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Bitshares (BTS) will become the NEW Golden Standard of ALL exchanges! Not ONLY for crypto exchanges but ALSO the NASDAQ, NYSE, Amex, CME, Comex, Nikeii, KOSPI, etc, etc!! ALL exchanges, in a few years from now, will run on decentralized, blockchain based exchanges!!

I expect BTS to start going VERTICAL UP any moment....IMMINENTLY! So the lousy $0.62 target could easily become $6.20!!

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Did you guys check out this tweet...still they need to step it up and perform,but this is encouraging


definetly I agree with you

bitCNY is chewing up BTS circulating supply, currently 5% of BTS is locked up as collateral to create bitCNY. Bitshares is the only crypto on the planet that creates stable coins (bitUSD, bitCNY, bitKRW etc.) using collateral to keep things honest and transparent. BTS is going to need to be worth hundreds of dollars to meet market appetite for stable coins. It is very likely that bitCNY will continue to grow exponentially as more and more exchanges start using it as a trading pair. This will drive BTS price up, and up and up. $342 BTS may well be here sooner that we all expect.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts. That's wild to think about! I believe I heard that 20% of all BTS are locked up, maybe that is the total of all bit asset lockups. The market cap of all the smart tokens are really growing so it looks like the upward price pressure on BTS will continue to rise. Onward and upward!

Target $6.20? I think I could live with that.

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Will bitshares eventually move onto the EOS platform? Or some kind of integration like that? I know there's been a lot of talk about it but I haven't read or heard anything recently. Either way BTS has a great future.

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Yup, that's the plan, though it all has to approved by the shareholders. If it does we'll be able to transact real Steem and Eos tokens on Bitshares in the next few years


Ok, great. Thank you!

Don't miss the ride to the moon.
Get your boarding pass now!

BELZA (16).JPG and buy your dream home tomorrow.


Hey you forgot to tell your boys to pump this higher. .62 isn't good enought. please pump to 2.5

10..... 9..... 8..... 7.....


go up !! i love that!!


Up up and away!


6.... 5.... 4.... 3.... 2.... 1 hour from....


Actually I made a comment and 7mins later I saw roughly a 7% gains. That's so lucky. Maybe it's a sign of good times to come (Hopefully)-cuz anything that can happen, will happen whether it's good or bad.




The Kaboooom is what @haejin is all about!


'Vertical' but not as powerful as Haejin seemed to imply. We'll see though...


Actually nevermind lol. I think this will pump to possibly 0.00004 or above today. Good luck!!


You're right neurologix... let's sack him!

For those who think you've missed the boat, you have not! All aboard! Onward and upward Bitshares, through the fog!

You were spot on with .62. It hist that today :)


It’s crazy how accurate that call was, looking forward to the future projections what about you.

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No flagging scum yet on this post.
I was seeing the signs of a NEO like bull run (I sold close to $60 after buying at $39.... ouch) Too bad I missed several great runs of my loved coins HODLing BTS. But I see signs of greatness. Your TA makes me feel even more confident. The recent Korean hack should also contribute and hopefully I'd see more volume on BTS so I can actually put most my funds in.

Update: It's finally going vertical. Feel happy about making it my biggest non-leveraged position. @hajin deserves every upvote he can get.

Looks like BTS news arrived to justify the forecast...


Chinese exchange KKcoin added BitShares smartassset bitCNY trading pairs.

You can currently hedge to the stable coin with:


Currently moving on up to new highs!



Bitassets are the wings for bts!!!


As more and more of the BTS pool is absorbed into BitAssets, it will become a self reinforcing loop. The platform gains more users, the price goes up...the price goes up because the platform gains more users...we are all on the train early.



Bitshares is involved in so many things I can hardly keep up. Lots of good news for Bitshares holders over the past month. Love your analysis and always look forward to your posts.

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HAHA must be getting giddy.
First time I read that chart it said "vertical in the next hour" .. came back with popcorn! Then remembered there is an element of patience to this game .

Loving the 1 hour candles


OK right the first time. Going to need more popcorn!

When it comes to Bitshares vertical movements no one has any patients.

Thanks for not only teaching us how to fish, but for pointing out the best fish as well. Love you, man.

Man, you rock! You're a saint! I made an account just for you!

Thank you @haejin for BTS update. Upvoted and Resteemed!

I think the move just started.. more than 48% up.. go people, buy it before it is late.

Hi @Haejin, thank you so much for your kind generosity. By sharing your experience and knowledge in such an easy to understand way, you have opened my mind to the amazing possibilities of TA. In a short time I've already generated some great profits, thank you!
I'd be forever grateful if you would take me on as a 1on1 student. After watching the BTC nightly update, I sent you email, from [email protected] I hope it made it through and look forward to hearing from you soon.
Have a great day and please everyone, upvote, follow and share what Haejin is doing!
Cheers, Quentin

I just have to say that this was some solid advise as i have shared this inform with a few others and we have made over 30% today. I look forward to the guidance that you provide the community.

Can't wait for that to happen. Will completely turn my life (bank balance) upside down. Or rather downside up.

Who are you? Where did you come from? I'm pinching myself to figure out if this is reality..... UNREAL predictions!

In b4 shitstorm starts

Good job ... Was still trying to find a way to buy some, found Binance and Bittrex on Coiniginy, was just checking wich to choose and then kaboom ... I guess I missed the train, but now I know that when you say imminent, you really mean imminent lol.

  ·  last year (edited)

The train hasn't even left the station yet! 🚀


I guess I missed the train?! Target is $342!!! So..jump on the train to financial freedom. Buy your BitShares here:

My chair suddenly turned hot! I know You don't give exact time frame, but still, I'll be refreshing BTS chart every few seconds :DDDD Cheers.

again great info !!! you are good man

I've got my ticket to ride through Binance but can't open a bitshares wallet due to some latency at my location. anyone have any suggestions?

  ·  last year (edited)

Gotta buy some more then! Thank you Haejin. Do you guys have your ticket to ride the rocket?


Got it right here :) It was sitting right next to the keys of my new Lambo

Hello @Haejin,
Would it be possible to show the retractment of the possible ABC correction that goes from $0.62, I'm currently looking for a BTFD window.
Thanks, much love.

Is there any way to get pop up notification of haejin's post ?

Does anyone hold a decent wallet for bitshares. Can they be stored on the nano ledger S. 1/5 of the way to the 100k target. Go BTS!!!

Thank you.

Thanks, Haejin. Finally got the Openledger account sorted out and got some BTS.

Hey haejin, could please do another update on bts, im hoping it will be my portfolio saviour, cheers

Thank you for your information i gain profit whit your bitshare information thank you very much!!!!!

i hold lot of bitshares !! this decentralize exchange is so good!! go to the moon!!
upvote and resteem!!


I WILL READ YOUR TUTORIALS ; i will make some money and then contact you for tutoring! <3 THANK YOU! BLESSINGS!

You're an amazing man Haejin, appreciate everything that you do!

GO up!!!! fabulous!!

Thank you for the info. I definetly believe crypto currency is the way of the future.

Bring it on !!! :))

Haejin thanks again! For days I have been shaving the profits off all my coins and putting them into BTS and now I just picked up a bit more just before takeoff, awesome. You are the Crypto King!

Wow - is it too late to get in? Didn't have any more money to invest sigh...


No. This one will go reaaaally high.

Pay it forward.

@haejin how do you think about shitcoins? what if the chart shows it's going up but you know that's a trashcoin. chart win?


I don't want to put words in his mouth, but I think @haejin would likely say he is agnostic to what coin he trades, since he is going off of TA rather than news. Though there may be exceptions where he is excited about a coin's structure and technology that makes him want to hold it long term... like bitshares.


what does that mean, so he cares not much but selectively?

Does this pertain to BTS/BTC too?

Thank you, Haejin. I have been waiting for this surge in the past few days. It just happened!

Yep, there it goes.


Thank you haejin. Upvoted
Sending love from Hong Kong

You are my morning news. Thanks Haejin .


U da man. Period. :)

thank you so much haejin your a god

Upvoted, I'm in. Thanks for the tip. Been stalking for a while, your calls have been fantastic!

I think this post triggered that movement. You have a lot of followers :)

Buy or not to buy, that is the question...

Thanks Haejin got myself 300 BTS @ $0.54 each on your recommendation, can't wait to see what the coming weeks bring :)

Congratulations @haejin!
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Please wait just one more day I was going to buy in the bitshares tonight. I wasn't quite done filling my bags. I really would love to close in on 100,000 bitshares.


Don't worry it's coming down :)

Right on time


Whales are following Haejin and buying the second after he posts




Sorry I missed your post. I had already gone to bed :( I bought in.... but never enough when it moves like that!

tx tx tx so much! i started to trade one month ago andi m following you. i started with few money and little by little im growing up with your tips

nice post @haejin thank you

It's been failing to breach $0.46 for the past week or so. Glad to hear it. I have a lot of good feelings about BTS. Thanks @haejin.


I've been waiting too haha

Allright, let's get some more ! Thank you man!


Green candle is out of my screen lol

YEEESSSSS! I am so excited! Wish I had a few buckaroos to buy more. Gotta wait 1 more day. I think crypto is about to explode in ways you never even dreamed were possible!

Cant wait , love you :)

vertical runs can back fire if you jump on... why o why did i not discover your channel sooner, would have got 100,000 shares like you

Shucks you're good! Does the chart from yesterday still stand with wave 2 dipping to $0.42 and wave 3 hitting $1.36?

Thanks again for your time and efforts helping all us, if I become a millionaire I'm flying up to Jupiter and buying you a Lexus for real (sorry no Lambo 😄).

This is a good read, and I'm about it! Thank you.

Jaws of wealth formation?

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Thank you!

Upvoted, Resteemed and promoted.

0.62 right on the bullseye godddamn what a magician

will there be any drop in price or just straight up until $6?

Awesome job mate...

Way to go! Hooray to decentralised exchange . About time we have a more efficient, cost effective and trustworthy system!

@haejin Please look at Mona coin chart , looking bullish to me .

Haejin can you please do a WALTON coin review. I dont think I have seen you do one on it yet.


thank you for your infor, upvoted :-)

I believe @haejin!!

  ·  last year (edited)

Should we sell now or wait to see if it increases to $6?

I'm confused if $6 was an expected short/medium term target or a long/dream term target

Trust my Captain !

Thank you. Love the BTS platform and the coin is delivering great returns.

More importantly starting to love charting and seeing more patterns.

Much gratitiude.


Hi @haejin , can you put some analysis for EOS? Thanks!

EOS --> $15 --> $23

EOS and BTS are the 2 best for 2018 i think. Pleas correct me if EOS going down

Thank you for your guidence! I laddered out on bts the other day.