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This feels like writing my first post on Steemit.
I'm not even sure where to start ...

I have come a long way since I first joined Steemit.
Less than a year ago, I had no idea about blockchain technology.
I had never touched Linux before.
Even though I had heard of it, I had never even looked at github.
I had never expected to have a blog.

I can't even remember, how I got here ...

Today I would like to announce my intention to sign blocks for Steem.
Needless to say, I'm not experienced in running a server.

I'm mainly in it for the same reason I ended up here: curiosity.
With some help, I got my freshly rented server all set up and as far as I can tell, it's ready to start its job.
Before I signal my intentions to the network, it's recommended to make a post like this and publicly announce what I'm here for and what I plan on doing ...

Honestly: I'm not sure yet.

I will continue to support new users, help building communities, upvote good content and I will also try to complain less.
This Steemit has been a very positive experience for me and I would like to get to know it better, help it grow and (if I can) sign some blocks.

As soon as this post is sent, I will try to broadcast my intent to the network.

Please consider voting for my witness @felixxx here:


Thank you


Good luck @felixxx!


my voice for your witness!

also try to complain less.

I like this part the most :D
good luck anyway..
keeping eye on you
only change for the better!
does this mean that shed would never get built?

To build that shed, I need some help.
I need to wait for some friends to have the time.

Je mehr, je besser. Viel Erfolg und Glückwunsch zur Entscheidung.

Cool, I certainly voted for you and I'm looking forward to reading your witness reports ;-) Keep it up!

Thank you very much !

Flagged for missing pic...

... just kidding.

Finally AND you got my vote. Let´s see how long until Top50 and then Top20

Screenshot (66).png

It's amazing to see you finally considered being a witness and you are fit for this position good luck FeliXXX :D

Thank you :)

one more ... good luck

Thank you !

good job ;-)

Good luck, man!
See ya in TOP soon :D

Thanks !

I'm not aiming for top 20, but I appreciate your confidence in me :)

I know you are one of the most engaged and best informed supporters of this platform. So it is a great honour for me to support you!

I think you overestimate my knowledge, but I'll try to improve :)

witness, hey?

Yeah :)

I won't mint any blocks, unless people vote for me though :D

Where is the server hosted/located? Do you have anyone helping you?

Best of luck.

It's hosted by these guys: @privex
I think it's located in Germany.

So far my experience with them was good.

I needed only a little help, as I have already built steemd before countless times, when mining was still possible. I have some more seasoned operators helping me, if the need arises.

Thank you !

Hi @felixxx, your server is hosted in Germany :) Congratulations on getting your witness setup!

@rgeddes, we're a new server company accepting Steem. Currently hosting in the US and Germany.

If you'd like to know more:

Thanks - M

Good Luck with everything! up vote for @felixxx and you are now being followed by @anothervoice .

Viel Erfolg Dir mit dem Projekt. Schön zu hören, dass Du dich mehr und mehr an IT-Fragen durch diese Seite herantastest.

Danke !

Ich würde mich am meisten über einen witness vote von dir freuen ;)

Gesagt getan und dafür jmd. anderen rausgekantet. Aber ins Gewicht meine kleine Stimme hier ja nicht.

Jedes Stimmchen hilft :D

Sehr gerne und ich lade Dich ein, ab und an mal in meinem Blog vorbeizuschauen ;)

good luck my dear

Hey felixxx!

I've noticed your support to new users and just letting you know that you have my vote for a witness :)

Keep up the good work!

Thank you ! :)

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