Spring Forest and My PhotoShoot #3 | My Travel to the Nature

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Good morning, friends! A new week has begun and I have many new photos of the forest, so today a new collection of forest photos is waiting for you.

As I said in this place is located an incredibly beautiful forest. I visited this forest this weekend. The weather was warm that day, but with a strong wind. You can notice how the wind blows my hair :).

Enjoy Nature!

Camera: Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100

Thanks for watching and your time, I always appreciate it!

Here you can see some of my recipes:

1. Tiramisu in Glasses
2. Viennese Waffles
3. Pasta in Tomato Sauce with Meat, Thyme and Garlic
4. The Pie with Figs
5. Refreshing Drink with Strawberries and Lime
6. Little Meringues
7. Milkshake with Banana and Blackberries
8. Baskets with Curd Cream and Mango

Enjoy excellent day, friends!


Good morning,appreciable photography and your selection is very good bcz Nature play an important role in human environment, forest are the building block of Natural resources which help in living.

Great photos! I love nature too. It makes me feel relaxed specially when I'm under the shade of the trees listening to the sound of the wind. Just be careful though because we know that forests have snakes :)

Wow.. its very beautiful forest. Where is the picture took place? Regard from Indonesia.

What a beautiful forest! Great photos as always

My favorite is the one with the small cluster of trees in the middle of the road. I love how one lone tree bend to reach it.

Beautiful nature makes me fascinated @milaoz

The natural beauty of forest charms all

I really like to see your photo is very good. Unspoiled jungle scenery looks fresh and cool and your style is also natural.

Photos are beautiful. 💙

Wow very beautiful picture I love it

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