CONTEST - Think you're well traveled? Name that.... TAIL!

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Think you're well traveled?

Then test your knowledge with this simple contest:

Name that tail.jpg

Image by @eoj, graphics courtesy of @suitcasemama

Name that....TAIL!

That's it?

That's it!

Answer these two questions to be entered into the contest:

  1. Which airline does this tail belong to?
  2. What country would you most likely be in if you had the distinct privilege of boarding a plane with such beautiful tail art?

No need to upvote, resteem, or follow. Unless you want to.

You do you.

Just respond in the comments with your two-part guess. After seven days when the post reward earning period ends I will declare the winners.

What will the winners receive?

  1. First (and most importantly) bragging rights/unalterable/immutable blockchain fame
  2. Second --> all SBD gained from this post

There will be up to three winners who will split 100% of the SBD gained from this post!

If there are more than three correct answers, I will do a randomized drawing to choose the three winners.

If there are two winners, they will split the SBD evenly.

If only one person guesses correctly, they will get 100% of the SBD.

If no one guesses correctly, that's just sad. You'll all be fired.

Easy, right? If there is a contest for contests that are easy, this is my entry.

So go ahead and guess, this post might actually have a nice little SBD jackpot. Why? Because this post is kindly supported by @sjennon's Sjennon Support Series, that's why.

selected sjennon.png

Who is @sjennon you ask? Excellent question. She likes puppy dogs, long walks on the beach, designing things, and supporting minnows. She's like a Steemit humanitarian. And I think we're in similar time zones. For all of those reasons and more, you should check out her recent posts and show her some love.

Get guessing and good luck!


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You have a minor grammatical mistake in the following sentence:

If there are more than three correct answers, I will do a randomized drawing to chose the three winners.
It should be to choose instead of to chose.

You're CORRECT @grammarnazi, thanks for the catch!

I'll edit it right now so no one will, ever, ever know our little secret.

Unless it's stored forever on the blockchain or something..

It is a fokker 70. The airlines are
KLM Cityhopper
Vietnam Airlines

I country you ask for is vietnam.

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Exhausted Asia countries, will look later at the African countries. But because of your contest I did find a really cool airline picture site.

Oh cool, at least that's coming out of my post! Haha! What's the website?

I don't know if they have all the world airlines - I looked through all of the ones in the Asia folder, but they do have a lot of them. Pretty nice site also. Took me a few to figure out that when you open up the first folder all the airplanes are folders for that country.

Very cool! Without giving away anything, I can confirm that the contest tail logo is indeed on that website! :)