Burning Man Retrospective – Friday

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From Dawn 'Til Dusk

Friday's are a visceral buzz of activity. The constant boom of competing sound-systems has somehow grown louder (hard to believe that's possible, but it's true.) For those who party, the options are endless.

In the 18 years that I've been attending this event, it has of course evolved. Just as each of us who co-create Burning Man have grown and changed, so has Black Rock City.

Since my first Burn in 2000, the population has nearly quadrupled. As those numbers have swelled, I've grown into much more of a 'day Burner', meaning – I sleep at night and generally rise with the sun. Earplugs are my best friend.

I've also noticed a clear pattern over these nearly two decades; the dust-storms are much worse from Thursday onward. I'll be drafting another post solely dedicated to my dustiest images.

The rest of this series can be viewed here:

For more context check the Burning Man website.

I’ve decided there are simply too many images to list individual details. So — here’s a summary:
cameras: Canon EOS 5D, Canon EOS 5D Markii, Canon EOS 5D Markiii
lenses (all prime): Canon 50mmf1.4, Canon 85mmf1.8, Canon 35mmf1.4L, Canon 50mmf1.2L, Canon 85mmf1.2L, Canon 135mmf2.0L
location: Black Rock City, Nevada, USA
dates: annually, during the week preceding Labor Day, from 2008 through 2017 (except 2010)



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have you ever tried to create/sell a magazine article? or a small booklet?these are wonderful.


Funny you mention that. You see that banner right above this? Dusty Playground...click that image. ;)

Another great series from Burning Man event. Some of the photos remaind me of some scenes from Mad Max movies sequel.


Oh, man – you should've seen it back in 2000, before neon glowsticks and pyrotechnics took over. It was very much like Mad Max.

I'm glad you endured through the technical difficulties to bring us this beautiful visual account! There's even a Unicorn Zebra on wheels (a Unibra !?)... You're really an artist with the camera too! :-) <3


Thanks, Winston! That...is the one and only Zebracorn. Isn't it so much fun! ;) tip!


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Bugger! Just learned the hard way that STEEM isn't useful for tipping. Oops! I'll just have to find some better way to send you some extra love – 'cause i'm just a wee bit too late to upvote here. ;)

I was thinking of Mad Max vibe, the old second and third part, there is something so dystopian and even steampunk about it. Excellent photos, each one of them.


Yep. As I said above – while it may still feel a bit Mad Max to onlookers, it feels far less like that than it once did. Glad you like 'em...these strange images of mine. :) tip!


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Ahhh, well – deposited the wrong coin for tipping. Soo – I'll getcha somehow, even though I'm a lil' late to upvote your comment. <3


Thanks,appreciated it not needed it is my pleasure to leave feedback wjen I stop by. All are amazing photos

Wow what stunning photos from the Burning Man event... I wish I could be there... maybe next year ?!
did you also make videos?
Carl Cox was there again this year... my favorite DJ 🤩

Thanks for the great photos and sharing with us!!!

I enjoyed it 👌

Have a nice weekend 🌞🌞🌞

@zipporah OMG, U r just flawless.We are really proud of you, That you have so much simplicity which can generate huge motivation power...I am a big fan of yours!!!!Thanks for sharing this post.✍
@sbanerjee0017(Shyamal Banerjee[Age:62] Kolkata,INDIA)✍

So many incredible photos, I know this event is more of a life experience and you really capture perfectly the whole feel it has - especially those flames!

It’s fascinating seeing something like this through a photographers eyes, so many incredible moments preserved forever quite stunning.

#thealliance #witness

WOW! What more can be said. You are a very talented photographer. AND.... now I think my life won't be complete until I experience a Burning Man!! Thanks for the rabbit hole. GRIN.

These are such amazing photos!! It would be such a cool place to go and take pictures. I want to go one day to document it.

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Wow those pictures are stunning, I can't believe this post doesn't have more love, Burning man looks like a homogeneous society of creatives. Whats the rules is it free for all or like a ticketed event? Are there fences to get in like Glastonbury?