[HAPPYDAYS] The museum of optical illusions – eye can’t believe them! (pun intended)

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Child or adult, you have to visit at least once in your lifetime a museum of optical illusions!


It's the day I go on vacation (I know! I had to have my luggage done and sleep, so I could drive all night… yeah, no – not me!), but I couldn’t miss this unique experience. I played the Theremin and laid on a 2200-nail bed without anything happening to me (Properly preparing – a five second nap was enough on this bed) and tried to solve the mysteries behind each optical illusion.



The Optical Illusion Museum guides its visitors through three major chapters, each for another illusion.

Deformed mirrors

The space of deformed mirrors is the place where I had so much fun. I had the chance to become thin like a toothpick and round like a balloon, I had a belly up to my nose and looked like a dwarf.




Optical illusions

The optical illusions have a dedicated space: over 50 original paintings, some of them large, that – the museum says - challenge the intelligence of those who will try to solve the mysteries behind them. All images are equipped with measurement tools that help visitors understand how illusions work.




Oh my! I have three hands!




Unique experiences

The third space is dedicated to objects that will give you unique experiences: here, you will be able to understand how holograms work, try to decipher the mechanism of cinematic illusion, or be able to try your musical talents at a Theremin, the first electronic musical instrument.





This is a mobile project and aims to reach all major cities in Romania. Although it is a premiere for our country, the concept of Illusion Museum is popular in many of the world's major cities that have such permanent interactive museums: Barcelona, Zagreb, Moscow, Ljubljana and St. Petersburg. This are just a few examples of cities with a “tradition” like this.

All images are taken with my Sony Xperia XZ 😊

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