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VERGE (XVG) is about done with the final e wave of the a,b,c,d,e triangle! Explosion is IMMINENT! My target is $0.70. The below chart clearly shows how wave e has touched the bottom line of the triangle and price has already started upwards. Once it breaches the upper line, KABOOOM is likely!

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its going slowly sidewards to huge sell walls at 1180 sats.....

Please please please...I need money for EOS and STRAT... @haejin called it 8K but sounds too good..

O hurry up BCH. I am so done with waiting.

I'd rather have it wait for me to at least reap the profits of Verge.

This is what I try to do as well. Not as easy as it seems! TA is great for projecting prices, but not timelines. Hopefully, with the profits I am making on these coins, waiting to sell one for the other will not be a problem for too much longer :D

Luckily we have a whole bunch of coins to invest. The only terrible thing is HODLing one coin while one of your favorites shoot to the moon.(My current example is SONM, Substratum and WTC.)

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Wave 3 cannot be shorter than wave 0-1!

In price height, not time

Wave 3 is almost 2.618 times longer

I stand educated :) Thank you :)

I quess we gonna see each other on the Moon 🤑

Sadly, this one is not on Poloniex. I guess I'm SOL.

I took out a pretty big position on XVG when it was around 5 cents. If you are right about this one, I'm about to have a very good month :)

NICE ! Thank you !! can't wait !!
Verge looks like a nervous coin.

All the weak hands will be sorry they sold, Its there panic to buy back that will sore the price, maybe even to a dollar.

You got that right ! Weak hands are out.

My weak hands were in at $0.005, humbly and gratefully.
Thanks, Haejin.

yeah baby! tho I got the tip from another person who predicted similar* price targets as haejin..unless its him on an alt account, but the voices sound like different people to me.

I only have 9.9k left, but no regrets, what I traded into has been working well thus far.

*edit a word

Me too back in August!!! i put 500.00 on XVG @ 0.005

hodl my friend

Nah time to step in again 😉

yeah! I´m in too!

Or the price will soar, temporarily. If anyone has bothered to notice, Haejin's tweets have a huge FOMO effect that ranges anywhere from 15 - 60 minutes, after that, DUMP.

It used to be great when I followed him back in the day when he only had 3,000 followers; unfortunately his tweets are directly influencing the market now, and not always in the best way.

I love his TA's, however; I hope him having so many followers doesn't lead to market manipulation.

I dont see that, he has what roughly 10k followers and not all of them are going to be reading the blog at the same time, trading at the same time, have spare cash on hand, or trading in the same coin.
If the math was done, i would speculate probably only few hundred people at best getting into a coin at the same time based on recommendations, plus quite a few of them probably have very small positions.
Hundreds of thousands of people would be trading at any given time outside that. Totally get what your saying but think the effect at this stage still small...

In fairness, it should be noted that yes, 10k followers here on Steemit (actually ~12,500 currently). With an additional 38k followers on Twitter, and thousands of views on Youtube with 70-100 comments on videos there (that we may presume are not Steemians)...well, it's fair to say that things aren't like they used to be even 3 short months ago. More and more people are coming down with 'Haejin fever' :)

Still, I agree with you that it would take an uncanny vote of confidence by Haejin's followers to have an impact on moving the price of a coin instantly.

Must admit did not realize 38k on twitter, so I see the impact is likely a little more than I was thinking. :)

Not that I know of any, but I assume there is probably a number of other crypto bloggers that people follow in the droves, there will always be some level of influence in markets due to people like this.

I will say, yes perhaps we were happier when he had less followers however that is not his philosophy where he wants to help as many as possible.

Happy profits to you my friend!

I'd say i'm nervous to get any at this point, verge is super hyped all thanks to mcafee. Oh well, although we could just ride the wave of the bubble.

Make hay while the sun shines !! Right ?

I don't know why I like this so much! XD

Ou yeah... that its purely true... can rush a bit, but when not

You can see it at work here.Problem is, they're all running back towards Bitcoin right now, so the hype might not be working this time.

That's a good analysi. Hope that it goes to the target. Let's see tomorrow.

I sorta think this may be a rare time where any crypto you buy is good short term at least, not that im buying random shit all willy nilly like!

Every nervous child becomes a thief after teenage.
like vergecoin?

Could be a good all-in-one option to do both public and private transactions.

@haejin i am getting it reading the charts....thank you!!! Blessings🙏🙏

Cant wait on ETHOS update

simple its going to boom... anything with making crypto bigger is going to explode this year.

do yo know any good article on ETHOS on steemit or medium? i would like to look into it.

no nothing on steemit but look on the ETHOS web site thats about it.... see the thing is that ETHOS is not really popular cus its in competition with wallets, legders, platforms and more so nobody really talks about it. When ETHOS will release its universal wallet then its going to be big news .
You can follow this gentlemen hes the one that introduced me to ETHOS (bitquence)

Round 3 incoming put on your moon boots!


XVG will have it's time once bitcoin eases up.. thank you @haejin for the XVg update..

I bought verge a couple days ago at $.05

it wasnt at 5 cents a couple days ago

thats about a couple of weeks well it feels like

Thanks! I'm waiting for this happening!

thanx teacher

First time that I followed your tip. Let's see how that plays out ;)

You won't be disappointed.

Actually, you won't be able to wait for haaeeejiiiin's posts.



Yes!! I've been waiting for this! Thank you Haejin for helping me see the triangle correction... otherwise I might have sold a few days ago, rather than buying some more and patiently waiting for the waves to unfold. I learned quite a bit while practicing my technical analysis on Verge (reading fractals, seeing ABCDE corrections, patience, etc.).

This is a great opportunity to see whether the TA or the FUD will prevail on Verge. As much as the potential profit is intriguing, I will sit this one out. Too much drama for of luck to all.

Wait - I was told Elliott Waves show what will happen - and it will happen anyway, whatever else happens - so that whatever else happens just serves as a post-factum explanation of what Elliot Waves showed in the first place. But maybe I misunderstood, I'm not very clever ;)

That's what is so difficult... To turn your head around from looking for news, to looking for price development and probabilities in patterns to determine the path ahead.

The way I understand it, wawes show the pattern and allow you to count them until correction is imminent. So you get sort of a map. But it doesn't show how long they are actually going to be. If BTC rises fast, it may shorten the wave. But not change the fact that pattern occurs. But I barely know what I am talking about. So any opinions would be appreciated.

As haejin says the TA is probability but anything can happen. TA doesnt care for human irrationality,news,price manipulation,etc.

However,one can easily look at the trades on binance and see that there are some very small number of whales manipulating verge price.

This is not against haejin,the master is showing the way but I am sceptic of verge.

Ellott Waves are ALL ABOUT human irrationality, Elliott himself said so - this is true for other TA techniques as well - projected onto a mass, human psychology becomes a foreseeable force way more predictable than it could be on an individual basis.
As to price manipulation, that's of course another matter, and you should be prepared to encounter manipulation where you least expect it, or at least where you would have hoped to never encounter it, and not just from whales...

I may ladder in, eventually. There's just too much going on right now, especially with BTC making a run. The dev(s), while working hard, aren't showing much professionalism all around.

Kind of reminds you of bitcoin 6 years ago(maybe even now as they can't agree how to scale), remember it's an open source project. You can contribute.

You shouldn't sit this one out, the drama on this is what makes xvg very interesting. All press is good press in the end. Go back and read about Cardano when it was .01-.10 cents everyone called it a crap coin also.

XVG/BTC - Binance (my tryout, we shall see)

zoomed in:

update: micro wave 2 completed

Geez - I was still waiting for EOS to geyser, but it doesn't seem to so far.
Everybody seems to be running to Bitcoin instead.
Turns out the first triangle wasn't really valid...
I've never seen so much hype and shilling as on this thread. I bet Haejin is getting lots of offers these days.
He will of course refuse, he's fortunately an honorable man.

Patience on EOS...she's a sleeping lion ready to roaaaaaar!!!

Life is short. I would expect EOS to go with ETH rather than bitcoin

Can you say 1,2,3,4,5??!!
Look at the followers!!!
Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 11.10.11 AM.png

I don’t believe in technical analysis. Fundamental news and analysis have a clear and understandable impact. Technical analysis is painting lines with no connection to anything real (only way it works is when many ppl believe in the same stupid lines). Just my opinion

His been going on about this rise for over a week now. The guy is beating a dead horse.

buying 1000 XVG now hoping to see some profit.

Same amount! Gonna prepare some popcorn

Yeah... True... Verge have the potential....

Haejin, you are a chart GOD! Please do one for Siacoin if you have the time. I truly believe in this coin for the long term and would love to see your analysis and work for Siacoin. Thank you for all your time and hard work and staying devoted to being a BOSS!!
CryptoPusha from Seattle

Very true statemant. Yeah Steem went up away to fast.

Thank you. I will keep holding verge.
Do you think it will reach 3$by the end of this year or so ?

@haejin big resistance at 1180 i dont know why but its terrible looking in live chart... it seems this coin is damned to be dumped by the whales, i hope you are right!!!

thanks! I placed a buy order on Cryptopia - which has a LTC/XVG pair!

DUMP #XRP HODL #XVG. All of us want to have privacy what we do with OUR money. And dont let banks and goverments control our FREEDOM!!! XVG

Woot woot! Thanks Haejin for keeping us positive with these during the ridiculous Verge FUD. Because of you...I've learned to completely ignore it.

Thanks, I hope they have been on the moon. I bought 58 satoshi for today 2222.06%

You are really good at finding good titles for your articles, this one is a prime example. I write only one article per month and I struggle so hard to find it every time.

Master @haejin, what is your secret?

Bless you @haejin !! Truly, I thank you for your insight and guidance!
I was lucky enough to follow your advice when @XVG was $.015.

I got me some XVG a few days ago, waiting for the move up!

Good luck everyone!
Big ups from me,

I would love to see this :)

Ladder up....

Thank you for your analysis Haejin! Really needed this, I’ve been hodling for a while and my hands are getting really weak =P

How can verge explode when it is the greatest scam on the market? I guess people buy when some shit news comes out

it is not scam. it's just some FUDs spreading fake news. check this

salam kenal master, posting a very extraordinary, very interesting deserve extraordinary appreciation, best regards friendship from me user aceh steem Indonesia, please give directions for us in order to manage steemit well and true

@haejin Thanks for all you hard work to help us improve and make better trades. One question - what site do you use to view/create your charts?

If you look at the top left, you can see that he uses tradingview.

Aloha! My very first visit to @haejin. Got a few XVG. I’ll keep your thoughts and predictions in mind. Geyser!!!

Within the symmetrical triangle, we see 3 bullish falling wedges too. These bullish patterns are everywhere!!

진짜 지리십니다....

I bought it two days ago I was like it is still very cheap and it has great potential.

This is just so exactly predicted!! Thank you for your tutorials again Haejin :)

thanks for the info


I would love to see this happen! Thanks for the ta tips

First time Following you! A little excited must admit after reading all the comments you receive. Hola from Miami!

So much negative talk with this coin. I'm holding and really believe it will boom! Thank you Haejin!

Yeah this coin makes me happy and it definitely makes me suffer allot. I believe in Mr. Haejin so it does ease my nerves. I'm always grateful. Upvote for life

Im curious to know- If anyone has verge, what are your exit plans?

I took out a pretty big position on verge when it was around .05 I've sold off about half of my holdings at this point at over 3x my initial investment, and I plan on holding the other half long term. Perhaps I'll sell if it hits $1 this year.

$1 sounds like a winner, thanks.

I'm pretty new to this but I'm thinking if wave 5 is going to hit $0.70 on this run up, the next time it hits a new high it should be well over $1.00. And you probably won't be waiting all year for it. I'm sure @haejin will be all over it :D

The jaws of wealth!

Kaboooommmm!!! Haha

can you make an update on tron master haejin? :)

Awesome quick alert. XVG is overdue that is forsure.

Pretty awesome stuff......

I took a position because of a previous post you made and because I watched some excellent videos on it's upside. This will be my first position I will trade out of and get back in.

looking forward to this explosion. Thanks, Haejin!

Haha, amazing! Because now it went up!

Thanks Haejin

But first make some more little triangles?

hail master!

Been HODLING verge since 12c it doesnt go above 20c. Tired of Hodling. I just want profits. Is it too much to ask? 😩😩😩😩😩

Uhh thats almost double.. how greedy are you? Not to mention it was at 30c + just a few days ago.

I am very ready for this :), Thank you so much for making me able to fish on my own sensei~

BTC pair:

Hows the chart looking to BTC? Ive tried for days now to draw, and so far everything went according to plan - but today it started messing with me..

I am one of the loosers that panic sold all my Verge for a loss..
I don’t regret it though.. I am new to trading and have much to learn. This was a lesson in least until i broke even and wouldn’t loose 20 percent.

thanks for the post

Thanks friend halpfull post this is for me thanks @haejin I reesteem it

I am humbled by your Expertise, you are the best, I wonder where I have been all the while. Thank God I found you, you're greatly adding value to my life. God bless

Hi Haejin, thank you for the update. I'm currenty learning the Elliott Wave technique using a combination of your vidoe tutorials and the following books - The Elliott Wave Principle by Frost and Pretcher and Elliott Waves Simplified by Cif Droke.
Yesterday my Brother-in-Law asked me how my portfolio was doing and for the first time ever I was able to say to him, 'the value's down today but it will be up again probably by tomorrow or the latest by Sunday'. Low and behold, I woke up this morning and my portfolio price had hit a higher high. Not long ago I would have sold my coins when the price dipped, only to see the price reach a higher high......... with me on the wrong side of it!
Thanks once again, your work is truly appreciated.

Excellent post, very well articulated. thank you so much.

@Haejin Price is not up yet.
What's going on with #VERGE.

Yes i hope sooo
im waiting many days for the XVG Rocket ;)

Thanks for the TA. Hodling my XVG, let's go to the moon!

I do not know how many times I read these articles. well that you are predicting. follow you and my voice

Imminent according to the oxford dictionary:
About to happen

I guess time has lapsed once more and you will need to add some more triangles to your bullshit.

Wow this looks sick. Geocoin is stilllooking a bit iffy man

Excellent chart! I'm back in Verge again after a few days away. Thanks for amazing analysis!

Looks like wave E (of the triangle correction) just completed.

I meant, of the Wave 2 corrective wave. From my count, Wave 1 had already occurred. I believe we're about to enter Wave 3, which should be explosive.

Been following you for a couple of months. Finally took the plunge and invested in one of your predictions for the first time. XVG

I respect you from the bottom of my heart. Thanks to you, I learn a lot.

Holding :D lets go!!!

haejin ... piz (xvg) too the moon...

Things are looking good, right when everyone is scared and selling their entire altcoin portfolio to BTC, Verge will surge up like crazy and lots of people will miss out, get some while its cheap guys!!!

Nice charting there mate, we've seen volatility pick up on Sundays with Verge,

Im looking forward to see how this plays out

Volatility Stats XVG

@haejin, could we see the rest of the chart with geyser ladder?

Even with BTC pumping? Not sure at this point tbh

Whales are trying to mess with the altcoin market, dont worry it is just temporary.

Could tomorrows news coincide with the breakout of the triangle? I wouldn't be shocked with @haejin TA philosophy and history of awesome calls.


Thanks for all your excellent analysis- you have motivated me to study the Elliot Wave Theory as well.

Looking at XVG, what do you think of this pathway?


XVG Pathway.png