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Visiting a Malaysian Farm - How These Tropical Fruits Get so Delicious! - Review by @mirrors

It is always a good thing to know where your food comes from, as in, not the supermarket, but more like, on which soil it grew, what fertilizers were applied to it, whose hands harvested it….It is a natural connection that we do well to maintain, as does @rawadventuress who finally makes the change.

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Night procession"__oil on canvas prepared with cement - Review by @mirrors

Here is a material work depicting a herd of docile and taciturn animals that during the night embark on a long journey towards a different, welcoming and rich place. A journey of hope towards. It is an oil painting of good imagination.

Plankton- III
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Nat King Cole - Review by @mirrors

This is another work of art, a quick sketch done with admirable skill to great depth. The author includes no text, and will hopefully start to indicate, still, looking through his blog, his quick sketches are admirable and worth an eye.

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Thank you so much! ☺️

Yay for this feature by @rawadventuress! I read it earlier. It's wonderful. Beautiful art too, I'll be heading over there shortly. Here's two for your consideration @mirrors

wow! Thanks a lot @buckaroo for the constant support. And these recommendations. They are good. I am going to feature them in today's edition.

Excellent. Only my pleasure @mirrors. Happy that they can get some attention

Well, we can only do so much. But i am sure they did. Good thing, now we have them in our radar and will offer continued support. thanks for 'discovering' them.

I considered these @buckaroo. I am very grateful. Keep em coming! lol.

What a beautiful farm!! and those YUMMY fruits. Here in Venezuela these fruits are given, and they are very rich and with many benefits for the body, for example, the good banana to raise the potassium. Lechoza has beta-carotene. Thank you for sharing that experience, friend! Greetings from Venezuela!


And greetings from Uganda, @betzy. Thanks for supporting. I am looking forward to seeing you often!

Thank you for featuring my post, I am flattered by all the great feedback surrounding this article - farmers like Ooi absolutely deserve that attention 😉