Republic Services (RSG) is Patterning out an Upward Wedge Formation

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While the bull run at Cycle degree of trend is not complete, there is a wave 3 (white) topping process that's about to complete. Republic Services Inc. (RSG) is getting ready to conduct a wave 4 correction.

The subwves of white wave 3 show that blue 5 is probably not yet complete. A little higher would place the blue 5 into completion allowing white 4 to onset. The MACD is a bit oversold and is also likely to bounce.

A closeup shows that an upward wedge pattern is being patterned out. The red line projects the probable price pathway for white wave 4. It's drawn as an ABC sequence but if the rule of alternation between white wave 2 is played out; it could become more complex.

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thanx for research :-)

thanks for the information. How would you advise somenone new into crypto currency on which crypto to invest?

Thanks bro you are a good price action teacher .i learn some good technique to your post.keep sharing brother..


I have been watching your video's and slowly have been picking up TA as well.

I would like to see if these 2 comments can make it towards your Eye's and ears.

  1. I think this thing you are doing with stocks is a mistake in your brand. You are the crypto king. why all of this stock stuff lately?

  2. Your following of certain coins used to be a bit behind from update to update, but it was understandable as there were a growing number of coins and all of them could not possibly receive a timely update.

Now with the stocks you have started analyzing, your crypto analysis has fallen back even further, and now has to be sifted out of the many more stocks you are covering.. I don't like it. I wish you would stick to cryptos' and follow up on those you have analyzed more often or atleast as often as you used to.

I appreciate the learning section of each so I visit.

Please do a follow up to SBD/USD SBD/BTC.