The Beautiful Beach Life

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Another post from San Diego, guys!

Of this whole trip, I'd have say that the beaches were the most exotic and beautiful parts of the city. We went to this beach called La Jolla, and got to see some cliffs and caves, and these nifty sea lions, which I will be doing a post about next.

Getting to this place was a tad bit interesting. Apparently we gave our uber the wrong address, so he drove out of his way and took us up this really luxurious neighborhood of San Diego. Once we realized it was not exactly the beach area, we tried to tell him but his English was so limited, so that made things interesting!

Here I was at the beach enjoying the sun and perfect warm weather, while my family sends pictures of the snowstorm they just had. It was pretty hilarious.

@gringalicious and I

Now that I am back home and cuddled in blankets with snow outside, I'm really wishing to be at that beach right now. Lol.
It was an amazing trip, and I want to share so much more of it with you guys!
Be on the lookout for more posts of beautiful sunsets and beaches :)

Hasta pronto my lovelies!


great shots, thanks for sharing with us steemians!

I appreciate you stopping by :)

Sure, anytime...will look for ya if u have future posts :)

Wow! The beautiful beaches of San Diego. Very relaxing view. I hope I can visit it someday. There are many public beaches here in the Philippines and I have always enjoyed taking photos, especially of some beach creatures. I haven't seen you or @gringalicious post macro shots. If you haven't, I encourage you to try. My mind is zooming into the sand! Haha. Thanks for sharing your nice photos. Steem on!

I am so happy you had so much fun. I know there are many more beaches for you to explore, I can't wait to see those photos

very beautiful

I appreciate that.

Impressive image. I think it is a beautiful beach. Although the sand is less, but the scenery is very beautiful.

Yeah there wasn't much sand, but thats okay. Thank you :)

The sea does not reward those who are too anxious, too greedy, or too impatient. One should lie empty, open, choiceless as a beach - waiting for a gift from the sea.

Pretty words!

Glad you Replied

Thank you for your support

Very amazing life. My dream is even to set up a mansion near or besides the beach. Thanks @fullofhope for sharing.

We share similar dreams then that's for sure. Id love to build a place near shore.
Thank you for coming by :)

Its my pleasure. Thanks for your response and am glad as well to be sharing similar dreams.

Its my pleasure! Thanks too for the response. Am so glad as well that we share similar dreams.

Always good to get in some beach time! Hope it was at least pretty warm while you were around. This week has gotten really cold, hehe.

Yeah! I mostly went to beaches more than anything, in San Diego. Honestly they're my favorite places. It was actually very warm there haha.
Always good to hear from you! :)

My friends taken me to a bunch of amazing beaches in Malibu. So many hidden places. Great escapes from the insanity of LA.

Glad to hear you had a great time :)

Oh man I wanna go to Malibu. Me and my sister still do want to see LA though! We got some insight from some in San Diego on LA, lots of people have different opinions. I guess I should find out for myself! haha Do you have a favorite food place there?

Hehe, favorite food place...all depends on what you want. Boyle Heights, where I live right now, has some amazing Mexican and Latin American food. Let me know when you're around and I'll scrounge up the latest of what's going on and yummy. My friend and I go out every once in a while to see the new stuff.

Nice photos. So, what language did the Uber guy speak?

I'm not quite sure.. it was so foreign I think it was Arabic .
Thanks my friend!

Awesome pictures! :)
I just saw the Steemian Shape of You Song and think you're gorgeous :)

Brilliant photography and beautiful location.

Well thank you :)

the best
i love you

Haha thanks so much for commenting :)

Gorgeous shots... San Diego ... defintly u gonna break the internet... pics r stuning

Aw haha thank you for stopping by :)

Nice post and beautiful photography

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Love the photos! Thanks for sharing :)

Happy you liked them! :)

this is really sweet, this is amazing wonderful shots love this.

Aw, thanks :) Im wishing I was there again, cuz im freezing here where the snow is! lol

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First followed your sister but love the pictures from both of you! beach life is always good. Can't imagine living a life without the beach as my neighbour...:O

I'm sorry I didn't get to meet you at tonight's meetup! It's funny because the more I read your posts and your sisters' I start to feel like I almost know you! I guess that's a tribute to your writing. You all write in a very genuine way, so it draws in the reader and creates a connection.

Thanks for the lovely photos! Having lived in California for over 30 years, I miss the beach sometimes too, but on the other hand, as I'm cuddled under a blanket typing this, I am thankful that I live where I can actually experience all 4 seasons!

Aww, I'm so happy you commented :) My mama has been talking about you so much, she loves you!! I'm sure we will be meeting again. I really want to go back to California for the beaches and awesome weather, but I agree with you to live in a place that has all seasons is the way to go! Because I sure have enjoyed snowboarding in the snow hahah
Thank you so much for your comment :)

Oh I'm just as fond of her and your aunt. It's so nice when you meet people that just get you, and understand what you're about. That's how I feel when I'm with them!

We've enjoyed sledding, but with the little guys we haven't ventured into snowboarding yet, though my older two are dying to try. We may make it up the hill this season. We'll see. Plenty of snow right now, that's for sure!

Hello it's wonderful to enjoy , how you and your sister do it, they are artists who fill their post of pretty art, all the photographs are spectacular.

Looks like a really nice place! Same here in Austria, it's snowing outside and I wish to be at a beach right now 😉

Haha I feel you! Thanks for commenting :)

Wow, you and your sister have a great eye! I like the pics! And, the story! I just posted on your sister's story, and wanted more story of y'all's adventures! :) Looks like you had fun!