Steemit Openmic Week 92 //🌜Moonlight sonata/⚡ACDC Thunderstruck//

in openmic •  5 months ago

And its finally done!
My first #openmic entry in weeks!

This song is one of those i planned to do for so long, but life and stuff got in the way.
Its something i used to play with my old band. A medley we made up (TM haha) looking to add some instrumentals into the set list. Like it says in the title, its a Medley of: "Beethoven Moonlight sonata" and "AC/DC Thunderstruck".
I really wanted to have this ready for this week so i recorded this in my boyfriends apartment house. He had guests so it was a bit of a rush to get it ready in as few
takes as possible since you never know whos sleeping at what time. haha.

Oh Moonlight sonata, this will help me sleep well.... what is thiiiisssss....nooooo.... Booking rating 0/10. hehe

This track was in the works for a month and im most sad i wasnt able to deliver sooner, most of all because of @pechichemena that did AMAZING work here once again and had the track ready long before this upload.
He even threw in an "easter egg" in there. ;)

Theres also another person i want to mention here. Few weeks back i approached an amazing artist whose work i loved from day one. Shes probably one of the few people i kept on following ever since i landed on this platform.
I wanted to do a collab with her and it came out as cover art for this track.
I want to thank her again for making this amazing piece of art and call on everyone to go give her some love and support. She super active and her ideas amaze me every day.


And thats it for this openmic entry. Hope you guys enjoy and ill see you soon.

⭐Keep on Steeming!⭐....

Some of my music videos:

Aretha Franklin: Natural Woman
Steem Original: TO THE MOON
James Arthur: Impossible
Moving on (Original Song)
Frank Sinatra: My Way
Elton John: Can you feel the love tonight (Lion King soundtrack)
Enya: May it be (LOTR soundtrack)
Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack (Hoist the colors and Main theme)
I dreamed a dream from Les Miserables
The Minnowsupport Lullaby
Schindlers List Theme
Sam Smith: "Im not the only one"
Meno/Pechichemena: "Wait" cover
Whitney Houston: "I have nothing"
Beyonce: "Listen"
Cee Lo Green: "Forget you"

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Amazing blend of the two Genres. Having heard both musical pieces I was thinking how it would sound but hearing it I was just amazed at the mash up!!

Had to laugh at the easter egg!!

Great collaboration between you and the bacon lol. There should be more collaboration with music with Helpie.


Haha. Thank you. Its different from the other stuff i did so far so i thought it would be cool to see how people react.

The easter egg made me laugh as well when i heard it the first time. The Baconator has a great sense of humor. 😂

Yeah there should be definetly. A kind of Helpie BandAid type of massive collab would be my idea for it.

This is seriously so awesome! The way you smoothly transitioned to ACDC - wow. You rock, girl! :)


Thank you. The transition was something we thought about when we made this up. It always surprises people when played live. I had to add what was in my submission in the title but i was thinking maybe not writing it. 😁

great great wow :)
i am honored to have this collaboration with you
and thank you too , your are awesome
you are beautiful and kind inside and out , <3 thanks for your inspiration


Awww. Thx Adele. I can say the same for you. I really hope you get at least a bit of exposure from this. Your work is AMAZING!

Excellent fusion of one of my favorite composers as it is beethovend with this legendary band excellent work


Thank you very much Jose.. 😇❤

Cue in goosebumps at violin start.

That was very much cool, I really enjoyed the mash-up ;9)


Thank you Gibber. I hope youve been doing well while i was away. :D

This is INSANELY beautiful. Thanks for sharing it, I got so much into violin as a piano player listening to David Garrett and you reminded me so much of him with this piece.
Can't wait to listen to more @silentscreamer, you're truly amazing!


Aww thx Bafi. I hope everything is going well for you and your series is still going strong. :)

Yes David Garrett is amazing. He has his own unique style. Hes a bit crazy but we musicians all are a bit crazy. haha :D

This made my day. I watched it while I was eating breakfast and had that tune in my head all morning. Thanks.


Well im happy you enjoyed it. 😇❤

I love violin so much.... Brilliant!
I posted some local ads looking for violin and cello again (I would be happy now even with a violist, sorry viola players you are amazing, easy joke related to fun conversation)
Congrats to you and Pechi all the best.
Pd the artwork is pretty, cd label?


Oh Adele did an amazing job and Pechi as well. 😁
Viola isnt bad. Its just jokes. Haha.
I hope youre lucky in finding someone. It will be fun to see what you come up with.


I miss very much my former band they were such good friends (still they are, I just moved).
Well just that I just wanted to add a COOKIE for you both :)

luck with the entry!


Thanks Yid. ❤😇


Thx Poly. Im still on the prowl for some diamonds. haha :D


There it is. Feels nice to see that banner again😉❤


Much nicer to hear you play again.

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This is amazing! <3


Im glad you enjoyed it. Thx for the comment. :D

Wow, SS!!! and @pechichemena, what an awesome collaborative mash-up production!

One of my favorite parts was the "COOKIE" stop! :-)



Haha. Thx. PG. 😇❤
He put the cookie in as a gag but we had to keep it in. 😀

This was amazing. It is awesome to see all the talent here on the platform.

ohhh my ....woooooo guys out the house!!! absolutely wonderful @silentscreamer
pechi came through hard

Wow this is great!

I love, AC/DC on violin. Cool!


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Great stuff! Work that fourth finger!


Full on concentration. 😂


Haha. First take it was more like "14341#/%$%£$#£#$%$€="


I know the feeling, I have a passage exactly like that that I'm trying get into my fingers. Except it is single bow per note... Similar tempo, it is driving me nuts...


I played this a million times.. Well more like a 100 times at every gig i had. Then havent played it for maybe 6 months. I didnt think it would give me problems.. First take done. But it took 2-3 times to get it right in one take.
Its not that hard to play but takes a bit of practice


Ha ha, Yes, practice... I hate that!



Quaver at around 135. If you can do this prima vista, I will scream!

Heck, if you can do it in 5 tries I would still scream!

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Congratulations !!

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