EOS is Correcting After a MASSIVE Rise. Correction Target $6.62 before $48.15

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Here is EOS after a MASSIVE run up as had been called by @haejin. Now, nothing goes up forever without healthy corrections. Think of it as a two step forward and one step back process. It is a requisite in the process of growth. Elliott Waves move in ebs and flows according to sentiment and currently, EOS has put in five impulse waves (white 1,2,3,4,5) and is in process of correcting, along with Bitcoin, towards $6.62 or a bit lower. This correction always has the right to take on another pattern or morph into another type of count. New incoming price data will be used to assess the subwaves of the a,b,c pathway.

Here is a higher degree of trend outlook for EOS. Differentiating the forest from the trees would be helpful because if the bule wave 1 is complete, then the correction will place the blue wave 2. After wave 2 is wave 3 which most often moves most violently in whichever direction required....in this case, it would be expected to be up. However, the healthy correction needs first be completed.

Legal Disclaimer: This is only my opinion, make of it what you wish. What does this mean? It means it's not advice nor recommendation to either buy or sell anything! It's only meant for use as informative or entertainment purposes.

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The irony of acquiring EOS the day before yesterday at $17. Yep, today is a step back before taking several steps forward...

Just HODL strong and it will surpass the 17.00 mark, Patience is rewarded in the crypto space. Cheers!

Take advantage of Dollar cost averaging.

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Hey! Don't forget a Haejin BTS update! Need to hear your opinion! ;)

Yes! We want bts update!

For any interested traders, we are a pump group at around 1k members at the moment! Join our group early now so you can be one of the first members to help pump up our randomized coins! Spread the word and invite close friends! This is the link: https://discord.gg/4uJECJU

do you feel well when you make such a bullshit?

Pump & Dump groups not only hurt investors, they hurt the market. But if you are into pumping up prices due to how wonderful the tech is and its future prospects, then that is OK. But no dumping.

Greed is a disease, go get well.

Hey McAffee what is your coin of the week maybe you can pump it without losing 12.5 of your 25 btc fee. I recently saw you pumped a good coin and all members lost? Is that the goal of pumping and dumping, you win and 999 others lose?

first pump EOS and show us you can deliver :D

I will be buying EOS at $7 / $6 / $5 all the way down to 50 cents

haejin TA is like this pile of poo!!

I sold my house on your previous call an all in EOS, now you say it's going down. Plz send tent and fire wood plz.

haha, back to the roots.

Your in luck! I am selling my tent and fire wood to buy more EOS.

Dude, how much money do you make creating posts like this? Impressive no. of followers. Congrats.

I was just thinking the same thing. He's gotta be the highest earning Steemian out there!

I believe he is if I remember correctly.

That´s actually very good news for me, since I missed the last run and I´m waiting for the perfect time to buy in.

Thanxxx for the update.

It's a general market correction. Elliott wave sounds a bit like whatever to be honest :)

This dip has invalidated many of the previously posted elliot counts. Aka it basically invalidates your supposed TA. Are you going to do recounts for them? Looks like you were just stabbing in the dark with lines and shapes if you couldn’t warn that most coins were actually in a wave 5 and a correction imminent. Instead posting that impending “explosions” were nearing. The opposite of what happened. You say do no harm but many bought in recently on your suggestions and have lost huge.

Time to pick up some coins for the cheap while the bloodbath continues it's downwards trajectory

What about ADA?

About ADA, you can turn it around and it still says ADA. See?

Ahahahahah!! You are a genius! XD

For any traders out there that are interested in a pump and dump, we are doing a pump and dump tomorrow morning. This is the link for anyone interested: https://discord.gg/4uJECJU

I am not a hater but have a serious question. Why are you all upvoting and @haejin gets a ton of money if last week he made an update for EOS (was also upvoted like crazy) and now he changed his mind? Wait until you see some results, afterwards you can upvote him to the sky.. or are you all groupies?

Everyone is talking Elliot Waves this week, it's the new big crypto trend thing to know. Good info.

Looks like Haejin’s accuracy figures just went down from 80-90% to <50%

Getting downvoted as soon as you post !!!!

beautiful post i like it. Thank you for sharing

Thanks Haejin! I'm sorry to see many of your posts got downvoted recently due to the big correction of BTC which brought down all altcoins, many of which you projected to moon. Perhaps you should highlight in your TA that it does NOT project timeline and while the targets are valid given the data at hand, the path they take may vary and change given more data. Such disclaimer should help.

this has nothing to do with regular downvotes, this is a second wave of a coordinated attack by berniesanders and his bot army. things are not that easy on steem..

Good knowledge. Good sharing thank you @haejin

nice information great

@haejin Can you do another on BitShares soon? It’s been awhile. I’m assuming it’s about the same as this though, going to drop a little more and then take off again.

Muchas gracias por tus análisis

Thank you for your honesty! Shit hit the fan, thank you for letting us know.

seriously, your weird comments are the only shit that is around here. why the hell are you talking that much nonsense?

I really doubt that someone who follows haejin can be that delusional, so I'm assuming that you are trying to spread FUD on purpose, hoping that you might be lower lows? No matter whats the correct answer, you should finally try to make your mind up and stop bullshitting all around.

Could you do one for the "Total Market Capitalization"?

Thanks a lot for your service!

Masive correction could be stop soon?

I have looked at a few of your historic predictions and I must say, you have the eye for this!

If it hits $6 it will be more mere seconds. Better off not tryin to time the market IMO

Wow thanks for this update.

Hi Haejin, great work as per usual. Would you be able to do a bit more on ETH? The last one I saw was your longer term target of some $2,600+.


great article man


I have done very well with EOS. I'm sure many have. This one seems like it may be here to stay unlike some others that are pump and dumps.
Thanks for you opinions on these.

EOS is going to be huge. I own quite a lot, but as someone pointed out to me..I should own more :)

good time to enter in eos?

Everyone does realise there’s so much confirmation bias dont they? If he keeps calling for coins to go up from points where they’re obviously low and in correction, they will eventually go up because there’s nowhere left for it to drop. I can just repeatedly call for coins to go up and ill be right because eventually they will - days, weeks, months, years down the track they will.

But no one mentions it or calls him out when it goes the opposite way of his calls. They just say “Oh yeah, it’s all just part of the correction - he doesn’t have a crystal ball you know”. But then when it goes up - “he’s a genius!”

Where was his call that we were at the terminal end of a wave 5 with nearly all the altcoins and it was time to bail? He often says that best time to sell is terminal end of wave 5. If he’s such a master of TA why couldnt he see the obvious snowball rolling down the hill towards us?

Either, 1. His TA is really not that great. 2. He’s playing us all for fools. 3. He’s just stabbing in the dark in a bull market.

@kimjongpoo is coming for you!! Ignorant master will never reply to a petty fool like you!

Thanks for the prediction analysis, I take a good view to EOS, just EOS' s present price is high, I am waiting.

@kimjongpoo is coming for you!! Ignorant master will never reply to a petty fool like you!

For any traders out there that are interested in a pump and dump, we are doing a pump and dump tomorrow morning. This is the link for anyone interested: https://discord.gg/4uJECJU

this is already becoming a pump and dump

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