Muxxybot call for curators

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Loathe as Muxxybot is to admit it, he requires more minions to do his bidding ....*....
....*.... As Muxxybot curators, you will be required to seek out worthy posts by minnows ....*.... users with less than 5000SP.
These posts will be entertaining, informative, well written and beautifully presented ....*.... Muxxybot cannot abide a scruffy post.
Nominations should be made on posts no older than 5 days and below $10 in value ....*....
Curators WILL NOT nominate their own work or take favors in return for nominations ....*.... Muxxybot will terminate any curator found doing so.
....*.... Curators will nominate up to two posts per curation day, and then vote on the favorites ....*.... NOT THEIR OWN NOMINATIONS or Muxxybot will terminate any such curator.
Rewards will come in the form of SBD shares ....*.... for every featured nomination they make, a curator will receive one equal share of the SBD payout from the curation post.
To be considered by Muxxybot for a curation role process the information above and link a minnow's post in the replies below.
Muxxybot will choose up to 5 new curators within a week ....*....


Please note. Muxxybot will not actually terminate anybody, but he will remove curators from the team should he deem them contravening the rules set above. @GMuxx

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I'd like for you to look at @gardengirlcanada
She is a Canadian homesteader and gardener who posts quality articles and information daily
She meets your criteria as a minnow

here is her most recent post from today

Great selection.

This post is from a new comer. Her first post was just yesterday, she is promoting a yoga community on steemit. I thought it was a good first post!

Thank you, good selection.
Awesome art post. It's great to have a recognizable unique avatar.
I'd only be good for art curation sadly :p

The 2nd post is
I thought the post would reach 10$ by now, because it's amazing. Sadly it's stuck at 4.15

Awesome shares. Thank you.

Np :) Thanks for checking!

Final nomination. Short, concise, and an epic background.

Short but nicely presented, within the criteria. Thank you.

Hey Muxxybot, how do these look?

A quick but delightful post of a nice warm beach in Venezuela lulling you into a relaxed state.

How about something good to eat. Vegetables from the sea.

And what writer or blogger is not powered by ... coffee...

Would love to help with your curation efforts.

Muxxybot had been watching you. Great selections Jason.

@muxxybot, I've just seen this wonderfully put travel post. if you like it too. 😉

That is a great post. The current payout on it is borderline to be accepted, but Muxxybot makes some allowances. Great job.

Here is a new steemian who could get some attention. He prepares them all by himself and takes really good pictures and shares recipes.

Short and to the point, within the criteria, great selection.

That is a great recommendation.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thanks for sharing.

Do you include delegated SP in that <5000SP?

This one is at 5 days

A little bit of poetry

If you need some help. I know several times I've posted I want to help, but never found the time to follow up and actually find some articles. Now I have. Yay me!

Great selections. 5000 SP delegated would not be accepted.

Is it possible that my publication is part of a cure?
the bot seems excellent!

We currently only curate English posts throughout the week and French on a Saturday. Sorry.

ok thanks for the clarification! :)

I think I could be up for a lil curatin' if Muxxy deems me worthy

This post by @smcaterpillar caught my eye today, was pretty well put together and combined a little bit of nature and math in a set up for a larger discussion in the future. They deserve way more recognition than they're getting so I'll nominate their post.

This post satisfies Muxxybot's criteria ....*....

Gifted young artist with a wide, still unexplored range:

As an established artist myself, I would consider it a privilege to help discover new talent.

‘All life is a dispute over taste and tasting’ says Nietzsche & I am immodest enough to believe I have good taste 🤓

Muxxybot's art appreciation circuitry concurs with your assessment....*....

Excellent, here’s another diamond-in-the-rough: only 16 years young, from Serbia & just landed on planet Steemit: 👌🏼

Decent photos, not native English speaker but write pretty well in English. Also cite his sources which is rare these days.

Acceptable submission ....*.... Muxxybot concurs

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

hi i like this post so resteemd, i following and vote

@gmuxx how can i be chosed

Muxxybot recommends reading the post for instructions ....*....

ok , thanks @Muxxybot

the same here i want to be chosed

if I can take this opportunity. please, I'm streemian indonesia who keep writing and am having free writing class program for new steemian where i live. thanks.

I got too busy and hardly have time to curate, but this is the best community one can ever curate for, I miss being there @gmuxx

You are missed, but totally understandable.

Follow me ! ;)
I share some pictures about my life :)

Since your account is new, I will give you the benefit of the doubt. Chances are if you keep putting this comment on everyone's post, you will be flagged into oblivion rather quickly. Try showing people that you read their post with comments that have something to do with their posts. What you are doing is pretty much spam. Please try to add something with your comments.

Oh i'm sorry i don't speak really good english and don't understand all your message. I think i understand the most important in your message and of course it's like spam but i just want some people see my pictures on steemit and instagram. There are a lot of english people so it's difficult to find some french posts if you can say me what i have to do to find some french posts i thanks you a lot ;)

Check on Saturday. Muxxybot curates in French on Saturday, so you can connect with good French steem users through his links there.

thank you so much i'll check ;)

Just be yourself. I am sure you have something interesting to say about the posts you read - say that. Also - look for the communities associated with the platform. You can find them on discord and elsewhere. This post has a link to a discord community focused on improving our writing. There is a part of the community that works with people that have English as a Second Language. The Writer's Block is really one of a kind, and a great way to meet some of the people that publish pieces here. There are many other communities, too. Make friends who will read your blog :)

Thank you so much ;) i'll check tomorrow i'm going to sleep now haha :)

@roxane is a great French Steemian, as is @corsica!

thank you ;)

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