Burning Man Retrospective – Wednesday

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BM13-168 (1).jpg

BM13-275 (1).jpg



BM13-195 (2).jpg










BM13-294 (2).jpg




Humpday On The Playa

As you may be able to tell from these images, by Wednesday, the city has filled in – the population has swelled to upwards of 50k citizens – there truly are people everywhere.

By now, most art installations are complete, Center Camp is abuzz with Burners and the city feels like just that; a diverse, bustling metropolis.

The week is only halfway over – Burn night is still several days away – so there's a palpable excitement; a ramping up of energy and a feeling of *still having time to maaaybe see a good handful of the incredible art and perhaps even attend a workshop or two (I never have!)

It's a lovely day...Wednesday; the midway mark.

The first three in this series can be viewed here:

For more context check the Burning Man website.

I’ve decided there are simply too many images to list individual details. So — here’s a summary:
cameras: Canon EOS 5D, Canon EOS 5D Markii, Canon EOS 5D MarkiiI
lenses (all prime): Canon 50mmf1.4, Canon 85mmf1.8, Canon 35mmf1.4L, Canon 50mmf1.2L, Canon 85mmf1.2L, Canon 135mmf2.0L
location: Black Rock City, Nevada, USA
dates: annually, during the week preceding Labor Day, from 2008 through 2017 (except 2010)



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Great photos


Awww – @pfunk! I hope you know how much I appreciate your support. You've been so consistently good to me. It doesn't go unnoticed. • Thanks as well for givin' my beautiful niece a little love on her first post/open mic entry! :)


These pictures are truely awesome!
I missed the previous posts of this series, I gotta go look at them now!
Those boats are really cool, especially the sailing ship!


Thanks, Amber dear! It's no small feat preparing one of these posts each day, but I'm determined to have a complete set by early next week. I'm glad you're enjoying what I've shared so far.

Such beautiful photography! What a day! The night photos are amazing!


Thanks, @Clove71! I can't tell you how difficult it is to make my daily selections. I have so many thousands to choose from!

Are they all real photos? They seem to me somehow unrealistic, meaning 'absolutely fantastic!' Thanks for sharing yours.


Yep! All real...very much. That's the nature of Burning Man; it is the very definition of surreal.

I am so enjoying this photo essay. I've heard of this gathering and always wanted to go. Seeing it through your eyes is placing it much much higher on my bucket list. Who knows, maybe next year. Thank you.


That is quite the compliment. ;) Just make it happen! See you out there. ;)

Black Rock City... It's enchanted I tell you :-) Such wonderful pictures, structures and people... Amazing :-)


So very. It's a place unlike any other. One must be there and experience it to really understand.

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I've never been to the playa, but Burners feel like home to me. These images go straight to my heart. Thank you SO much for bringing them back for us and sharing them here.


Again I say – come play in the dust with me! ;) Now I'm gonna bug you allll yeeaar. <3 tip!


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wow - some of these are really wild creations!!!! I'm amazed how they can set up and break down - i mean.... that's like a CHURCH!!!! LOL

I wonder how long they take to set up???


Absolutely wild!And pretty much every other word one might come up with. Ha!

Some projects are out there for a month or so – some are only there for a couple weeks. tip!


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I'm so totally fascinated by Burning Man, and really hope that I get to make it there someday! Looks like such an otherworldly experience. Great pictures!


Thanks, @yumyumseth! Just make it happen! Come meet the dust! ;) tip!


That would be awesome! We'll see, currently saving up for a trip to New Zealand, so Burning Man might have to wait a few years.


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Cool, thanks! :)

absolutely bloody amazing! those night time images are flippen great.

Thanks to @shadowspub and #PYPT I found this post!


Glad you enjoyed them! :) Gotta love PYPT – always an excellent place to find awesome content. tip!


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What marvelous photos! I am amazed at the low-visiblility during the daytime, and totally enchanted by the lights at night! What an amazing place! Your captures are lovely! 💖


Thanks, dear. Perhaps you'll experience them in person someday. ;) tip!


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Amazing photography zipporah

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Thanks so much! :)


Welcome my friend

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