Xposed Curator's Rebound #31

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Here are the 3 Plankton Posts typified by Originality, Relevance and Depth.
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Plankton I. Author: @abrahmatan [51]

Pending payout by time featured: $0.06

Post Title/Link: Birthday Gift Card. Cartoonish Process

Review: - Design

This is a cartoonish drawing (finally animated), with a well-illustrated process of starting until the final product. It is a drawing that has been tailored to satisfy the exact requirements of a client, including gadgets and telecommunication tools. And @abrahmatan does a good job capturing all of them to the client’s satisfaction. A perfect Gift card!

Plankton II. Author: @buckaroo [49]

Pending payout by time featured: $0.02


Review: - Family

Autism is one of the afflictions to which is being paid little attention, and the awareness of it is still low. However the experience of it, say of living with one in your house, be it your child, your nephew or your grandchild, can be one of the worst experiences, @buckaroo here narrates of one such ordeal.

Plankton III. Author: @annilien [25]

Pending payout by time curated: $0.00

Post Title/Link: Timelapse Drawing Mixed Media Portrait "The Buddhist"

Review: - Art

I like the way this drawing is done – in time lapse – and the final product is worthwhile. @annilien brings out the hidden facial features with texture and contrast that makes this drawing ideal for poster, T-shirt and other fashion designs prints.


This is the part where latest quality posts by authors i have featured in previous Editions are showcased. This is to enable me keep track of them, and keep encouraging, supporting them. The idea is to keep promoting those whose posting consistency and activity demonstrate the intention to stay on the platform for the long term, to add value to it and help it grow

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  20. Re- Introducing Xposed Curators rebound

Resourceful Links for Planktons

  1. 7 Things Steemit is NOT
  2. Don't Plagiarize Images! Here are 13 free (and Legal) ways to find high quality photos you can use on Steemit
  3. Change the Reputation algorithm or else get rid of it - It is ridiculous as it is

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  • Have you come across some quality undervalued content by a plankton/minnow? Please drop the link in the comments and get a share of the 25% of the feature post in which those you recommend are featured.

Best Communities to Join

  1. Account: @asapers (follow so your quality works catch their attention!)
    Discord Invite link: https://discord.gg/Ntz9Ntf
    Latest Curation Post: EXTRA EXTRA, READ ME A.S.A.P! Issue #79

    If you are featured, You get to receive 10% SBD for your efforts, transferred directly after payout.


I believe this is a win-win Curation scheme for everyone and the platform.


  • Their quality undervalued works get exposure
  • Traffic is redirected to their posts whose rewards are all theirs to keep and spend!
  • Engagement is promoted among Planktons as this is highly recommended

Curator's (upvoters)

  • We scout and bring you Quality works to support
  • You earn 75% SBD/STEEM, paid off the Feature Post after 7 days
  • The 75% is a dividend of the weight by which you upvote


  • Everyone is a scout! Just recommend at least 3 posts in the comments
  • If your 3 are featured, you earn 25% of SBD/STEEM paid off that Feature Post
  • You get 100% upvote from me!

Me (@mirrors)

  • Well, i get to grow and accumulate Steem power
  • I share in the scouting benefits

Milestones so far Achieved

  1. We received steem Power delegation from @steevc and @accelerator. And i would like to express sincere gratitude. Thanks for supporting this initiative.
  2. Meanwhile, if you are too busy to follow up on the featured, but have some spare Steem power, let me know, and if you are okay with it, i can make sure to personally deliver link to promoted posts to your desk!

Otherwise, talk to me in the comments, or if you want a private chat, find me on @asapers discord - Mirrors#8805. You can also Ping me on Steem.chat: https://steem.chat/direct/mirrors

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Thanks @toofasteddie for the support. Much appreciated.

  ·  last year (edited)

Excellent initiative! I've upvoted https://steemit.com/design/@abrahmatan/birthday-gift-card-cartoonish-process and also gave the post a boost with @minnowsupport! 😃

Wow! Glad, for the support. I am especially happy that you approve of the initiative. I am hoping every now and again that others come to see this initiative and lend their weight to it as you have. Just know you have my best gratitude, and i am sure, that of the planktons i daily feature.

Thanks for supporting @abrahmatan, and that extra @minnowsupport boost! Much appreciated.

I voted for @annilien as the artist showed great skill, and watchin the work develop before you was mesmerizing.

True, just look at the way the facial texture and detail stand out. This one is some really talented newbie to be encouraged. Thank for your support @chaomos.

Thanks for supporting @abrahmatan, and the initiative, @shanu. Much appreciated.

Most welcome @mirrors and thank you for upvoting my post too.😊

Hahhah...Its okay @shanu. You are welcome. I keep checking in for the last couple of days but you still hadn't posted, and today you did. I am happy to support.

I hope you can post more regularly.

I will, @slobberchops! Thanks a lot for the support.

Hello @mirrors, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

As always, much appreciated.

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Be sure to leave at least 50SP undelegated on your account.

That artist is amazing :) I'll have to check these both out too. As usual, sending it off to c-squared; I appreciate their involvement with curation posts like yours.

True. Thanks a lot.

You are most welcome @mirrors 😅

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