Nude Drawing Contest - Commented Entries #9

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I hosted a nude drawing contest. I will comment on all submitted artworks before paying out the prices. Otherwise the interest to see the works might get lost and I want to give all the great artists a great stage.


The first three works I want to show to you in this post were submitted by @momolee in this post.


I like this extraordinary piece of art because of many reasons. The body of the portraited person is drawn with a great amount of skill in the shaddows. The light source is very clear and we can see the shiny skin. The background is blurring into the darkness. The motiv is very interesting too. The person has got three faces: one thinking and looking streight foreward, one facing the light and one illuminated one facing the shaddow in the back. The furniture on the picture brings an oldschool flair to the drawing.


Artwork by @momolee


This digital drawing was submitted by @jackjohanneshemp in this post. The women you see on the artwork faces the viewer. The artist has put a lot of effort into drawing the hair. The breast is not worked out as much as the face. We can see it if we compare the details in the eye and on the nipple. There is only a little ine that shows where the nose is and a dark spot where the mouth is. So, these parts are not the main focus eather.


The next piece of art I want to show to you was created by @zeroooc. You can find the post here. I like the artwork because of the lovely combination of geometry and organic shapes. The figure is a young girl. We can see her hair curling across the picture. At some point the shape of the hair forms a "?" and a shoeprint. The outlines of the girl and her hair are black but some other outlines like the ones of her skirts wrinkles are red. Her braclets are blue. Also there is a lot of square like shapes in the background in blue and red shades. This contrast between fore and background is very interesting.


@yoogyart submitted this beautiful work here. I like this piece because of the awesome use of colours and patterns. The nude girl is over and over covered with patterns and lying on a blanket and pillows which are themselves totally patterned. The joice of the patterns is great and for they are all fractal they fit together perfectly. Also the pattern of the blanket is a spiral that includes the psychedelic girl to her enviroment. What I didnt see at first but wat I like is that the girl got some horns. I do not now what this symbolizes. Maybe it illustrates the idea that sexuality is something demonic. It would fit also because of the sensual way the girl is reclining on the pillows.


The last drawing I want to show to you in this post was created by @heimdallr. The hand of the figure on the picture is coming towards the viewer. This is worked out very well for we can see the difference in the size of the hand compared to the face. Then the viewer notices that the figure does not even have a body. It has got a leg below the neck. I really like this work because of the face expression and the drawing style. The figure is drawn with rough strokes that illustrate the third dimension. Shadowwing is not nessesary in this case because we can clearly see the shape by the way the artist worked.

Screenshot (65).png

I will show you more entries in my next post and write some stuff that I think about them. I hope you liked this commented artworks and support the artists on steemit with your vote.

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Lots of Light and Love <3


I'm a simple man, I see boobs - I upvote.

Thanks for the work you've done! Keep it up!

Haha :D Nice comment :D I guess you are not such a simple man (I judge by the words you wrote in your desciption -will check out your blogpost now). I am not shure if you are dreaming neither do I know if the reality I experience is a dream ;D But if so, lets make it a great one :D

I guess you never know the real answer. As soon as you think you're closer to the truth the farther it gets from you. I believe it's the process that matters. The ability to enjoy any thought you're having without judging.
And yeah - we're making this reality a great one!

Bonjour, quel superbe article, il est très bien détaillé, ça à dû vous prendre beaucoup temps, pas vrai ?
Vous méritez d'être plus populaires sur la plateforme steemit, car votre travail fourni et passionnant et très impressionnant ;)
Ravie de vous connaître, mon nouveau ami.
J'espère que tu pourras aller voir mon contenu sur mon blog ;) et tu donne ton avis, ok ?
Bonne journée ;)

Hey there, I used goodle translator to understand your comment. Yes to write this article took me some time. I think these artworks deserve to be seen :) I am happy you like my article :)

Very good drawing dear @yoganarchista , upvoted & followed you ;) keep sharing !
Ps : I'm a painter too ^^

Thank you very much :) I will check out your blog now as well ;)

I hope you will still organize a drawing contests in the future. Thank you @yoganarchista

I hope so to. It will maybe take some time for I am now very buisy with @kaliberlin. There is a lot to do still :)

Take your time. You are doing well.

I love good anatomy, you're a master to challenge my imagination

Hm? I am just writing about the peoples works here ;-)

This is already marketing :)

What do you mean by that?

Haha are a bad ass...;-) fuck I know what he mean...we are to transzendental my dear ;-)) hihi 😜 great Post lovely yogini! By the way...check what s app please...

Of course ;) I guess I am to down to earth to understand the metaspere you are swimming on here :D

amazing works
love the first one

Yeah, that women looks so amazing. Thank you for your support ;)

Impressive drawing, @yoganarchista
I can see you are having fun creating. :)

Последнее фото замечательно...

💙 Great post. Very good writing,i like this post 💙

       🎅 Thanks for Sharing  🎅

open music gif.gif

This are very good artworks. I must commend those behind it though the art work can turn someone like me on easily but I tried to blindfolded my eyes when am commenting on it

class, I really love art, I need more drawings.

Congrats for the winner artists, the paintings and drawings are beautiful. I'm not a skilled drawer, and I do not have enough courage to draw nude, especially without a live model or a photo. Maybe later :))) Just continue drawing my abstracts and mandalas :)))
But I love to collaborate with others. I have a challenge and you are welcome:

Awesome artworks!
Another after-contest-post from a competitor:)

@momolee and @yoogyart have done well. Though I do not expat at art, I say it to see the sight. By your contest many talent will come out.I salute your work.

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