time I've heard this platform mentioned by a reputable user.

Looks like I will be delving into the Photochain rabbithole this weekend!

It surely will! I got big expectations for Photochain and I know they will deliver.

Great to have your support! Join us on Discord for any questions:

I am sold! I enjoy earning a passive income with stock photography, but the high agency fees are ridiculous, especially when agencies like istock take fees as high as 85%.. I actually had the idea of a stockphoto dApp in mind for over a year and now there are a few dApps that already do something similar, but Photochain looks the most promising so far. Excited for your photo contests!

I'm not surprised to find out that you are into stock photography and yes, the fees are bad. You should have done something about your idea back then.

Me too, really looking foward to building a photography community here.

I have given it some thoughts, a Stockphoto platform as an SMT on the Steem blockchain could have some potential. Photographers would get a reward just for uploading their photos in form of votes like on Steemit and on top of that the reward from each sale minus a small fee that would go to the curators as a kind of eternal curation reward. I actually had a flash of genius a few weeks ago how to call this platform and wanted to register the Steemit account @dstock in case I decided to go ahead with this idea at some point - only to find out that it had been registered three (!) days before already!

Hahaha that was me, as several months ago I started a stock photography project, but realized there were bigger projects already in existence, and bailed on it.
You would have run into several problems, and part of the reason I discontinued it. Steem block chain has no framework for Tier or automatic payouts, as well as a commission concept. That's why all these other startups aren't using steem as their blockchain of choice, it just isn't versatile enough to run a market place.

Also, the harsh reality of selling stock specifically in steem; steem users don't give a damn about copyright infringement and it's why so many like the blockchain. They can steal and post work with no repercussions. As of now, you would be lucky to make any profit or even sustain it.
I pump almost a grand into Dstock, and it opened my eyes, and realized on Steem, it just isn't feasible, you would need a better backing with developers on a more utilized versatile blockchain.
That, and if you notice, these startups are using this as a slight ruse to pump their own 'coin' which they call 'tokens.' It's why they claim to take such a little fee.
Also, there is a lot of protections and markets that the bigger fiat companies are working with, which is why it seems they are taking so much reward.

Sites like these start off the same as any fiat "hey we are on the photographers side!" photo sites. 500px for instance.

I'll sell you the account Dstock and the Domain for 1k USD lol.

At this point I am holding on to the domain for profit, until I get an offer.

If you have ideas, I would recommend investing in .io domains, you might strike gold.

*Or hell if you had some ideas, maybe we can get something going. I, as a one man team, found it wasn't possible, as my limitations were mostly backend development. Site Design marketing, etc... I am capable of, but I am not a coder lol.

Haha, that's funny, great to find out who is behind @dstock! I am studying computer science and have developed some python scripts interacting with the Steem blockchain, but a project like dstock would be a different level.
I think it wouldn't make sense to develop it now when SMTs will change everything in a few months, but when they launch, we could talk about realising dstock together if you like.
My idea would be to create something like a decentralised version of 500px as a SMT including a market place. The problem with transactions could be solved by creating a subscription system such as the one that Shuttterstock and many other microstock agencies have and distribute the payments to the creators at the end of the month minus the fees.

Cool I give ya a follow

Now that's unfortunate, but not a dealbreaker. You should definitely keep working on it and see where it goes. Who knows, maybe @ned hits you with a 1M delegate as a kickstarter :)

True :) We should probably think of rebranding @travelfeed as @dravelfeed or @dtravel as well, it seems like @ned loves D's!

hahahahahahahahahahhaha man this is gold!

Not if they keep it on ETH instead of steem.

I'm not talking about Photochain here. But let me just note that no one would be happier to see them move to Steem/SMTs but as said so many times before who knows when SMTs will finally go live.

in my previous comment I mention why steem won't work for this type of project, at least not yet.

Oh you you mean this completely off base remark?

Steem block chain has no framework for Tier or automatic payouts, as well as a commission concept. That's why all these other startups aren't using steem as their blockchain of choice, it just isn't versatile enough to run a market place.

I'm a 35 year career software development veteran and presently an executive in an enterprise scale international software company, a creator of tools, broadcasting networks and a worldwide charity on steem, a steem witness, and here to tell you, it's not up to steem to handle your payment schemes, it's up to you to know how to program. I can instantly see methods to code tiers and payments systems for any kind of app in the world, and many methods of handling the payout seem immediately obvious to me. Your inability to do so, doesn't make it steem's fault, sorry.

Also, the harsh reality of selling stock specifically in steem; steem users don't give a damn about copyright infringement and it's why so many like the blockchain. They can steal and post work with no repercussions. As of now, you would be lucky to make any profit or even sustain it.

This incorrect generalization is just flat asinine too.

Your inability to program a solution to your issues, and your broad sweeping inaccuracies, make you incapable, not steem.

But your last sentence actually proves that.

I am not a coder lol.

Well, that's clearly obvious by your total inaccuracy and inability to achieve some incredible simple things.

It's not steem that has to do "automatic payouts and tiers" - which it can do, btw, it's up to your app code, your inability to understand and do it, aside... Both happen every single day here.

Please stop spreading misinformation about things you are self described as unable to do, as something else's fault.

Yeah you are just being confrontational at this point, just going to block your account. You are just a troll looking for fights.

Which is clear by all your other comments.

Ouch, that's unfortunate! If you still want to attempt the project you could still try with another name. In my humble opinion, Steem SMTs or EOS would be a better fit for a stock photo-project than Ethereum, since they both have no fees and fast block times. Especially since as you say, we could potentially also pay with upvotes here on Steem :)

Agreed, it would be better to go with SMTs if they existed. The fact that the development is taking so long has already driven a lot of businesses away. So lets hope they come soon.

That's completely understandable at this point. It's been forever since Steemit Inc. said that SMTs were right around the corner, but it has been little news since then.

Do you even remember when they first talked about hf 20? It must be like 8 months now..... I just hope EOS doesn't beat us in the race.

I believe EOS is ready to go in less than a month, so it seems unlikely that they won't beat Steem. Unless Steemit Inc. has it ready-ish and wants to push it right before EOS goes live.

This is the main reason I bailed on Dstock.

Steem doesn't have the features within it's structure to run a "marketplace" like stock photography. It's why you see these other stock sites creating their own tokens.

Among other things that steem is very limited to...

When all you have is a hammer, everything starts looking like a nail. Though steem can be manipulated to do a lot of things, it's not a swiss army knife and "other" solutions can be much more elegant on their own.

I agree. :)

Storing the images of millions of photographers on a blockchain, just doesn't seem like a great idea to me. shrug Even steemit, completely depending on services like amazon aws, doesn't sit completely well with me.

What do I know though, eh? lol

You lack vision and skill and capability, not steem....

LOL. Yeah, that's it, attack my character personally.
Should I attack your intelligence, because you obviously have 0 reading comprehension.
If you're looking to just be an ass or start and internet fight with someone, please do it with someone else.

I remarked on your lack of skills, mostly just quoting you.

What does it miss to have been able to create a marketplace such as a stock photo marketplace?

Like I mentioned, as of now, there is not way to incorporate/facilitate payouts automatically. Sites like Dtube take a commission off total upvote revenue, but with stock.. you are selling at a set steem price IE: wallet transfers. As of now there isn't a way to have the host (company) receive a payout for the set price, then auto facility the % back to the original owners wallet. It would have to be done manually by had with each transaction. The reason why other cryptos can handle this, is because they allow for smart tokens, where the site creates their own trading currency, within the system.

Alright, thanks for educating me. Hopefully this will be something that will be solved with SMTs in the future, when that is ready.

Totally! The issue is, that at the moment neither EOS nor Steem have tokens, EOS does not even have a blockchain yet and is an ETH20 token itself. I could imagine that Photochain and many other ETH20 tokens will switch to a different blockchain like EOS in a year if Ethereum does not manage to solve its scaling problems until then.

hi dear /@runicar
you are very great man
your article is very favorite to me
promise i read your article everyday

I am quite excited !!! :)

Very good article
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hi dear/@amitsharma
please look at me kindly

I like the idea of this Dapp but someone bought 25M of the total token and buyer is anonymous, it could be a dump once tokens hit exchanges. I will wait out on this til it reaches the exchanges and buy from there. Though I am a noob in photography, I could sell something there too. Who knows :)

I'm sure that there are no malicious intentions behind the investment. Why wait it out just to buy from exchanges at a higher price? Doesn't make any sense.

Every professional photographer started as a noob :)

I'm sure that there are no malicious intentions behind the investment.

So you have the ability to read an investor's mind? That's a pretty bold claim, and a pretty naive one. I believe @allmonitors is a fairly prudent, critical thinker in this case.

yes you are quite right with my decision.


This sounds extremely interesting, just need to get a decent camera now, but I will have to make the best out of my compact one for now! Those stock photography sites take huge fees, it is about time they have some extrememly healthy competition like this!

You can get a long way with a compact camera, or even a phone camera and some skills. Often that will amount to better pictures than a good camera and less skill ;)

I've seen your pictures, they are not bad at all. You've been talking about getting a new one for a while, now should be a good time to do it then. Looking forward to seeing what you will bring to the contests.

Thanks, @runicar I have been searching for a secondhand one, so hopefully I will fimd something decent soon enough!

I'm sure you will :)

this sounds extremely interesting..

Did you just copy-paste the first sentence of the comment you replied to? Why would you even do that?

Finally something for the little guys in photography. The photo giants have been dominating the field long enough. With the right leadership and the right exposure hopefully some of the little guys can get more exposure and recognition for the hard work that we put into our work! I will be participating in the ICO as I am a professional that would love to see work shared amongst the world in an entirely different way than the current method!

It would be a great solution for freelancing photographer. Let me resteem this post. Wish all the best to the projects.

Thanks for the support!

Photons, nice name. I am always wary of ICOs. All the ICOs I participated in previously have been a negative experience for me. So, I will wait this out and buy from the exchanges. But as a platform, this is really great although I am not a photographer. Thanks for sharing

Excellent work @runicar ! you've come very far since I first met you. Keep it going!

Thanks for the recogniton/encouragement, highly appreciated comming from you.

Thank you. I've been looking for an alternative to the commercial stock photography websites. I'll check it out and post my findings and experience soon as I can.

Glad to have you here! The Dapp itself should go live in about 4-6 months after the ICO finishes. In the mean time we are going to have photography/design contests here on Steemit that I hope you will join. I've seen your blog and must say, great snaps man! Keep up the good work.

Can't wait. I'll keep my eyes open. May even join the ICO. I see there are still a few days left.

Sounds like a great product. There is definitely a need for such a platform. Kodak seems to build one too. What are the differences?

Kodak is doing something similar, the problem with kodak is that they are mostly acting like the current players of the stock photography industry.

What I meant was that kodak will be just like shuttershock or any other company who is now involved with stock photography.They will not decentralise the industry; Kodak will be the intermediary in this "blockchain platform" of theirs and they will keep robbing the photographers.

Ok, understand. Great to hear that this platform will really consider and empower the photographers!

what a great idea.

I love to join this project and the token sale

Glad to have you onboard! Are you into photography or are you just looking at it as an investor?

A hobby photographer and a bit of investor

I, for one, am pretty excited for the success of this platform, not for the ICO investment potential but for the actual service itself.

Very interesting! As a stocker I understand the necessity of such a stock.
But it is not clear from the description, do they intend to sell vectors too?

Hey, glad to meet a fellow illustrator, even though I'm just a beginner :) Sorry for not making it clear enough, but yes, vectors will be sold also!

Like your style! Followed for more.

Hey, great news! Nice to meet you colleague!

Finally something fair for photographers trying to make something out of their great efforts ! an ICO im very interested in !
Hope this goes well in the future

Yes, we finally get some real use out of an ICO project. It surely will, the question is just how many good photos will we have ready to sell when the Dapp goes live.

Because of that image I know you are really into photography. Love that guy and his videos. Checked out your blog, nice snaps! Be on the lookout for Photochain's photography contest next week.

Looking forward to this!!! Being a stockphotographer myself, I welcome each and every project to improve the situation for the photographers!
Upvoted, and resteemed!

What are your eyperiences with stock potography? How is your work appreciated on mentioned platforms?

Well, I’ve been a stockphotographer for 12+ years now, and the financial appreciation of my work has definitely declined bigtime since the coming of microstock. Microstock luckily has matured a bit over the past few years, returning a bit more on average per picture. But, there still is a long way to go to get back to the pre-microstock-levels!

Sad, but not surprised to hear that. Hopefully now, when new, decentralized platforms like Photochain come to life it will be much easier to earn a decent amount by selling stock photos.

Until it happens, there will be many chances to earn in the photography contests starting from next week probably. Looking forward to seeing your snaps (Steemit is bugging out like all hell now and I can't even open your profile, can't get past the 504 error, account doesn't exist)

Noticed it too that steemit is going buggy right now... Hope it gets better soon, so you can see my profile again ;-)
The contests sound interesting! How can I join them?

Well, I’ve been a stockphotographer for 12+ years now, and the financial appreciation of my work has definitely declined bigtime since the coming of microstock. Microstock luckily has matured a bit over the past few years, returning a bit more on average per picture. But, there still is a long way to go to get back to the pre-microstock-levels!

I personally want the success of this project. looks amazing to me.

Wow. Can't wait for this.

Have really been longing to go into photography, but what keeps me waiting is mentorship. I need someone who will coach me to become an excellent photographer, a photographer with a difference.
I'm sure have found one today.

There are a lot of helpful tutorials online, especially on yt. Hit me up on discord and I'll send you the best ones I came across by now. Nick on discord is same as here.

This is mind-boggling and will make a lot of photographers very happy because their work will now get a value and plus more stock photographs for people who needs it will get available.

I am happy to see such project

Yes! Lets just hope others will also recognize it.

Goodprojet I participite in bountry

please follow and upvote me

Lovely article to describe a valuable project. I like the layout and fine pictures, which is essential in advertising a photo dapp. Wish you guys the best of success in this service that you are providing for the community.

Glad you liked it!

good article post,,,

@runicar is it in ICO phase or its already done?

ICO is still ongoing. Check out for more info

ni very interesting, I make photography as a hobby and happy to know that there is a community like this, how can I join or enter here

I've checked out your blog, great macro shots! Photochains first photography contest will begin in a week, so stay tuned.

thanks @runicar
glad to hear. I'm new in steem, please guidance.

its really looks a great Idea. I gonna check it now.

Great Idea indeed.

It's very interesting. Some cent's for you.Thanks for your job.

this will help all photographer out there, especially doing blockchain transactions. wow, this is cool work.

token sales are up until now.

Photography on the Blockchain. Photochain is good choice of name, I like it. Will be watching this one.

Nice find here. Now going to check this out. Thanks for sharing.


I am very curious about Photochain, the promo video is really good. the ICO have a huge potential. Thumbs up @runicar

i m also very curious

Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for the support!

What I'm seeing from this post is only empty bombastic words about blockchain without any clear idea of how this system will work. Can't stand the repeated grammatical errors in this post either. SteemIt will need to improve the post quality to go any further than just a platform for people to spam and wish to make pennies.

Wow this ia interesting, I make photography as a hobby and its nice to know that theres a community like this, how can I join or sign in here? I really wanted to improve my photos too..

It seems like you still need to wait a while before you can upload your photos for sale on the Photochain website. But in the mean time you can post your photos here on the Steem blockchain to get upvotes instead of sales :)

Yes that’s very true. At least the photographers can get some income here and at steepshot independently by opening an account here and there.

Yep, there's a good potential to earn a nice amount of money here if you post great photos. And as @runicar said, make sure to pay attention for the Photochain's contests, and you can even get Photons without paying for them in the ICO.

Yes, as noted the Dapp is still in the making and that's why they needed an ICO to fund development. In the mean time you can join Photochain's contests that will be announced in a week and start earning your first Photons.

I'm looking forward to the contest. It might be a good way to kickstart taking some photos in preparation for the stock selling ;)

I'll write more about the community aspect in a week, so stay tuned for that post.

I will! Congrats good job

we can help each other..please follow and upvote me...i will back

No and no one will. This kind of behaviour is frowned upon and is not appreciated by anyone so please don't do it in the future. I would much rather give someone an upvote but I have to waste it on flagging you to prove a point.

this looks awesome....very good article..thank you

yes very good article

I think this is a good project, thanks for sharing...

wow you are a genius photographar bro.
thats amazing

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not bad at all! it sounds like an interesting alternative! and very open for oportunities!

Thank you so much for this!!@small11

I think this is a very good coin

This is amazing....Can't wait

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Photochain has given us a lot of good information about presentations, thank you very much for giving this program.....