Britney Spears //Baby one more time// cover

in music •  4 months ago

I talked to @bobaphet yesterday in the Dtube discord chat and i had an idea of doing something for comedy openmic. It was supposed to be this song with a Britney impersonation. Problem is.... I cant hold that voice more then 15 seconds. My vocal chords just couldnt take it... haha.

So instead, you get me dancing around and making faces at the camera. Probably not enough for a comedy openmic entry. haha.

Hope you guys enjoy this one, another travel back in time. :)

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Some of my music videos:
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Wow, that was absolutely amazing, you have an incredible voice.
In fact, you're an all round package :)
You're definitely going to the moon :)


Haha. I hear its cold up there. :)
Thank you Bobaphet.. We all love compliments. hehe.


I'm not sure @silentscreamer, I think that if Steem does go to the moon, it will be the first. Maybe NASA should get on Steemit to find out ;)

That was fuckin' brilliant. And you made it sound as though you didn't actually slay that shit! Pshhhhhh; that was waaaaay better than Britney could ever pull off.

You almost made me like the song. LOL! love it!



Hahaha. Slay!. Those are big words to be heard on a Britney song. haha.
This should have been a comedy openmic entry.. Didnt think people would enjoy it much. :D
Thank you Zippy.

Well done! I am going to be honest, I do not like Britney's voice and song is not a fav of mine but still you made me like it, so much better. A gift you may have cos kind of cant stand britneys original loool. Wow it goes quite low right?


Yeah its a bit low but its not that hard really. Britney does have a very particular voice. Hehe.
Its one of those school day songs. :)

☺️ I love this song and silent screamer your voice is Fabulous and wonderful the song still in my head I liked the consistency of the Music 💓 💗 💖 💘 💝


Haha. Thank you. Its one of those songs that sticks in your head due to how catchy it is. :)


I follow you now ;)

I like Britney Spears and i always like this song

Me encanta esta cancion!! me recuerda a mi infancia :)


I dont understand, but thank you if its nice. Haha. 😀❤

<3 MARICA! you are awesome :>


Thank you Adele. :D

What a travel to school days! ... ok.. so after reading .. this was released in 1998?!!! has it been 20 years already?! Omg... I feel old now ... ( nice cover btw ;p , I can't stand the original! lol ! this one I enjoyed! )


Haha. I had to do something different a bit.
You did a Britney Spears a few days back as well.. Hmmm.. Where did i get the idea from. haha

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Fun song. Good to see you. Good passion. I like to sing too.


Well theres a large music community here on Steem. Youll fit right in. :)

your Voice Touch my heart Really Awesome voice


Thank you :D


Your welcome

OOHHH I LIKE IT!!! Beatiful voice!!!

wow you sound like the angels, it's a pleasure to hear you

Just stopping by to tell you that we featured you in our Cover Wednesday. Yay!