Happy New Year! My 2018 - plus archive of all my posts.

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It’s New Year’s Day here in New Zealand. Once upon a time, I’d have been out looking for the best party on New Year’s Eve, but these days I can’t be bothered. So I just made a nice dinner, which I’ll post pics and recipes for later. I did intend to post a quick recap my year for you but it ended up taking till now to finish.


How could a quick recap take so long, you may ask? Well, to be completely honest, the main purpose of this post was the post archive - to have an easy way to find my previous posts. So if you scroll down past the year’s highlights (and down and down), you would have seen all the posts I’ve ever done on Steemit. It may be that some of you sometimes want to refer back to some of my recipes or other articles, and if you do they are sorted by category. But mainly it’s for my own convenience.

But it all went horribly wrong, and the dreaded Transaction broadcast error message came up. I think it was just too big. So I'll split the archive into 3 different posts and link to them. So don't upvote those ones!


On the 1st January I started a Gratitude challenge and did several posts through the month, finishing with 25 things to be grateful for in one day


On the second of January, I started a 3 day water fast. My goal was to reduce my fasting insulin levels. I have been very careful with my eating all year, have done another water fast, and been keto for a few months. I can now report that a year later I am 11 kg lighter than I was then, and my insulin levels are much better, though still a little more work to do.

And later that month, my little sister, @andysantics48 joined Steemit.


Looks like I didn’t post much that month. I think I was too busy rehearsing for the choir performance at the opening of the Wellington Arts Festival.


My friend and I attended several shows in the Wellington Arts Festival, but the month’s highlight was the choir performing with a 150 strong Batucada band at the Cuba St festival.


I turned 60 and had a big party

Then later in the month I looked back in time and wrote a post in memory of my grandfather, an ANZAC soldier



All through May I dedicated myself to New Zealand music month, and posted NZ music every day.

Well, except for 4 days near the end of the month, when @andysantics48 & I had a trip to Brisbane with her daughter and grandson. We had a river cruise up to the Lone Pine Koala sanctuary and got to hang out with @trudeehunter and her hubbie, who looked after us very well.


The best thing I shared in June was my new silver assets. First I posted about the Steem silver round I won for my Anzac post and a prospectors bar that I won in @firecajun9262’s raffle. Then there was the excitement of winning the 5 oz silver coin in the Monster Raffle



In July, @frot’s mum turned 80 and we bought two Roomba vacs – one for her, and then another one for us!


At the end of July and beginning of August, I started posting about keto and fasting, and made the transition myself from low carb to really low carb!

But my main activity was prepping for my mum’s 80th birthday party. It took such a lot of work that I stopped posting here, and in fact, didn’t start again till December!


Although I didn’t tell you about it, the main event for this month was a trip to Samoa for a friend’s 65th birthday.



Some of the activities that kept me busy and not posting were a choir trip, going to the Wearable Arts award show, seeing Under Milk Wood at Circa and a couple of birthday parties.


@frot and I celebrated 30 years together and the very next day I started another water fast. I wrote about our 29 years together last year, when he was still @sift666.


Yes, I finally made it back with my Advent calendar of Christmas related activities! There were some yummy new recipes amongst them.

And here it is 2019, and more to come, including my take on @gardenlady’s Ice Box cake coming up tonight!

Archive links

Part 1 - Recipes, Nutrition, Health & Lifestyle

Part 2 - Music, Fiction, Poems, Other entertainment

Part 3 - Thoughts about life, and life in New Zealand

Thanks for reading

Images by @frot, myself, from family archives or from Pixabay

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And now for 2019 you are going to do four Steemit posts a day aren't you?

If you can do all the Nature Foods work, plus the cooking, plus the housework, I'd be happy to do four posts a day ;-)

LOL - and I've got 489 post ideas on my list now!

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A happy new year to you, we have two hours to go!

And I bet those beers are sliding down nicely!

Wow... There's so much I could learn from you on steemit.
You are very meticulous in all you do.
Happy New Year 2019 & Regards always,

It makes it so much easier to find old posts again, and I often want to do that. So I find the work it takes to be worthwhile. Happy New Year to you too.

I admire how well organized you are Deb.
Nice you met up with Trudee.
Do you find the Roomba works well.
Looks like it was a great 2018 and you and Frot will have an even better 2019.

Yes, we love the Roomba, We still have our cleaner coming every two weeks (in fact, she is here right now) but Little Roo make s big difference in keeping things clean in between, and helps manage fleas!

I was wondering if the roomba would be good for picking up cat hair. I have 2 inside cats. You mentioned fleas-do you have animals?

Oh yes, it's fab for cat hair (and human hair), because it brushes and sucks.

Our cat is an indoor/outdoor cat and we try not to put the flea poison on him too often. So we comb him regularly, but it's always a struggle to keep him flea free and we do have to use it sometimes. But getting any eggs vacced up every day and emptied straight into the outside bin helps enormously.

Wow.......2018 was an interesting and action packed year for you @kiwideb How are you going to top that for 2019? Somehow after reading your very organized monthly planning for last year, you will already have key activities in mind.

I hope you have saved some space for coffee/cafe and a catch up with @andysantics, John and myself in Roto-Vegas (and a slab of Whittaker's lemon and paeroa or mandarin and ginger chocolate) later in the year. It would be great to meet @frot too,if possible.

A great post my friend. I often start out thinking '"I'll do a quick post,' but end up submitting mini marathons. I take too many photos. That's my problem. (lol)

Anyway.......I hope the year ahead will pan out even better than what you are anticipating.........see you later on. xx

I don't seem to be able to do short posts either! And the drawback of that is when time is short, and there isn't time for a long post, nothing happens at all!

Yes, Roto-Vegas is definitely on our list. Whether @frot comes too depends on whether we can get a house-cat-business sitter.

Andrea & I are also hoping to get away for another overseas trip for her 50th, so we need to make sure they don't clash. So let us know as soon as you have even rough dates.

Yeah......its all or nothing with me Deb. In the days of letter writing, (snail mail) I could never limit myself to 2 or 3 pages. And this habit seems to have infiltrated into my blogging.

At this stage John and are thinking September/October for our N.Z.trip but nothing is definite yet. By all means make your arrangements and we will fit in with those.

Happy New Year to you.

Hope 2019 is a great year for you too.

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