Followers Appreciation Promotion (18)

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Followers Appreciation Promotion

😎 Let's Get You Noticed 😎 : Click Me 😎

Normally I give out upvotes in this promotion but this week I will change it up a little. Instead of upvotes I will be sending one of you most recent post to the promoted section of Steemit.

Rules :

  • Follow Me
  • Upvote this topic
  • One entry per follower
  • Leave a link in the comment section to one of your most recent post
  • I will then send your post to the promoted section of Steemit

Optional Rules :

  • Resteem this post

Disclaimer : With the promotion getting so many entries, I may miss an entry. This is not done intentionally nor will it happen often. Only post that are not past the 7 day payment threshold will be sent to the promoted section.

This Weeks Featured Followers

Our First Featured Follower is @simplymike. If you are a fan of Steem Monsters you are going to want to check out this post. @simplymike is giving out 10 Booster Packs + 10 additional cards. That's 20 winners in total and you could be one of them. Click here to visit her latest post [FREE GIVEAWAY] 10 SteemMonsters Booster Packs & 10 Single Cards Up For Grabs


Our next Featured Follower is @johndoer12 who likes to put on easy to win contest and helps the Steemit community out a great deal. In one of his latest post he revealed the name for his newly created sculpture. To learn more about the sculpture and how he created it you can start by visiting the topic THE NAME OF MY SCULPTURE REVEAL

To Become a Featured Follower all you have to do is be my follower and participate in this promotion. Two random entries are picked each week and their blogs featured.


You got a 11.17% upvote from @emperorofnaps courtesy of @rentmoney!

Want to promote your posts too? Send 0.05+ SBD or STEEM to @emperorofnaps to receive a share of a full upvote every 2.4 hours...Then go relax and take a nap!

Soooo... as a complete n00b on these matters, what exactly do you do to make this happen? LOL

At the bottom of every post you will see a link that says " Promote ". Click it and a new window pops up where you can use SBD to send a post to the promoted section.

Here is a link to the promoted section of #steemmonsters. You are one of three articles in that section at current time. Not many visit that section but there are some that do so if you plan on using the feature keep that in mind before deciding how much to spend.

Ahhhh I get it now!! Thanks, @rentmoney!!

You confused me at first, because by typing "# steemmonsters", it became a link that took me to lol

The "promoted" link at the bottom is what I was looking for.

Awesome 🌝

That sucked, he wouldn't wake up for me. I guess I'll go work on building a garden.

Very generous of you. Thanks for the upvote.

Thank you for providing some entertainment and helping all of us newbies...

Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

Show me some love
I bet you didn't know I could be so creative 🤫

Those with a good sense of humor are usually creative also. Which means I did rule you out on the creative side of things :P

Nicely done and great Idea for a series of blog posts. .. Sent .. ..

Ha ha ha ha. Zip-It!

Oops, forgot to show some gratitude. Thank you very much!

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Thanks for putting my SteemMonsters contest in the spotlight once again, @rentmoney

Your welcome ..

Thank you so much for your support @rentmoney !!! I have picked a recent post that means the most to me. Have a great day!
This is my entry:

Thanks for sharing your story ... Sent ...

Thank you so much for the support of my work. Keep up your great effort to support Newbies, thank you very much again!

Done following and upvoted the post.

this is my most recent post.

how is that exactly?
I've seen that you sent my post link to a user named @null.
how's that supposed to be on the promoted section of Steemit?
May i know this please? @rentmoney

Hellooo @Rentmoney, me again, Can you please make it rain?

P.s. last one didn't do much - I think my topic sucked, hopefully this is more spicy?

Sorry I was a day late getting to these which means your post is 7 days old and steemit doesn't allow post that are past the payout date to be sent to the promoted section so instead I sent your Freezing In Cape Town topic to the promoted section instead.

Not many visit the promoted section of Steemit .. which is likely why you didn't see much results from me putting your article there. But when someone does visit that section they will see your topic :)

Aaah makes sense!! I just thought my writing sucked lol!! Thanks though! I really appreciate all the help!!

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