//Killing me softly// cover time. :)

in music •  5 months ago

Since im traveling this week i recorded one song on my last recording session so its uploading time. hehe.
I recorded a few song at that time so i must have ran out of memory on my phone. So the last 30 seconds are missing the video. But dont worry, you get a bunch of hearts from me till the end.

Hope you enjoy guys and ill see you soon. Ill be back on Sunday and ill have 2 more uploads this week hopefully. One will be my first travel post on Steemit. Weeee and the other a recording from a gig i had few days ago ill be uploading to dlive. So yeah. First Dlive upload and a first travel post for me. :D

For those unlucky to NOT live in Europe, the Dtube capital. :D

Some of my music videos:

Steem Original: TO THE MOON
James Arthur: Impossible
Moving on (Original Song)
Frank Sinatra: My Way
Elton John: Can you feel the love tonight (Lion King soundtrack)
Enya: May it be (LOTR soundtrack)
Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack (Hoist the colors and Main theme)
I dreamed a dream from Les Miserables
The Minnowsupport Lullaby
Schindlers List Theme
Sam Smith: "Im not the only one"
Meno/Pechichemena: "Wait" cover
Whitney Houston: "I have nothing"
Beyonce: "Listen"
Cee Lo Green: "Forget you"

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Beautiful song , great voice . love it so much.

Marica.. my goodness! Your voice is so so pretty just as always..and I must say that your outdoor videos are my favorites. The gentle little hint of a breeze in the trees adds a bit of extra magic to the magic you already have spilled out into the air. ♥


Hahaha. If you knew how this was filmed you wouldnt think it was just a gentle breeze. There was a literal thunderstorm n the background. Lightning crackling in the background. I turned the camera away so it doesnt get in the shot but i was looking back all the time. I finished filming before the clouds caught me.

Thank you. Ill be doing more of the outdoor ones in the future, birds or no birds.


Similar weather here :)


I have to show you guys one time how i record these. You will laugh your butt off.
This was shot with a selfie stick taped to a broom placed against a chair. :D

Great vocal as usual :) Keep them coming.


Jezus. Still, after a million and one time, i laugh at that pic.
Whats wrong with me. hahaha.
Thank you :D


I keep him so you remember..., no bad singing or I will release him from captivity :)

Nice cover! You have a beautiful voice! I'm going to follow you!


Well thank you and welcome to Steemit :D

A timeless classic! So unexpected, so good

I have heard this song many times and I just heard it anew. Your voice is so pretty.

Beautiful!!! I really love it! You have a great voice.