Comcast (CMCSA): A Wave 4 Pause

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Comcast (CMCSA) has not peaked on wave 5 yet. However, it is completing wave 3 as shown by the Elliott Wave pathway in the below chart. So, this means that the decline a healthy and necessary correction on the road to wave 5. Understand that wave 4 can't overlap with wave 1; this makes it so that wave 4's depth of retracement isn't as deep as wave 2s.

White wave 1 was an easy impulse followed by and extended wave 2 which patterned out a symmetrical triangle. It's subwaves were best labeled as wxy. The subwaves of white 3 show that it's complete. The blue waves also traveled within a channel (not shown). The rule of alternation is likely to play a role here. Since white 2 was a complex sequence; wave 4 is more likely to be a simple ABC. The MACD is currently oversold and needs a bounce relief. This should coincide with red wave B.

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Thanx for udate info

buena informacion

i like bitcoin

Yes also looks like it is hitting the 30-40% line of the Fibonacci, solid set up.

Important information, thanks for sharing, greetings!

CMCSA is a good company facing stiff competition. With the myriad ways that media companies are carving up entertainment, and against CMCSA, I'd be interested to know if you think the Elliott Wave patterns still hold true. Thoughts?


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